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Demonization of President Trump by Ousted President OBAMA, Leftist Academia and MSM for advocating against Obams's Old & new Climate-Change Legislations & Proposed Economy Destroying Agendas.

The extreme Leftist propagandist spewing NYT is currently using op-eds & newspaper "fake-news" Climate-Change articles, trying to deceive, trick & intimidate non-science educated President Trump into supporting Climate Change Legislation & Chemtrails supported by ousted President OBAMA, as if there is no other choice of procedance into the future. President Trump has publicly stated, repeatedly, that he will insist on "crystal clean air" & "crystal clean water" which translates into the stopping of the "Green" non fossil fuels Agenda, including the worst world-polluter & Climate -Changer & Global-warmer of all time, Toxic, Life-icidal Chem-Trails

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