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Jeff Prager, 9/11 AMERICA NUKED! (free downloadable ebook)


Site host remarks:

Here it is:

It's about a 500 page book, so it is broken into 2 downloads. (Jeff just noticed a "significant error" on page 8, and will repair and provide a new link soon.)

Part 1: http://www.datafilehost.com/download-79644cfa.html

Part2: http://www.datafilehost.com/download-51eec327.html


{edit} added Jeff's comments:

 I don't know how to introduce a book like this one. First, it's very large.

It contains dozens of images Never Before Published of Ground Zero on 911, 9-12 and 9-13, BEFORE excavation, when just the rescue workers and their dogs were there searching for anyone that might be alive as well as bodies of those that didn't survive. This means the box beams and I-beams were as yet untouched and the im ages are extremely revealing.

These images are about 30-40 inches wide and 20-25 inches top to bottom. They're high quality, high resolution images and I had a choice.

I could reduce them, or I could PDF them such that YOU can repeatedly zoom the images and examine them in detail at full size as you've never before been able to do. I took that choice and thus, the book is divided into two large files by necessity.

But now you can examine 911 images, zooming them repeatedly, like you've never been able to do before.

The problem I've experience in the past is that lot's of people download part 1 and fewer download part 2 when I divide my books like this.

For that reason:

1. Half of the critical images are in part 1 and the other half are in part two. You'll need and want both parts.

2. The text is divided such that you'll need to read both parts to fully understand the nuclear event that 911 surely was.

To that end, using real science, real chemistry and real physics I successfully challenge the theories presented by Dr's Stephen Jones and Neils Harrit that energetic compounds, specifally the compound Dr. Jones has with a velocity of 300mps could demolish the towers. Further, this book is an open request by virtue of the text and the numerous citations, links and references, to debate Dr. Jones publicly. I'm prepared to debate Dr. Jones on the issues of nano-energetic compounds, tritium, uranium, sodium, potassium, zinc, thorium, vanadium and the other elements in the dust. Dr. Jones, thus far, has only covered tritium and very briefly, uranium. My opinion, based on the evidence in this book, is that his science is deeply flawed and I can prove this.

In that debate I can and will prove 911 was a nuclear event. Please, download both parts of this book. One part isn't sufficient without the other. You'll be glad you did. And PLEASE share these links if you feel the book is worthy.

I'm a former magazine publisher. My books are eMagazines with time consuming graphics and text referenced and cited with working links to support all of my assertions with the best science available. But they are magazines, with awesome graphics and high resolution images. Don't confuse them with books. I also make them fun to read, I hope!

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