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Sandy has suggested that we have a space for open discussion of topics that may be off-topic. That's fine with me. Let's see if the "Discussion" option will serve that purpose. Please give it a shot. Jim

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Obama gave a press conference outlining his health care plan. I think it is long overdue, even when Hillary tried it. But history is repeating itself, I watched this week McGloughlin Group and they had a good debate between right and left. But it is very obvious the right wingers like Monica Crowley are honing their talking points to try to kill this plan. When 50 million have no health care, this is not sustainable.
I found this video and thought it would be nice to share.

We the people


hope it comes through ok. Sharon
Thoth II said:
Bugliosi's problem might be his background as prosecutor. First of all, he depended heavily on law enforcement to deliver evidence to his DA office. So in JFK case, he is being completely blind to the possible of malfeasance on the part of law enforcement such as Hoover's FBI. Also, all attorneys special plead their cases, and I think this massive JFK book of his is just that, special pleading.

But still, he is a very meticulous researcher, 1600 page book and 1000 page CD footnotes. He is alluding to major JFK works but demeans them when they contradict his case. And this isn't his case, he's relying on Warren Commission and the like. To write 2600 pages that Lee Oswald did it after all, when he obviously didn't, is a massive blunder and looks totally ridiculous.

There is something very wrong with this whole picture. Researchers like David Mantik, John Costella, and many others have told us maybe 95% of what happened in detail. To have Bugliosi, Posner, and recent cable TV programs hosted by Gary Mack, talk about Lee Oswald as lone assassin; after we know so very much; is just sinister beyond belief. It is even more atrocious when I suspect what they are trying to do is reach a new, younger audience, with the big lie. They hope in a generation, all of us from JFK's era will be gone, the new children will grow up with the big lie and that'll morph into the "truth". I see many young people on certain forums talking about "conspiracy theories" (or they say CT) and they are obviously just blending together many disparate subjects like JFK, 911, UFOs, crop circles, etc., under one big umbrella ; instead of critically thinking it out, they groupthink and obfuscate the issues.

One thing, among so many others, that add amazing detail to what we know: I listened to Rich DellaRosa talk about a film he and other researchers viewed of Kennedy's slaying. He said that many of the things witnesses reported were shown in that film: it was in rich color, showed Greer almost hitting the steps below the book depository and then slowly moving the limo toward the center line later; umbrella man furiously pumping it ; a Cuban man actually stepping out in front of the limo and signalling Greer to stop , which he did; Greer now looks at JFK until he's hit in head, then finally accelerates limo out of there ; and he thinks he sees a motorcycle moving to front of caravan. All of this stuff has been hidden in the current Z film.
(My conjecture is that they had to stop limo because they had to hit the temple bone precisely with that frangible bullet so it would enter the skull before exploding, because the temple is much softer than say, the forehead)
Bugliosi's reseach, I am sorry to say, is massively biased and selective. I am attaching my view of his book. If anyone wants more on JFK, they should visit assassinationscience.com and assassinationresearch.com, which I co-edit with John P. Costellla, the leading expert on the Zapruder film in the world today.
Upcoming barn-burner of a debate: McAdams vs. DiEugenio

I just heard about an upcoming debate (check the schedule at blackopradio for details) between JFK opponents John McAdams and Jim DiEugenio. Thought people would be interested in hearing that.
Just checking in after a prolonged absence. I'll be back. Curt
Hoorah! Hip Hip ! Hoorah!

That's all I can say after listening to the McAdams vs. DiEugenio debate. Wonderful, finally the Warren Commission/HSCA are publicly on the ropes and I see them out for the count. Slick-oh salesman John McAdams didn't even land a punch against heavyweight Jim Eugenio (the Muhammed Ali of JFK). That's all I can say, listen to the debate for details.

The only time I was more excited about our side winning the debate was after Jim F.'s masterful Murder in Dealey Plaza was published.

Thoth II said:
Upcoming barn-burner of a debate: McAdams vs. DiEugenio

I just heard about an upcoming debate (check the schedule at blackopradio for details) between JFK opponents John McAdams and Jim DiEugenio. Thought people would be interested in hearing that.

I'm listening to part 2 of the debate McAdams vs. DiEugenio. Ever watch a football team get routed 72-0 ?? and feel sorry for them?? John McAdams last 2 weeks has gotten so beaten up by Jim DiEugenio in JFK debate that I almost feel sorry for him putting himself in this position of defending the indefensible ..... NOT!!!!!!

listen to blackopradio for the debate (2 parts ) archives .
Sandy, I sometimes have trouble posting, too. When I switch from Safari to Firefox, I am usually able to post. I thought it was a condition of participation that each of us identify ourselves by our real names. if anyone has a problem with that, they should contact me and explain why they should be an exception to the rule. Thanks for posting. Best wishes, Jim
Sandy, please send me an email about this to jfetzer@d.umn.edu. I would appreciate hearing more from you. Many thanks! Jim

sandy rose said:
and after review of all of our current ?members?, it would seem to me that some
are here only to (try to) make a mockery of the struggle for worldwide truth. and why
would 'people' do that? because they are afraid of the truth, and know that it is
so much bigger than they. (and/or they work for the pathetic bastards)

so thanks to all here who are real, honest, truthful people who have put up
with crap like this since, well, since, well,.. for a long time, ok? and don't let
the shams shut you down, they are only pawns for the swine and nothing more.

and you others, don't think you are pulling one off, you're just a mockery and a
sham and you'll get what's coming to you along with your idols, the pigs. or
maybe you are the pigs in swine's clothing. that could be, too. uggg...
For some reason, maybe it's my browser, I couldn't comment over at blog about contra mormonism. But then again, my browser seems to get blocked a lot, maybe NSA is watching over me! Ha Ha!

I would recommend people to listen to Real Deal Archive with Lyle Slaughter, who for 2 hours talks about the evils of mormonism. I am not at all an expert on this, but he raised some scary points. He talked about how mormons were kicked out of several places in 19th century and ended up in Utah (by chance) , then outside the USA. They were not happy after treaty with Mexico put Utah back under control of USA. Fascinating program host by Jim Fetzer.
Sandy, When you have trouble uploading, you might want to try another browser. I find one works if the other does not.

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