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A few days ago I learned there is no "moving bridge."
Period. Point Blank.
No "moving buildings" at the Pentagon, either. It's the same effect.
My false belief that the Verrazano's Narrows Bridge was the wrong bridge, and in the wrong place, left me disoriented every time I went downtown.
And I didn't know why until a few days ago when I went to defend my absurd position with google maps.
I've always thought that when I went to Church and Lispenard to film Ground Zero Foreground that I was looking Uptown, toward the rest of the city.
Untrue, Untrue.
I was looking downtown, toward Battery Park and beyond.
Duh, I think now, but my belief in Moving Bridges preceeded coming to New York, and it warped my perception.
Cognitive Dissonance.
I've seen that as an underlying problem to understanding 911, but I never imagined myself as prime example.

This careful study by YougeneDebs brought me back to my senses.
I thank Shure for bringing up the issue.

Do I believe in "TV Fakery"?

There Were No Commercial Planes On 911
Therefore the skimpy little hippityhopp "planes" have to be false, because there were No Commercial Planes on 911.
This is still backed up by the fact real planes don't fly through buildings like cartoon superheroes.

For a while I've been complaining about
"TV Fakery Fakers", who holler fake at the first hit -- which is cheezed, not "fake", as in animated.
TV Fakery Fakers who look at every evidence of Cold Fusion/Antimatter weaponry and holler "fake" at it.
TV Fakery Fakers who think clouds are "fake" just because when they look at them, they can imagine faces and stuff.
TV Fakery Fakers who call Edna Cintron fake just because she was too brave for them.
I especially despise TV Fakery Fakers who call shadows "fake".

I think TV Fakery has become a false hangout no better than the controlled demolition false hangout they made out of our early research.

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