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Judy Wood and John Hutchison: On "Beam Weapons" at the WTC, Part II

Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 10:53:55 -0500 [10:53:55 AM CDT]
From: jfetzer@d.umn.edu
To: Coffinman , lisajudy@nctv.com, econrn@suddenlink.net, jfetzer@d.umn.edu
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Subject: RE: Just remembered something

Coffinman appears to me to be completely and
utterly sincere, which is refreshing, given
the latest revelations from Tracy about my
relationship with Morgan Reynolds, who holds
himself out as a speaker of truth to power!
Well, why didn't he speak truth to Fetzer?
What's wrong that Morgan would deceive me?

Judy is a most interesting case. There was
a time when she was calling me four or five
times a day with her latest (breathless)
report of some alleged smear or grotesque
misrepresentation of her work on the net.
In retrospect, I should have realized that
I, too, could become a target of her wrath
if I didn't toe the line along with the rest
of the world! I must be a very slow learner.

Judy has a very unusual history. She used
to be a serious bike rider. One day--as I
recall, it was in the outskirts of Las Vegas--
she was riding when some rednecks in a pick
up truck hassled her at a stop. (This is
my recollection of the story, which Judy
can of course correct regarding details.)
She gave them the finger and pissed them off.

So they drove down the road apace, turned
around and, at high speed, rammed into her
on her bike. It is a wonder she survived
at all! Every bone in her body was broken.
She lay in a coma for five months [NOTE: I
think it was actually five years] and, much
to her doctors' amazement, finally regained
consciousness. It is an extraordinary tale,
which caused me to admire her tremendously.

It also had some residual effects. One is
that--and Judy told me this herself--she
believes she has the ability to detect
"ops" virtually intuitively! I thought
that was a bit of a stretch, but I played
along with it. She certainly was good at
detecting what she considered to be an
endless variety of attacks on various
internet sites, which she shared with me.

I have said before that Judy has a streak
of paranoia that is an inch wide and a
mile deep. That, of course, has spilled
over onto me, principally because she has
taken umbrage at the questions I raised
with Hutchison, which, by the way, he
did not answer, even though Andrew and
no doubt others seem to think he had.

Judy may have a nose for "ops", but after
four years at Princeton (when it was all
male) and four more in the Marine Corps,
I have an ear for bullshit. And, in my
experience, John Hutchison is among the
premiere practitioners of the art. Take
his response to my questions about his
background and education in Andrew's book:

Hutchison: Well, my education is -- I
flunked my coloring book and blocks.
I?m self-taught, and I?ve been involved
in many applications in engineering and
research and one of them happened to be
in to Nicola Tesla, which I was able
to replicate a lot of his experiments.
And pushing it beyond the envelope there,
we managed to cause levitation of objects
and also the destruction of objects, as
it?s called. And it gained interest in to
the U.S. military back in 1983, which they
did a lot of experiments and tests with it.

That was his answer: "I flunked my color-
ing books and blocks." I actually wrote
him about this (as I recall, in advance
of their appearance on the show), and he
wrote back with the most childish gibberish
I have ever received from an adult. He
says he is "self-taught" about some of
the most complex areas of physics. Well,
Judy may believe that, but I simply don't.

Judy now claims to have studied his work
for over a year before coming to the con-
clusion that he is on the "up and up".
But if that's the case, they why wouldn't
she come on the show to explain it to the
rest of us? Inquiring minds want to know.

Moreover, her attacks on Ace now take on
new meaning in light of Rosalee's revela-
tion that Hutchison's videos were faked by
one Colonel Alexander. If that is true,
then (I would assume) Judy knows by now.
If she doesn't, then John has been holding
out on her and misleading her. But if she
does, then she has been holding out and
misleading the world. So which is it?

Something else that has troubled me in
relation to Judy is her denial that she
used the phrase, "space beams". But
that is absurd. During the interview
from Tucson where she first talked about
her new views, she said that the source
of directed energy might have been in
space. That's when I said, "Fantastic!"

That was because it was such a novel
idea and I was fascinated by it. She
was already (or soon would) be talking
about "beam weapons" on her site. I
told her I thought that was going to
cause problems, but she dismissed my
concerns. So "space" and "beams" was
all Judy Wood. Not my phrase, Judy's!

