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"On 'Free Energy' and assorted other scams" by Vicky Davis

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The concept of the next generation of "inventors" creating products - and in particular, "free energy" products in their garage - is part of the false paradigm of the 'New Economy'.

Simplified, the New Economy was the idea that the Internet was going to be backbone/spinal column for the New Economy. Everybody would become an entrepreneur buying and selling on the net - or working on the net. They would hook into a supply chain of monopoly producers and this would replace the jobs that were exported. This was the marketing scam that was used to sell the concept to justify the expenditure of building it - not just nationally, but globally.

Concurrent with building the physical infrastructure of the Internet, a list of eleven global pilot projects were agreed to at the G8 summit in Brussels in 1995. The Bangemann Report was presented to the Europeans but it is slightly different than the 'Complete Report' of the projects that was posted as a link on the Toronto University archive of G8 meetings and documents. I recovered it from the Internet archive from an EU website. Notice the reference to Small and Medium enterprises.

Complete Report (Final)

I'm including the Bangemann Report because obviously, you can't do a search on 'Complete Report' - too generic. But you can see the differences are minor.

Bangemann Report

Essentially what they did with eGovernment was to turn the United States into a large corporation with everybody and everything as assets of the corporation. Since you are an IT person, you would understand as I do, that corporate systems eliminate people because they add efficiencies into the operation. The federal Enterprise Architecture that was designed, I believe by the CIA and defense contractors did exactly that. They privatized government functions, reduced to core functions (police state) and exported the parts of our economy that didn't fit with the New Economy concept - 'Green Economy' - as I said, the Morganthau Plan for post WWII Germany.

In 2004, the House Budget Committee held a hearing on 'Tax Revenue Options'. They were just finding out that the tax base had been decimated. Tax revenues were at their lowest point since the 1950's. The members of congress were confused... "where's the money?" They were under the impression there actually were a lot of entrepreneurs - but that they weren't filing their taxes and that was the reason that tax revenues were down. Of course, that wasn't it at all - they weren't getting tax revenues because the whole concept of the 'New Economy' was a fraud from beginning to end.

Scroll down on the right hand side until you see the picture of John Spratt. I have audio clips. Listen to them. And listen to the audio clip of the link 'CBO audio clip'. You'll hear Douglas Holz-Eakin talk about the way the CBO comes up with the budget numbers for Congress. What he is describing is accounting fraud. And I believe it was intentional (I have more evidence) to cover what the traitors knew would be the decimation of the tax base. They were buying time to cover the losses to ensure that the economy was as destroyed as possible before the fraud would be uncovered. Of course, then as always, it would be blamed on "mistakes by those silly, incompetent systems people".

Also notice on the left - that the Clinton Administration - and Frank Wisner Jr of AIG (CIA) stabbed us in the economic jugular with the Knowledge Trade Initiative

Getting back to the small businesses, the new businesses that are starting is because they are getting money through the Small Business Administration. An incredible fraud is being perpetrated through preferential lending and set-aside contracts from the government - including the defense department.

The first time noted it, I didn't know what the deal was, but I knew it was BS. I was pretty irritated because this wasn't the first time I'd seen Bush doing the dog and pony show with "entrepreneurs" but it was the first time I wrote about it: http://www.channelingreality.com/News/bush_speech_7-31.htm

Nelson Gonzalez and a partner started a business in their garage 10 years ago with $10,000 capital. First year revenues were $87,000 building “high-performance, custom-designed personal computers”. Their revenues last year were $192 million so Bush says. This is a standard ‘prop’ in all of Bush’s speeches on the economy. Implicit - immigrant makes good on the American Dream. [I hope the FBI was listening because this business sounds more like a money laundering operation. The market for custom-designed, high-performance computers is not that large and secondly there isn’t that kind of money in it. Why do I say that? Because in every town in this country there are people who can build custom, high-performance machines. It’s not a specialized or unique business.]

“And here's another way that we can help the entrepreneurial spirit flourish and help make sure south Florida remains a vibrant part of our national economy, and that is to open up markets for trade. I'm worried about protectionist tendencies in the United States, people saying, well, we don't want to -- really want to compete. Let's just kind of throw up some walls and barriers so people can't sell products into the United States. Such policies will damage the Port of Miami; such policies are short-sighted, as far as I'm concerned.” [Our trade deficit is over $750 billion dollars a year and it increases every year. The trade deficit is the amount of credit buying from foreign ‘competitors’. In effect, they are buying America because we don’t produce enough goods for export to pay for the imported goods. The foreign ‘competitors’ are in reality expatriated American corporations that moved offshore to take advantage of the WTO rigged trading system that favors third world countries and multinational corporations over American domestic businesses.]

Then I stumbled on to Payal Tak. I can't remember how, but I wrote about it when I heard a debate on the floor of the senate that ticked me off:

Look at her earnings. This is because of government set aside contracts plus SBA guaranteed preferences in government contracting for minorities and location (disadvantaged areas - allegedly)

Then I was watching a hearing on the GSA. Lurita Doan was the GSA Administrator and she was called before Congress because she was allowing political meetings on government property during working hours.


I've encountered other fraudulent small businesses since this time, but since I know what's going on now, I didn't feel the need to write any more about them. These small businesses are being used as a money funnel for political and various other purposes - but also for the propaganda needed to demonstrate that the entrepreneurial economy "is working". Obviously however, it isn't working because the government contracts are a gift - competence not required.

Recently on C-Span, there were workshops broadcast on the Broadband Initiative. Take some time and watch them because you hear in what they say, everything I told you above. In particular, listen to Tom Wheeler. He starts talking about 50 minutes into it in the first session.


If you want more information on this, I've documented all of it extensively on my website. It just isn't organized in a cohensive whole because I've written pieces as I found them and put the picture together.

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