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A fighter pilot's concerns about improbable events on 9/11 . . .

This came to me today, so I wanted to share it:

Sent: Thu, November 4, 2010 1:15:11 AM
Subject: found on a 911 blog...opinions of a jet pilot

In my professional opinion as an Aviator, I have the following concerns, which I would like to title “Aviation Improbabilities”. Now, I am not saying that these are impossible to happen as individual occurrences, but that it is highly improbable that they would all occur in series to have the outcome as professed by the US Government.

-Improbability of ALL 8 Airline Pilots voluntarily giving up control of their aircraft to individuals stating they have box cutters and have or will kill passengers; this is not the established protocol to give up control of aircraft and responsibility of safety for your passengers and crew

-Improbability of ALL 8 Airline Pilots being killed without a deliberate violent flight control reaction that would upend any cockpit invasion

-Improbability of ALL 8 Airline Pilots not entering the Hijack or Emergency Code into the transponder, alerting ATC of a serious problem

-Improbability IF the above occurred that the marginally-trained hijackers would be able to operate the navigational systems and fly to specific points in airspace using Instrument Flight Rules

-Improbability of maneuvering the airliners above 400 kts airspeed (considered high speed) and precisely striking the comparatively small WTC 1 & 2 (Professional pilots in simulators have about a one in three chance of accomplishing this maneuver.)

-Improbability of maneuvering AA Flight 77 from 35,000 feet descending to hit the Pentagon, as stated by USG in an analysis of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR); specifically a 330 degree turn from 7000’, descending at a controlled airspeed of 290-300 kts, to precisely strike the Pentagon at ground level by a minimally-trained, unqualified hijacker

-As a military fighter pilot, I have questions as to why numerous Air Defense systems were not utilized that day, including intercept aircraft that had plenty of time from 8:14 am when Boston Center Air Traffic Controllers realized something was wrong with AA Flight 11, after it did not respond to authorization to change flight levels. There were 3 Air Defense Exercises ongoing on Sep 11, and their command posts and chain of commands were fully staffed. Otis AFB, MA had ANG F-15 fighter-interceptors nearby which were airborne “too late” (8:53 launch); Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:45 am, followed by Flight 175 hitting the South Tower at 9:03am. Many other bases, including Andrews AFB outside Wash DC and Langley AFB VA have fighters on alert or available - why did none of them launch in time to intercept Flight 77, as it did not strike until 9:37 am?

-Finally, as an experienced aircraft investigator, I have serious questions regarding several of the crash sites. Again, it is IMPROBABLE that of the 8 “black boxes”, in reality a bright orange FDR and a bright orange CVR on each of the aircraft, only the FDR from Flight 77 into the Pentagon and both recorders from Flight 93 in Pennsylvania were recovered. With over 1.5 Million man-hours of time sorting through debris at Fresh Kills site in New Jersey, it is IMPROBABLE that we don’t have more aircraft evidence of what actually occurred in each of the unfortunate airliners that day. Thank you again for your time and consideration of these important facts."

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