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John Lear on What Didn't Happen at Shanksville

On 05.10.2009, at 08:34, John Lear wrote:

It is extremely unlikely that a Boeing 757 was shot down on 911. The debris from such
an accident would be spread and wide. Too many people would have known or seen it.

The shooting down of a commercial airliner the size of a Boeing 757 would have spread a
debris and fire trail far and wide.

People are just too observant to have let that gone unnoticed.

Roads would have had to have been blocked and fire departments, ambulances, police cars
would have been onsite. To think that all of this could be held in total secrecy is
ridiculous. Airplanes far and wide that were not yet on the ground would have heard the
emergency 121.5 emergency signal that helps find the aircraft and flight recorder would have
been blaring for at least 30 minutes or until someone with technical knowledge could disable the transmitter.

A fire would have been started that would have had to be brought under control, smoke and flames
would be visible for miles. The crash site was only 4 miles north of US 70/76 with many little towns around it.

Remember that the alleged crash time of Flight 93 was 10:06, the first report of the cash was at 11:15 and the
Press was only allowed at the scene a little after 5 pm.

For some reason Flight 93 was not able to accomplish its mission which was probably to overfly building 7 in a
simulated crash OR the fake video tapes couldn’t be used to simulate the Building 7 crash so they had to create
a fake crash area, to account for UAL 93 and they only had 6 hours to do it in. First, find an appropriate crash site,
then litter it with parts, throw a little gasoline on it and call out the coroner. When they thought they had enough first responders and fireman standing around they let the press in to photograph the ‘horror”. Unfortunately due to lack of time they could not round up any engine hulks, tail parts, wing//fuselage center section, parts that always survive a crash and hope for the best so they came up with a story that it buried itself in the ground. What total nonsense. Of
course since people weren’t buying the lack of parts at the alleged reclamation spot they changed he story to a

In my opinion all the voice transmissions from Todd Beamer,Tom Burnett, Jeremy Glick, the flight attendant
Marion Birton, and the hijacker were all bogus and probably prerecorded “just in case” something went wrong.

The story about the hijacker using the PA to tell everybody at 9:31 to “please sit down, there is a bomb on board” which it is claimed was heard by Cleveland Flight control center is bogus. You cannot transmit to ATC and the passengers at the same time. There is one button for Cabin PA (Public Address System), one for Comm 1 and one for Comm 2 for ATC. There is another button for Interphone to talk to the flights attendants and another button for ground service interphone to talk to the guy standing at the nose wheel on pushback. But to address the passengers and have Cleveland center hear it is impossible. Pilots these days always use headsets with microphones and a button on the yolk to transmit. How did this hijacker figure this out?

I thought when this question came up several years ago that it was determined that UAL did not install seat back phones until 2002. I could be wrong but that is the way I remember it.

I still don’t understand how they could have cleaned up a crash site of a Boeing 757 which had been shot down without anybody seeing the cranes and bulldozers working and the trucks being loaded with enormous crash debris, body bags being filled not to mention the EPA drilling for soil contamination.

So anybody still claiming that UAL 93 was shot down has a lot of questions to answer not the least of which is where is the plane?

Because it wasn’t anywhere near Shanksville.


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