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Thoth II said:



this is an interesting radio program with George Knapp showing the extent to which some Americans are going to escape USA.  If people hadn't been such sheep and called them on it starting with the phony Warren Commission, none of this would have been necessary.  



Another good program was June 9 coast to coast with George Noory , Roger Tolces a electronic survellaince expert said the govt. hasn't allowed the US currency to crash until right now because they were not ready for the chaos that will ensue yet.  But now with the patriot act enabling electronic surrvaillance, the NSA can figure out what is going on with all aspects of electronic devices and find the "subversives".  So he says they are finally going to let the US go down the economic wastebasket, round up the subservises with electronic means (and probably finally use those detention camps they've built) to manage the chaos.  

Bravo Judge Belvin Perry:


this week I saw Judge Belvin Perry in a high profile FL murder case make a stern ruling against the FBI.  The agency was trying to play fast and loose with the discovery rules of evidence and deny the defense access to a forensic study the state was trying to get introduced into evidence.  Perry sternly stated that the state of FL is offering up evidence and not the FBI and it is ok for the FBI to get a study published, but don't expect it to get put into evidence without going through him.


This kind of gutsy upholding of the constitution and separation of 3 branches of govt. is exactly what this country has desparately needed since they took out JFK.  Thank goodness some officers of the court still understand this.

When I bought Phillip Nelson's book about LBJ, it was a normal price. I looked on amazon yesterday and the paperback was selling for around $150 used and even more new. Either they printed a very limited quantity, or that's a very popular book. Kind of awesome to own a book worth that much.  ;)

Christopher Columbus:  the first imperialist.


Columbus in his first meeting with the pope declared:

"debemos convirtir a los paganos de las islas, de todos los oceanos, a la critiandad"

which means we Europeans must convert all the natives in the "New World" to christianity.


It makes me ill today to read such monumental arrogance of the Europeans and no wonder this country has had the history it has had given this initial attitude in history.  Imagine if the Europeans had actually shown respect to the natives (and Africans), what a much better world 2011 would be today.

Of course Columbus was far from the first. Many ancient empires had risen and fallen before he came along. But ours may be the last. Even at their worst, when they salted the fields and poisoned the wells, the damage that ancient empires did was undone within no more than a century. The damage that we're doing with radiation lasts hundreds of thousands of years and is cumulative. From above ground bomb tests, routine radioactive releases from nuclear power plants, submarines, and aircraft carriers, leaking storage dumps from nuclear weapons factories, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima, the radioactive load keeps building up and it cannot diminish or be cleaned up. We're long past the tipping point.


Sadly, I have to list another channel to the rogues gallery of controlled media: the national geographic channel.  Today they aired another official lie Lee Oswald did it 2 hour program (interestingly a lot of stuff on original footage slipped out that they didn't edit like the cops saying they didn't believe Ruby was acting alone, etc.).  This one hurts because when I was a kid, I used to revere National Geographic magazine, a publication I could read to take my mind to all corners of the globe.  Well, now the powers got to them too.  

Thoth II said:
Thoth II said:
History Channel: Propaganda central
Add discovery channel to the history channel as propaganda central. All day I am watching a marathon of phony docs on discovery. I just heard Gary Mack on one say something like no shooters could possibly have fired from the triple overpass because too many people were up there (I wonder why he focuses on that location to debunk? probably because it WAS a firing location). Then he claims there is no hard evidence that anyone other than Oswald did any shooting. He is outright lying here.
History and Discovery channels, disgusting lies parading as legit documentaries.


All of those tv channels are Zionist MSM controlled, with an iron claw chokehold, for sure, and since I started my 911 research and watching all of the MSM tv programs on the subject, I could easily see this and have discussed all of these channels as supporting the Zionist 911 agendas on Jim Fetzer's Real Deal show.

All of the channels that have produced the false information and deceptive propaganda are as follows:


1. The Discovery Channel

2. The History Channel

3. PBS

4. Scientific American

5 National Geographic

6. ABC

7. NBC

8. CBS



11. all MSM news programming

12. Rush Limbaugh

13. Hannity

14. O'Reilley

15. all MSM radio

16. all MSN magazines

17. Glenn Beck

18 many, many more MSM outlets and personalities, with no end in sight...


The majority of Americans believe all of this propaganda as they view no other news sources, especially those that do not have a computer and internet access.

One has to approach them one on one, door to door, person to car, person to person on the street or on the bus or in a restaurant to inform them of the truth and they will think you are a "kook" until they look up your reccommendation of sites to visit or videos on YouTube to see.

Here in Florida the great, great majority of people are "dumbed down", and this is why Israel can claim that: "We Own America", and it is "true" at least to this date. On top of that they own the Congress, President, Judges, and all of the top level positions that affect policy over what happens in the Middle East, and much, much more domestically, like jobs, finances, credit, money, etc..........

Can you name one MSM outlet that is not owned and or controlled by the Zionists, just one!!!!!

This is the number one problem with the USA, the MSM and its monopoly on propagandized information as compared to the non-MSM, which most people do not even know exists....

Chuck Boldwyn

Speaking of the disinfo TV channels.


