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Sunday, January 24, 2010
The election results in Massachusetts may come as a surprise, or even a shock, to some. It was not a shock to me. The American people have been frustrated with the lack of responsiveness from our elected officials for quite some time. Voting on health care when the majority of Americans are opposed to it, bailing out banks, insurance companies, and the auto industry when the majority of Americans were opposed to it, and stealing money from one state to buy the votes of Senators, are all unconstitutional acts.

I demand that you reread the Constitution of the United States. Re-learn just what your job is at the federal level. It is most definitely NOT to take over the economy and regulate seemingly every aspect of American society. Your job is to provide national defense, make sure interstate commerce is fair (which actually means getting OUT OF THE WAY), and provide basic infrastructure. The federal government’s job is not to regulate how much salt can be included in foods, to redistribute wealth from responsible states to irresponsible ones, to mandate the purchase of health insurance, or to selectively penalize certain classes of citizens through the tax code.

While Scott Brown’s election as Senator will be viewed as a victory by many, I most certainly consider it a starting point. The American people are awake. We are paying attention to how you vote, what you say, and with whom you associate. We are taking note of when you make deals with special interests and cave on your principles. We will hold you accountable for your actions.

Without question, Scott Brown’s election shall be the first of what promises to be an overhaul of our elected officials in November. Do not panic and ramrod health care reform through as fast as possible before Democrats lose the super-majority in the Senate. A bill of this magnitude requires careful planning, review, and debate, something neither the House nor Senate has thus-far shown the capability to do.

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Comment by James H. Fetzer on January 25, 2010 at 11:26pm
This appears to me to be a complete misreading of the results of the election. If the people are frustrated by the Obama administration, it is because it is doing TOO LITTLE not TOO MUCH. A robust PUBLIC OPTION would be well received by the public. This wimping out and caving in to the GOP and HMOs is the source of concern!

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