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Jared Taylor, Nationalist & Trump Supporter, Explains the Difference Between "White Privilege" & Minority Privilege" = "Affirmative-(Race Preferential)-Action"


Please watch the YouTube video from above link, first...

Mr. Logical Supreme, IMHO, Jared Taylor, thanks for your brilliant analysis on anti-white agendas.
With the invention and highly popular consumption of the "smart IQ pill", that should be "liberally" distributed to needy, intellectually-disadvantaged students, daily, at schools, in those intellectually-specialized-education-based schools or classes to raise their IQ scores promptly & dramatically. These "IQ Pills" should be a free benefit for those academically challenged & handicapped, lowest-performing schools, similar to welfare & food stamps entitlements.
"Smart Pills" could, maybe, end most of America's socially-related ills, possibly ending all "Affirmative Action" programs, except the "Smart IQ Pill" for grade-retained "special education" slower students, where they are yet required.
Hopefully, slower students don't have to take the "smart pills" all of their lifetimes.
These experiments should be studied, scientifically by Biologists, Psychologists, Sociologists, Medical Research Schools & Hospitals and perhaps others to see if student performance can be improved via the Brain-Chemistry associated with the "IQ SMART PILL"
If successful, the "IQ Pill" could benefit everyone involved, the country, the world...
Maybe everyone can be near-equal intellectually via
Psycho-Chemistry & maybe the psycho-chemistry will improve further down the research road.

Please comment on this potentially great idea to socially & intellectually improve America. This idea should be investigated and researched for medically & chemically improving school performance, by making this a responsibility of the Department of Education.
Legislating US Government sponsored "IQ Pill", intelligence-enhancement-medications distribution wherever needed/required, with no racial preferences, which might enthusiastically be approved by "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" for possibly improving the intellectually, genetic-handicapped persons of all races, especially those with long, long histories of under achievement, as documented in many, many books & published articles that get totally ignored by the hard-core Leftists who claim that biology & genetics researchers are racists and wrong and that all people are idealistically, intellectually the same, perfectly equal, even mentally.
Let us help those under performing Americans to
"be all that they can be" via "IQ enhancement Pill/ Meds" via free Affirmative Action-based USA Government benefits, making all other affirmative action programs, including school busing, obsolete....

No Government supported programs, to date have been capable of improving, low school performing individuals or groups the Government has been, historically, spending billions to improve, resulting in, essentially total failure in preconceived results improvised by incompetent educators at the highest levels of policy-creating in the Leftist-guided Department of Education. They have their educational improvement ideologies all wrong, barking up the wrong trees...
Therefore there can be no valid political-leftist-objection to the IQ Smart Pills" Issuance/Distribution Agenda from being implemented via legislation as a minority Affirmative Action free benefit....
Everyone should have the "right" to scientifically improve & bolster his/her
IQ &
Mental Comprehension Rate &
Mental Assimilation Rate

I am not aware of anyone advocating for improving "academics" via pharmaceuticals produced "Smart pills"

Smart Pills are being very widely used by every level of professional to enhance their job-performance, even being taken by college students to increase concentration and grades.

Please comment if so inclined...

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on February 2, 2017 at 1:59am
Should President Trump promote & provide the pharmaceuticals produced "Smart Pill" or also called the "IQ Pill" to all under-performing schools and students to facilitate improvements in:
-Brain Energy
-Test Scores
-Graduation Rates
Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on January 26, 2017 at 2:05pm
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