I ran across this piece I wrote and submitted to Rense.com regarding a show on the History Channel that I watched in 2005.  Rense did post my submission.  I highlighted two big whopper lies I heard in just the last 30 minutes of the program.


I am so glad I have unsubscribed from cable and have not watched TV in about 8 months.  Don't miss it at all.  I do miss lively active discussion of 9-11 on all alternative media venues.


Here are some excerpts.....





History Channel Disinformation
From Archie in Austin

I know what a "limited hangout" is, and I also know that when you bury one or two big whopper lies in the middle of a one-hour video documentary that is 90 percent facts and truth, that those lies will be most efficacious in the war against the minds of the citizens.
The History Channel televised a one hour documentary called "Modern Marvels: Metal". about one week ago. I only saw the last half hour of it, but that is where I encountered the two whopper lies.
Then the video documentary went on to a segment about the strength of the metal beams used to build huge skycrapers. Keep in mind the entire video had metal scientists and researchers and professors each speaking and telling their part of the story on metals. The video said that the rubble and beams from the 9-11 World Trade Centers had been studied carefully so that a stronger metal could be made in the future for beams for tall skyscrapers. They said they wanted metal beams that would not melt quickly at high temperatures as did the beams in the fallen towers. They said if they could invent a metal alloy that melted at higher temperatures and melted more slowly, then the people would have much more time to get out of the buildings and many more lives would be saved. That Wopper # 2 Lie was to reiterate in a subtle sly way the government's official story of why the towers fell.

I am also disgusted with CSPAN.  They offer a weekend longs program entitled booktv, where authors of nonfiction books talk.  I notice that they always have on mainstream historians and avoid conspiracy researchers.  These mainstream historians are just spouting the party line.  


This shows CSPAN is controlled.  If it was a free and open society, conspiracy books would be discussed also on BookTV.  What they are is mainstream BookTV.  



BookTV, CSPAN, History Channel, Discovergy Channel, National Geographic, PBS.  They are all part of the mainstream "dialogue" that they want us to understand as the whole picture.  They may present conflicting viewpoints WITHIN that false whole-picture paradigm, but it is nothing more thatn the fake political theatre "fights" we observe regularly in the U.S. Congress, for example, the one now raging about the debt ceiling.


In 9-11 research, Dr. Fetzer and a few others from their entry into the study from 2005, have stressed that ALL possible alternative hypotheses have to be considered.  ALL of the available "evidence" needs to be evaluated as to its authenticity, and then and only then can we reach the most solid truly scientific conclusions.


Dr. Fetzer did a couple of radio shows about four years ago wherein he discussed how the 9-11 truth movement was being what he termed as "channeled."  I generally use the word "herded" or corralled.  I may post a separate thread about his comments because they were so perfect and so helpful in unmuddying the waters of current discussion.  What was so really cool was that he gave specific examples of how way back then, referencing Dr. Steven Jones advent on the scene and his earliest "scientific" essays of about 2006 and forward, Dr. Jones deliberately named his essays misleading, "channeling" titles to set the readers' minds in a very unscientific channel.  Within those essays were also numerous examples of deliberate unscientific foggy phrases and reasoning.  All of this had to be deliberate and not just shoddy science because Dr. Jones is a Ph.D. physicist who knows well the clear rules of how a scientifc study or essay must be done.


What I think would be very valuable right now is for the very few of us still around who want a truly open discussion of 9-11 sort of get out ahead of what the "orthodox" 9-11 truth "movement" will be serving up to the public over the next few months leading up to the tenth anniversary of 9-11 when there will undoubtedly be many "We Are Change" demonstrations at Ground Zerio and other places all around the country, as well as several Internet radio shows devoted to 9-11 truth.   However, all of this publicity will be singing the same tune -- Richard Gage, Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth, Building 7, and a call for a new investigation.  I suspect that Dr. Steven Jones and company are meant to fade off the scene at this stage of their successful channeling role.  It would be wonderful if there were an independent opposing voice who also want 9-11 truth but who are not sold out to any particular "channel" or "orthodoxy" or belief system.


Sort of as an aside, I think it is of note that the Building they will focus on is Building 7 and that was most likely a conventional controlled demolition.  The "terrorists" could conceivably have planted the pre-placed explosives so that is sort of in the background and understood.  I notice on radio messages on "patriot" radio about Building 7 that justice now is seen in coming to truth about Building 7 and that  will be the satisfying of justice for the friends and family of 9-11 victims.  But there were no victims of Building 7.  That building was totally empty of people when it was demolished.  Whatever truth is ever reached regarding Building 7, and it is known and intended that there never will be an independent investigation nor court adjudication, would not acsuse and indict our government, the "inside" of "inside job."


I think it would be cool, using the latest video fakery and voice morphing if we could have Dr. Steven Jones and Richard Gage on YouTube video enunciating the phrase "9-11 was an inside job."   Those are words they would never choke out in real life, but they both want to slyly imply  or want it understood that they now are truly concerned that 9-11 may have been an inside job.  Such deceptive individuals!



a couple interesting hours on George Noory show last night.  Engdahl/Noory do seem to get the big piicture, but interestingly they have it all wrong on 911.

George Noory is consistent deliberate misinfo and disinfo.

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