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#10 Nuclear Explosions and/or High Explosions with their naturally resultant most-Forceful EMPs massively loaded with "charged particles" easily explain the distortions to Judy's Magnetic Flux Lines

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on February 3, 2012 at 3:45am

All Nuclear Explosions and all Chemical High Explosives cause distortions to the Magnetic Flux lines that surround the Earth. This is common knowledge found in any dictionary and near Physics Text book, especially where the nuclear explosives fields and the ElectroMagnetic fields overlap and interdiscipline and intertwine.

This common Scientific knowledge should have given Dr. Judy a hint on which investigative direction to take in solving the connections and causes of the WTC Complex obliterations to micro-sized and smaller particles.

Dr. Judy say there were no kerosene, no bombs, no nukes, no high heat, no explosives of any kind, even no airplanes. So, how did a DEW cut the airplane cutouts in the sides of each WTC Twin Tower?

All anomolies can be explained with High Explosives or mini nukes and Thermate and thick metal cutter charges, laid out in any shape you desire. What do you think the 150 Israeli Art Students were doing there in the towers before 911, using their are skills in planting the explosive thick steel cutting charges in any pattern desired.

You all remember the large, cut-out, chunks falling from the sky and trainling massive chemical trails of iron BBs and AL2O3 and pulverized concrete and wallboard and everything else.

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