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Here's a nice exchange about Jack White's photo studies of 9/11. He has done much more as well.

Dick Fojut
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:19 AM
Subject: Re: How Can you Deny this 9-11 Plane Crash Video Isn't Fake?

Jerry, from Dick Fojut in Tucson
You don't know me but mutual friend Bob Reid sent me a copy of your and his back and forth emails about planes crashing on 9/11. I have slow DialUp and unfortunately for me, I can't even
view these Videos or youtube so I'm not specifically sure of what you guys are
disputing. BUT about the Pentagon crash, one BOB WHIITE has presented
convincing evidence that the DOD lied to the public and most of the DOD's
photos about the Pentagon on 9/11 were (poorly) FAKED.
Please skip down
just below Bob Reid's following comment to you, for Bob White's 9/11
Photostudies, mostly about the Pentagon - but later about the WTC as well.
Fascinating stuff. Thanks. - Dick Fojut
Bob wrote you....
Unfortunately I do not. Most people want to cling to the idea that they were not led down the primrose path and duped. It is a natural reaction and therefore they blame
the messenger. I had a brother in law who wanted to get in a fist fight over
this because I don't believe the US story and he still does not talk to me.
This is how the powers that be keep things from being investigated, a panel
or commission is the easiest way to cover anything up, don't call the right
wintesses you don't get the right answers. We are doing a series beginnging
around September 30 in which an going to do my damnest to stir the water,
stroke the fires, get some big media guys interested. Remember it is at the
point now even if the major media comes around, there will be huge
fall out not to do anything after all do we want to think they are stupid
for falling for a mission impossible story?
From Dick Fojut....

I just sent this to another friend who still thinks an airliner crashed into the Pentagon and believes the White House's story. Read the text below, and open the extensive URL articles
following and make up your own mind. Interested to hear your comments
(To my friennd I wrote): I still think JACK WHITE'S 9/11 Photostudies provide the most convincing evidence the DOD faked (most) of its photos about the Pentagon attack.
I've sent this to you before (I think). If not here it is.
- Dick Fojut in Tucson
P.S. Rivero on his WRH site just ran an article attempting to refute the rest of us, asserting that an airliner DID hit the Pentagon. Rivero needs to be reminded of the below.

JACK WHITE'S 911 Photostudies/Pentagon+
Why haven't 9/11 "Truthers" emphasized Jack White's 9/11 Photostudy of the attack on the Pentagon?

Jack White first posted his several 9/11 Photostudies of the Pentagon and WTC attacks ariound 2005 (at least the first
I saw of them then)
Open Jack White's 911 Photostudies, starting with his Pentagon Photostudies.
Further on from the beginning of Jack White's many pages analyzing the (poorly) faked DOD photos of the Pentagon attack - you'll find the 2 fire trucks and firemen (who happened to
be in the vicinity handling a nearby accident), saw an explosion and got to
the Pentagon in 10 minutes. They put out all fires in the small hole in the
Pentagon wall (and the fire in the trailer) in 7-8 minutes. Then they left!
The firemen found no evidence of a plane having crashed or any debris on the
And the only marks on the pristine Pentagon lawn were their tire tracks! The photos taken by the firemen and their testimony WAS TOTALLY IGNORED AND UNMENTIONED BY THE

All the hastily retouched DOD Pentagon photos (and other later poorly done photo faking - "Photoshopping" - by the
government at the World Trade Center) is solid evidence our government covered
up what really hit the Pentagon - and the WTC.
Additionally, about the WTC attacks, White shows what happened to 8 story Customs House Building 6, so far apparently mentioned by no one including those disputing the government's
9/11 fable. There was a massive explosion(s) INSIDE THE CENTER of Building 6
(BEFORE any of the 3 Trade towers collapsed), that blew outward at street
level, leaving TWO 10 story deep holes (including 2 basements) near the
building's center!
- Dick

Pentagon Photostudy begins here...
World Trade Center Photostudy begins at
Additional Jack White Photostudies....
Apollo Investigation

Jack White's 911 Photo Studies is a work in progress. Initially it concentrates on
the events of Flight 77 at the Pentagon. As White continues his studies, other
analyses are being added, including the WTC and material and the other alleged
© 2005 Jack White

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