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TV Fakery Fakers can't see past their own imagination.
Anything they don't "believe in" is "fake."
Once something is safely "fake", their cognitive dissonance feels better.

The fakery that is visable and evident is stupid "planes" with missing parts, hairy wings, flat "planes" that disappear with a wag of their little fish tail.
Somehow this is magically transformed into proof of the existance of "sophisticated fakery" which is only visable to the TV Fakery Faker and whoever they can schnook.
He found the little russian plane that took pictures coming down the Hudson, plotted the positions from which the pictures were taken, and found the plane itself flying past in the supposedly "fake" footage.

I remember with bile and disgust back when Peg posted pictures she took at Union Square and Columbus Circle.
Some TV Fakery Faker, the same one who declared the triangular shadow on the ATT building "fake", incidentally, decided the shadows on Peg's pictures were "fake" for "reasons" spurious and pathetic.
Peg had to go back and film the multiple shadows again just to prove that light can cast shadows from more than one direction at once.
The bright day that reflected from bright buildings also made her camera's contrast harsh.
ew, fake fake fake fakes the fakery faker.
Even posting an enlargement was somehow proof of "fake."
Pretty soon this "sophisticated fakery" has too many people nodding and drooling along.

Reminds me of the year people wasted drawing lines on Pentagon cartoons.

TV Fakery Fakers never could point to a specific program or technology capable of "faking" subtle shadows, even on stills.
They can't explain why or how anybody could or would want to "fake" an incredible vivid detail like Edna Cintron, and even call her a "Sim."

60th of a second unique images.
the shadow of her arm on the beam behind her.

There is a lot of evidence that is real and not fake.
It is being ignored and trashed upon and lied about by TV Fakery Fakers.
TV Fakery Fakers are in conflict with the Law of Perspective in the case of the Moving Bridge.
I didn't understand it myself, but it describes the way perspective works at distances.
It is a perfectly good set of Natural Laws, every bit as much in force as Newtons.
Parallax 4 You:
There is no moving bridge:

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