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Part I of the Judy Wood "Madison Conference" Presentation with Improved Slides


9/11-The New Hiroshima-Pt 1 (Re-edit) - Dr Judy Wood, Madison, Aug 2007
50:29 - 1 year ago

**RE-EDITED VERSION** with clearer pictures. This presentation was given by Dr Judy Wood at the Madison 9/11 Conference (What's Controversial and What's Not) organised by Jim Fetzer on the weekend of Aug 3rd-5th, 2007. This is the 1st hour of Dr Wood's important presentation, which looks at the destruction of the WTC - and how it was most likely caused by a Directed Energy Weapon of some kind. DVD's of the full set of Madison Talks can be obtained here (14 hours) http://www.avatarproducts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&am...

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