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2nd Comparison of the Physical Properties of Steel vs. Aluminum by Shehzad Saleem, GKSS Research Centre - Hamburg, Germany

I don't understand a basic phenomenon involved in choosing a material for cars or for bikes.............we always go for economical aspect..........steel being the favorite for the last two decades and still leading in the market ,some cyclists and motorists tend to divert to aluminum ,why is that?

Steel is almost the best material already available to us ,why do we need to divert to aluminum ,steel has outstanding properties best suited for light structures and etc etc.

And car manufactures prefer steel: easier (cheaper) to weld, easier (cheaper )to deform, higher stiffness, higher yield strength (>> 1300 MPa), higher tensile strength (up to 3500 MPa) (therefore perfect for light weight structures), better creep resistance, usable at temperatures above 660 °C, hardenable (1000 HV), heat treatable ....

These are reasons why most cars and industrial structures and of course tools are made out of steel. Preferring Al because it is not rusting simply doesn't meet most requirements.Can somebody make me understand this fundamental approach. actually I am doing a comprehensive research and I think u can answer me ,I sincerely hope for a swift reply......

Shehzad Saleem
GKSS Research Centre - Hamburg, Germany

Steel is stronger, denser, harder, tougher, cheaper, etc.

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