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Data on Stewart Air Force Base, the only one under private control



Stewart International Airport:



"It has made history in several ways. After its closure as an active Air Force base in the early 1970s, an ambitious plan by former Governor Nelson Rockefeller to greatly expand and develop the airport led to a bitter and protracted struggle with local landowners that led to reforms in the state's eminent domain laws but no actual development of the land acquired."

"At the end of the 20th century it became the first U.S. commercial airport to be privatized when United Kingdom-based National Express Group was awarded a 99-year lease on the airport."

Another Source Says:

"Stewart International Airport is the nation's first privatized commercial airport and operates under a 99-year lease agreement with the New York State Department of Transportation. National Express Group operates Stewart International Airport and is the United State's subsidiary of the National Express Group, PLC, in the United Kingdom."


Stewart International Airport:

-1- Stewart AFB, in New Windsor, New York is used as a hub for importation of illicit drugs, using our Military Assets as cover.

-2- Coincidently, Stewart happens to be the simultaneous crossing point of 2 hijacked airliners on 9-11, and also the approximate location of where the transponders were switched.

-3- Stewart AFB was previously known as the base where the Iran Hostages, were returned after 444 days and the October Surprise, this predated but is not unrelated to the Iran Contra fraud...Stewart AFB is the only airport of its kind, in that it was privatized for secret purposes.

-4- This privatization was executed in part by George Pataki, and Eliot Spitzer. In 1999 Pataki signed a 99-year lease (ala Silverstein), and in 2000 Spitzer privatized it for 'special'? use. Spitzer, of course, is the attorney general of New York, a supposed real life crime fighter.

-5- I wish that were true, but Spitzer allegedly investigates the post 9-11 AIG, Marsh Insurance Scheme; wherein hundreds of billions of dollars were skimmed from fattened insurance quotes.. Spitzer's investigation finds AIG guilty, yet only penalized them $ 1 billion- less than 1% of what they stole, and of that $ 1 billion, Marsh & McLennan had to pay $800,000,000 of it.


1: Drugs distribution hub
I can't find any confirmation about -1- and that's the part where al-Cokeda could play a role.

2: Crossingpoint 9/11 flight were transponders are turned off.

This analysis of the flight paths suggests that it was necessary for AA 11 and UA 175 to both pass over Stewart AFB in New Windsor, NY at the same time. The reason why this was necessary is unclear. This occurred at approximately 8:36am, the same time that AA 77 (the flight that hit the pentagon), deviated from its flight path before it was officially hijacked.

The fact that AA 11 and UA 175 crossed paths at the same time is too improbable to be regarded as a coincidence, implying that this was necessary for the attack. Further research needs to be done on this topic to determine what happened to AA 11 and UA 175 over Stewart AFB in New Windsor, N.Y. at 8:36am when AA 11 began a rapid decent. It is also very peculiar that at the same time that AA 11 and UA 175 crossed paths, AA 77 deviated from its flight path before it was hijacked. What happened at 8:36am on 9/11/01?

3: Used in October Surprise

The hostages did come home, 444 days later. They landed in the U.S. at Stewart Airport in Newburgh, N.Y. and it looked like five million people came out to greet them, wave flags, show yellow ribbons, give the thumbs up and flip the bird to unflattering drawings of the Ayatollah. The crisis was over. But in many other ways, it has never ended.

Because the many similarities between 9/11 and Iran-Contra it is significant that the same airport was used. Also because Iran-Contra was Poppy/Connally's team who operated independent of the President Carter.

4: Stewart Airport privatization
"Governor George E. Pataki today announced that the final application for the privatization of Stewart Airport has been submitted to the Federal Aviation"

This is important because it would have meant that like AIG/Kroll/Marsh, this airport could operate independent of the government.

5: Spitzer's AIG/Marsh investigation
AIG, Marsh execs plead guilty in Spitzer probe - Feb. 15, 2005

So the open question is whether Stewart has been used in the narcotics distribution, since it is privatized it could be part of their operational network.

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