If I were to offer a critique of her
work, her elaboration of the damage to
the WTC has been completely brilliant!
I even talk about it in my entry in
Wikipedia. But her allusions to DEWs
have always been exceedingly vague. I
have in the past tolerated it, but now
I think it is a weakness of her position.

Moreover, I am discovering that there
may be alternative explanations for the
kinds of destruction upon which she has
focused in the past. In particular, I
am learning a lot from John McCarthy and
other sources. Consider the following:

And one of the technical aspects is the irrefutable fingerprint of a pure hydrogen
explosion in the WTC; the presence of Deuterium and Tritium, both elements of hydrogen,
which have been found TOGETHER in the basements of the WTC One and Two. This portion of
the crime scene could not be destroyed! Yet, their is no public clamor....Deuterium and
Tritium are only found TOGETHER as a result of a pure hydrogen explosion. Science knows
this. The public ignores it.

The government has claimed that Tritium located in the WTC (they admit that) is from the
Exit signs in the WTC. The government ignores the fact that both elements, Deuterium and
Tritium, were found TOGETHER in the WTC.

And a pure hydrogen explosion does not give off radiation. However, it would account for
all those vehicles that had the paint burned off them and it would definitely be loud as
witnessed by thousands. It also would account for the pulverization of concrete and
steel as well as the deformation of large beams which we twisted into pretzel shapes.

Fourth Generation Nuclear weapons which employs the techniques of miniaturization via
Quantum Mechanics allows for a nuclear device to be assembled and placed into a container
the size of a matchbox. This alone provides ease of emplacement.

All of the other known and seen effects of cutter charges, shaped charges, etc, are
ancillary and diversionary.

However, it would take the power of a nuclear explosion to lift a 105 ton configuration
of steel from the WTC and throw it in an arc across the street to be em-palled in the
Deutsche Bank Building. And this configuration of steel came from the outer frame of the
WTC building.


So if what John is telling me is true,
then it may be the case that mini-nukes,
3rd and 4th generation weapons are the
key to understanding the destruction of
the WTC, not DEWs. I think that, at this
point, we simply do not know. But I am
no longer devoted to the DEW approach.
It may have not involved free energy at all.

Judy now appears to me to be profoundly
flawed. I would almost certainly not
have come to this belated realization
but for this bizarre attack by someone
who calls herself "Tracy Postert" and
who has a blog called "drjudywood"!
All of this is strange beyond belief.

So I want to know if, like Andrew and
his associates, possibly including Judy
and John, she is into visitations by ETs
and believes that there are lizard people
among us. Do tell us. In the meanwhile,
Nico and Tracy are hereby nominated as
co-chairs of the new "Lunatics 'R Us"!

Quoting Coffinman :

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[So where does that leave Judy in taking after Ace
for showing how easy they are to fake?]
You should consider this question yourself, Jim. This is a detail that
"lifts the curtain".
Ace isn't clean either, btw.
The "Harley shirt guy" was identified as actor MARK HUMPHREY and
apparently Ace was one of the bunch trying to destroy that revelation.
This whole area is a theatre show full of frauds.
They all play different parts and seem to go in different directions but
like the "Borg" they have a cohesion of purpose as they act
You could draw many similarities between this situation and what is
depicted in "Rosemary's baby".
What did they say?
"Witches, all of them!"

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Comment by Thoth II on September 2, 2009 at 7:25pm
"I have an ear for bullshit. And, in my
experience, John Hutchison is among the
premiere practitioners of the art. "

I have to agree. Hutch's work just seems like a bunch of flim-flam all thrown together under a tired old "Tesla" umbrella. Judy is barking up the wrong tree with his stuff (and the hurricane idea also). The towers were either destroyed by a DEW (maybe microwave energy) or a chemical corrosive gas; but most likely a dozen mininukes that were emplaced in the core columns, which, when ignited, pulverized everything; but their energy was absorbed in the pulverization energy so none was left for heat, which is why we don't see a hot mushroom cloud like in a conventional nuclear bomb.

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