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UC Berkeley Professor Richard A. Muller, NWO Bohemian Club member, published deceptive literature about 911 and Jesus, from a Traditional Jewish and/or Atheistic/Agnostic Perspective

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Professor Richard A. Muller is a full member of the NWO's Bohemian Club, so what else would you expect him to say about 911, except that he supports it fully, with his false and phony Physics, just like Dave Thomas of New Mexico Mining & Technology Institute, and he is corrupting the minds of his physics students in his course that he teaches, with the same title as his book,
Physics or Future Presidents...

See YouTube videos for proof of teaching phony 911 WTC TT Physics to very impressionable physics students, some of the highest scoring entrance exam scoring students in the USA.
Muller does not dare show mathematical proofs for the collapses as it simply impossible to do without falsifying the physics like Dave Thomas has done.
This Professors Physics liscense should be taken from him and he should be tried as a Traitor.

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