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Part II of the Judy Wood "Madison Conference" Presentation with Improved Slides

Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 00:20:34 -0000 [06:20:34 PM CST]
From: "Big Guy"


Judy Wood did a fine presentation. She allowed her audiance to make their own minds up by just pointing out things on the screen.

She stated on a few ocassions, when questioned, she was just going through some pictures with them.

Let the picture tell the story. This is a unique way to avoid blinding people with detail and the audiance take it in in their own good time and ability to do so.

She suggested what happened was molecular disassociation which had been explained away by molten steel. Well, no one knew molecular disassociation existed at the beginning and it is only from 9/11 research that the phrase molecular disassociation has come about. Was it even a term of physics before 9/11?

She lead us to think for our selves pointing out the rusty "steel" which led us to conclude that since steel has an increased rust resistance than iron then the WTC steel had to have been turned to iron by the removal of its carbon content or other alloy additive.


Carbon and other elements act as a hardening agent, preventing dislocations in the iron atom crystal lattice from sliding past one another.

She also suggested how the cars got toasted. Because they were in the path of the "clouds". What caused the molecular disassociation within the towers was still active when it escaped from the towers and eeriely drifted down the streets. By the time "it" got out into the open air it had lost its strength and was only able to toast the cars. The interesting thing is that the inside of the cars were empty just leaving the burnt out chassis just like "it" left the inside of the towers, missing all the office equipment. Leaving intact paper in the cars and paper from out of the towers.

When you consider that humans are made of roughly 18% carbon and that we have a common feature of steel it explains those odd comments from firefighters reporting of "empty shoes" in the street. A strange comment to make because they were just shoes. It was as if people were thought to have been in them at the time but they were now empty. 2801 names of people were read out and posted on panels attached to a steel viewing fence at GZ on the first anniversary. The people that were missing after a year.

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