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The Awesome Thick Steel Structure of the Lower WTC Twin Towers Underneath the less thick 200+ External Columns & the Core Being Constructed of 47 Massively Thick Columns, Beams, & Flooring Supports, a

Check out the magnificently awesome structure of the lower WTC Twin Towers, 5 inches thick Steel, as compared to the puny thickness of the top 30+ floors, which were 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, and far, far, far less massive.
Floor 1-94 made up about 98.4% of the weight of the Steel in the 110 story Twin Tower. Only a measely, mere 1.6% of the total Tower Steel composed the top 16 floor block, the block that was allegedly free falling 3.8 meters,M(16), and fell through this 98.4% of the Tower Steel.

This event was far more miraculous the when Jesus fed the huge crowds with only several fish and bread.
This was far more miraculous then when Moses parted the seas to save the future for the Jews and Zionists, so they could issue all of us our Credit Cards and use us for maximun Usury purposes, and to provide us with all of our costly entertainment: movies, documentaries, TV, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, education, mortgages, car loans, business loans, and on and on...

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Comment by Shallel Octavia on May 14, 2010 at 1:07pm

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