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Establishment Book Series: The Impact of 9/11 on Politics and War: The Day that Changed Everything


The Impact of 9/11 on Politics and War is the first volume of the six-volume series The Day that Changed Everything? edited by Matthew J. Morgan. The series brings together from a broad spectrum of disciplines the leading thinkers of our time to reflect on one of the most significant events of our time. With a foreword by former DCI R. James Woolsey, the volume's contributors include former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador Marc Grossman, former Afghan Minister of Interior Ali Jalali, and leading scholars Rohan Gunaratna, Bruno Frey, Jerrold Post, Stephen Cimbala, and others.


“After 9/11, the world was confronted with incredible new challenges in politics and war. The essays in this volume explore these challenges with tremendous insights from a variety of perspectives. A great read for anyone interested in the politics of the post-9/11 world.”--Dr. Hans Blix, Chair of the WMD Commission and Author of Disarming Iraq

“The distinguished group of authors featured in this volume sets out a full, fascinating, and multifaceted interdisciplinary assessment of what we have learned about ‘The Day that Changed Everything.’ Whatever your view of the implications of that day, be prepared to have your assumptions challenged.”--From the Foreword by former CIA Director James Woolsey

"An excellent collection of new perspectives for understanding and undertaking measures to apply the lessons from that terrible tragedy.”--John F. Lehman, Chairman, J.F. Lehman & Company, Member, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9-11 Commission)

“This fine collection of essays by well chosen experts provides surprisingly conceptual analyses from often divergent perspectives. All in all, the volume represents an important contribution to our understanding the impact of 9/11 on national and international politics, and does it in a crisp, readable fashion.”--Robert L. Gallucci, Dean, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

About the Author(s) Matthew J. Morgan

Matthew Morgan is Assistant Professor of Politics at Bentley College.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments * About the Contributors * Foreword--R. James Woolsey, Jr. * Introduction--Matthew J. Morgan * The Long-term Political and Economic Consequences of 9/11--John Mueller SECTION I: The Impact on Organizations and Institutions * Challenges to Diplomacy and the U.S. State Department--Marc Grossman * Reorganizing the U.S. Intelligence Community--Paul S. Oh * Building and Maintaining a Post-9/11 All-Volunteer Military Force--David R. Segal and Karin De Angelis * FEMA in Shambles: 9/11 and the Nation’s Capacity to Deal with Catastrophic Disasters--William L. Waugh, Jr. * What Has al Qaeda Been Doing Lately? The Tribal Areas of Pakistan and Beyond--Rohan Gunaratna and Anders Nielson * Al-Qaeda and the Global Salafi Jihad--Jerrold M. Post, M.D. * SECTION II: The Impact on War and Peace * The Challenges of State Building and Post-Conflict Stabilization--Ali Ahmad Jalali * Countering Terrorism: Alternatives to Deterrence--Bruno Frey and Simon Luechinger * Worse Than Terror? Nuclear Misdirection after 9/11--Stephen J. Cimbala * 9/11 and U.S. Grand Strategy: The Peril or Prudence of the Bush Doctrine--Robert Kaufman * Grand Strategy Transformed: 9/11 and the Birth of Crusading Realism--Lamont Colucci * Three Blocks, Two Towers, One Trend: Civil-Military Cooperation Before and After 9/11--Christopher Ankersen and David J. Betz * More Catalyst Than Cause--F. Lincoln Grahlfs * SECTION III: Regional Impacts around the World * Security and Insecurity: The Use of War to Transform European Politics--Caroline Kennedy-Pipe * The Impact of 9/11 on U.S. Relations in Asia--Takuya Murata * The New Strategic Importance of Africa--J. Peter Pham * SECTION IV: Changes in Domestic Politics *Imprisoning Politics: The Logic of Security and the Undermining of Democracy--Saul Newman * Continuity of Government in Dangerous Times--John Fortier * Urban Planning in New York City after 9/11--Peter Marcuse * SECTION V: The Future after 9-11 * World Futures: The West, Islam and Terrorism Futures after 9/11--Sohail Inayatullah

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