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November 22, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 101 Comments




By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

When both Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, biggest names on “fair and balanced” Fox News, agree that calling 9/11 a “wingnut conspiracy” was a mistake, you would expect more to happen. The government should
be shaken to its roots, network after network should be picking up the
story and something, anything, should be in the newspapers.

Instead, everyone, yes, everyone in the media, everyone in government, is pretending it didn’t happen, just hoping it will go away. The reason they are reacting this way is simple, if even part of 9/11
gets out, part of the easily proven truth, there can’t be enough
unexpected “heart attacks’ and plane crashes to keep everything from
crashing in.

9/11 is the key, the only story. The seeming conspiracy over 9/11 is so far reaching, so many could be involved and, as it seems, are involved. You can’t be a little bit pregnant or slightly dead. WTC 7,
or “Building ‘What’” as it is called, simply can’t be explained.
Instead, the biggest news story since the Kennedy assassination is being
treated like a celebrity drunk driving arrest.

America is in two wars because of 9/11 and now we are told it was all a big mistake, the government “may” had done it but that’s just “water under the bridge,” or “forgive and forget.” No way, no how, we aren’t
forgetting, no, we aren’t forgiving, not those who did it, not those who
covered it up nor the press that lied through their teeth about it, no,
inexorable to all but the real “wingnuts,” co-conspirators who need

YouTube - Veterans Today -


At least Geraldo admitted he had been wrong. The others, how do they apologize for labeling 1.2 billion people as terrorists, years of rape, torture, secret prisons, wounded American soldiers treated like
criminals? Those responsible, if things go as planned, will never have
to stand before a judge and say;

“I’m sorry, I will never commit treason, war crimes and mass murder again.”

Is everything supposed to be treated like a college prank, the Bataan Death March, the Holocaust, the USS Liberty, the Nanking Massacre, the Mavi Marmara, Abu Gharib?

YouTube - Veterans Today -


America went to war in Vietnam over a lie. On April 2, 1964, the United States claimed one of its warships was attacked by four North Vietnamese patrol boats. The US claims it responded with air attacks
and gunfire, driving off the P 4 patrol boats. Two days later, we were
told another attack occurred. A preponderance of evidence has now
proven this second attack was entirely fabricated, an attack used to
push congress into giving broad war powers to the American president,
powers that sent the United States to the most brutal military defeat in
its history. A generation of American’s died in Vietnam, leaving a
country to be led into decline by those who had “other priorities” than
to serve.

Three years after the Tonkin Gulf incident, an almost identical attack;

  • an American warship,
  • torpedo boats (and aircraft),
  • same president,
  • same secretary of defense and

the same game, using presidential war powers behind the smoke screen of a “false flag” attack to get America into another war, this time in the Middle East.

What America had done, of course, was enter a pattern of behavior and a learning curve. The pattern would lead to more and more audacious “false flag” incidents and the learning curve would teach future leaders
to prepare for this kind of thing as “routine.”

News media would become trained “lap dogs” and every potential snag, law enforcement, the courts, honest military and intelligence leaders, would have to be derailed. This all came together with the court
appointment of George “W” Bush as president in 2001.

What immediately followed was utterly predictable, pieces were put in place and, just like clockwork:



The ship, not the USS Maddox this time, was the USS Liberty and 271 of 296 crew members were killed or wounded. The attacker, supposedly Egypt, turned out to be Israelis who had agreed to sink the Liberty and
murder the crew as part of a deal with President Lyndon Johnson who was
having a torid affair with an Israeli secret agent.

The evidence, as presented on the videos and as evaluated by America’s top “mainstream” news, finally, after so many years, shows 9/11 to be another “Tonkin Gulf,” another “USS Liberty.”

9/11, it seems has even more in common with the Liberty incident, the cast of characters, the “attackers” may well have been Israeli, always trustworthy, always reliable and always available. As shown in the
Lawson video, 5 were arrested under circumstances that leave no room for
doubt regarding complicity.


In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was killed. The murder was covered up, little question about that. With Alan Dulles running the investigation, the man Kennedy fired from the CIA, what else could we
expect? For years, blame has floated around and outrageous attempts to
deflect blame, Oswald, the FBI, Cubans, Corsicans, a college prank gone
wrong, the press never tires of them.

Last week, Geraldo, as seen on the video, forced to accept 9/11 as a government coverup, still is trying to work angles on the Kennedy assassination. Why?

Did the 1963 killing lead to the 1964 Tonkin Gulf incident and the Vietnam War as Oliver Stone’s JFK dramatizes or is Mordechai Vanunu correct and Israel’s Dimona nuke program and the 1967 War, including the USS Liberty ploy to bring the
United States in, are the the reasons?


President Lyndon B. Johnson, Tonkin Gulf "decider"

Was 9/11 just another step in a list of tragedies, an American political leadership continually embroiled in plots and conspiracies, the “October surprise, the “under the table” deal cut with Iran over the
hostages or “Iran Contra,” Reagans drug and gun trades. How many
financial conspiracies have been uncovered, BCCI, the Savings and Loan
collapse and the series still going on today? Are they connected or are
they all proof that the business of government is and has been
conspiracy, not just today but for decades?

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