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Danny White commented on Chuck Boldwyn's status
"Chuck: Thanks... This article has a lot of good information on the origins of chemtrails. I'm not exactly sure who gave these bunch of idiots and the US Air Farce the right to play God with the rest of our lives.  I think chemtrails and…"
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Trump: "Global Warming Is A Hoax", Over 30,000 Scientists Agree with Trump

Man-made global warming is a hoax perpetuated by the elite to make money and damage the U.S. economy, according to President-elect Donald Trump – and America...
Nov 28
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The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

The Great Global Warming Swindle Originally broadcasted March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, whic...
Nov 24
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Please comment after reviewing on your personal view on what is responsible for any real detectable Climate Change

"Chuck:  I've been watching many videos on global warming, CO2, melting ice sheets, geoengineering, etc before trying to comment on your poster.  It looks like we have another false flag conspiracy on our hands. CO2 and rising global…"
Nov 24
Danny White commented on Chuck Boldwyn's status
"I have high hopes for President Trump on 9/11 , Chemtrails, and draining the swamp.  After Obama is out of the way President Trump can go to work removing the Attorney General stopper clogging the drain."
Nov 9
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'I will not let you down': Trump's victory speech

Trump has won 276 electoral votes, becoming the 45th president of the United States. His rival Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate, did not conce...
Nov 9
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Nov 8
Danny White commented on Danny White's status
"After the FBI dropped the ball on emailgate again I wonder if Comey was instructing his FBI agents to remove any incriminating evidence from the Philadelphia Clinton campaign office to cover Hillary's ass. There is obvious Clinton voter fraud…"
Nov 7
Danny White commented on Danny White's status
"Early voting turnout in Philadelphia is over 140% of registered voters. Evidently the FBI is collecting evidence of vote fraud by the Democrats. It is yet to be seen if they will do a damn thing about it."
Nov 7
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Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summariz...
Nov 6
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"CLINTON CAMPAIGN OFFICE RAIDED BY FBI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnMGpIhb0J4"
Nov 5
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"NYPD PREPARING TO ARREST HILLARY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7kIWzC-u1s"
Nov 4
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Nov 4
Danny White posted a video

Dr. Steve Pieczenik on the Soft Coup and the Counter Coup in the US

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, cofounder of Delta Force and much more on the Soft Coup and the Counter Coup in the US, the coming election and the revolt of the intell...
Nov 4
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Nov 3

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Senate Bill 3135 ... TRUST ACT 2016:  https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/3135?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22cory+gardner%22%5D%7D ; ...

Strips Hillary of her security clearance.

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 1:04pm


http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/287247-house-bill-would-revoke-clintons-security-clearance ...

Hillary has done more than enough to lose her security clearance.  I'm not sure how well our Government is going to work

if the President is barred from seeing or even discussing classified material.

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 11:00am


Posted on July 28, 2016 at 11:00am

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At 2:00am on October 2, 2015, Dean Talboys said…

Hi Danny. I think I made it clear that the first part of "Collateral Lies" (called "Lies") was unashamedly a work of fiction in an attempt to introduce aspects of 9/11 to a wider audience. 14 years down the road the subject of whether or not 9/11 was a conspiracy has become tedious and I would not be the first author to use fiction to introduce fact. I fully appreciate your comment about video fakery not being the work of "a couple of drunk buffoons", which is why I have gone to lengths to explain to the reader what would be involved in planning from where to take the videos beforehand in order to composite footage on the day with simulations. As for the facts, what I state in the "story" regarding the chosen targets is undeniable and I have never seen it suggested previously. I'm sure veterans of the 9/11 conspiracy theory will realise immediately who the protagonist in the story is intended to portray and how I have woven video evidence post 9/11 into the sequence of events. If you manage to make it to the second part of the book (you don't have to read the parts in order), here I have attempted to collate information about the alleged attackers into a cohesive history of attacks against the US since their intervention in the Iraq/Kuwait conflict, which I experienced first hand. The third part of the book ("Statistics") is factual based on evidence. I don't dwell on theories about how the towers were brought down and only mention WTC 7 in passing because of Silverstein's alleged involvement. Indeed, I removed a large section of my work that discussed the use of Judy Wood's energy weapon, even though I had gone to lengths to try and prove how it could have been achieved with a Tesla ray from within, because I realised I was being drawn into the rabbit-hole of fringe conspiracies, which I really wanted to avoid. So, sorry, no nukes either. In my introduction I did apologise in advance to members of the forum who have heard it all before but in the true spirit of professional peer review I would urge you to read the entire work before making assumptions.

At 1:31pm on March 20, 2012, Dean said…

Thanks for the friend add, Danny!  We are getting somewhere!

At 8:32am on November 1, 2011, sandy rose said…

hi Danny, ok on Gina, no worries there, was just saying hi.

glad to have Gina aboard and look forward to her thoughts, etc.


At 9:58am on September 10, 2011, sandy rose said…

my, but we do have a mighty group of uhh...



     (not really a very pretty sight.)

      thanks, Danny, some of them i still have to look up!   carry on!  sandy

At 8:43am on August 11, 2011, sandy rose said…

dude, you are on a serious roll with your display of suspects!

i totally appreciate it, even tho they're nauseating to behold!


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