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Peter Goss, former Director of the CIA, interviewed in Washington on 9/11 . . .

More grist for the mill, not all of which appears to be true:


Nailed again: Peter Goss interviewed outdoors in Washington DC 9-11-01 with sound of explosion at the Pentagon followed by sound of jetliner engines  

Watch and hear Porter Goss, Chariman of the House Intelligence Committee being interviewed outdoors in Washington on September 11, 2001 AFTER the WTC attack but BEFORE the Pentagon attack.  Goss had just had breakfast with Pakistani Geneal Ahmed that morning at  the Capital.  In this clip we hear the Pentagon explosion (bomb, missile and or crash) followed by the sound of two engines of a jetliner which gets louder as the plane flies over the Potomoc and closer to Goss who is southeast of the crash.  The jetliner still being heard after the sound of the explosion fully refutes the Flight 77 crash story.  Goss's

39 second clip

at 18 seconds we hear explosion at Pentagon

at 25 seconds we hear the plane and continue to hear it to the end of the clip.

Interviewer: ... the use of a plane in a terrorist attack and, generally, what would the country do?

Goss:  Well, I'm not going to tell you the specifics of that, but the answer to your question is yes, we we do have - we have considered that and this is not a new idea - uh and we have created
 [at this point 0.18 into the 0.39 second clip we hear a loud low boom from the Pentagon presumably since no other explosions were reported elsewhere at that time]  some defenses against that - uh, as you can tell as we speak there is [at 0.25 we hear the jet engines -- people looking up including Goss] still things going on and I would definitely, ah,  suggest that you be very alert. 

Interviewer: Thank you, sir.

Goss:  I think it would be a good idea if we got out of this crowd.

Voice: Hey John Voit, did you hear that?

[Engines still audible at end of clip -- Goss is the only to looks away from the sky, eyes closed, mouth tense]

(clip ends)
This clip supports the my thesis that the Pentagon was struck by missile or single engine remote-controlled "killer jet" while the plane that witnesses saw approach the Pentagon actually flew over the building, getting continually closer to Peter Goss as he was giving his interview outside the Capitol Building.  Five different lines of evidence establish conclusively that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon.  Inspect that evidence here:  http://www.rense.com/general86/hight1.htm
This clip with Goss is just one more proof to throw on the pile.
Review the Flyover Thesis:
Orange path shows the big plane the witnesses saw, which passed north of the gas station as
it headed towards the Pentagon from the west.  The debris and damage path (shown in
red) is everywhere south of the witness jetliner.  Paths intersect at the crash point, except that
the jetliner flew high enough to pass over the building and be heard by Peter Goss.
The jetliner in American Airlines livery need not have landed
immediately at Reagan National.  Either way it would have
gotten closer to Goss, as is heard, after flying over the
missile strike / killer jet crash    location.
Flight 77 at Reagan

Goss profile:
Goss was later the last Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and the first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) following the passage of the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which abolished the DCI position    -- between Tenet and Negroponte

In Congress, representing Florida 14th District,  served for a time as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Goss was a co-sponsor of the USA PATRIOT Act and was a co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry.

He was a member of Book and Snake, a secret society at Yale.[8] He was a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity alongside William H.T. Bush, the uncle of President George W. Bush, and John Negroponte,

In his junior year at Yale, Goss was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. He spent much of the 1960s — roughly from 1960 until 1971 — working for the Directorate of Operations, the clandestine services of the CIA.

Goss has said that he had worked in Haiti, Santo Domingo, and Mexico. A photograph taken in Mexico City in January 1963 shows Goss with his arm around David Sánchez Morales, at a table with Barry Seal and other CIA members of Operation 40, a U.S.-backed assassination squad.

He served in Congress for 16 years until his appointment by President George W. Bush to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). While in the House, Goss served as chair of the House Intelligence Committee from 1997 until 2005 and the vice-chairman of the House Rules Committee. He also helped establish and served on the Homeland Security Committee.

Goss refused to blame an "intelligence failure" for September 11, preferring to praise the agency's "fine work."
Thanks to trusted investigator Peter Wakefield Sault for the Goss clip.
Comment by trusted Investigator Barbara Honegger:
Hi, Peter -- 
   There's one loud boom in the distance as Goss is speaking,
probably an explosion, and much less likely possibly a sonic
boom.  The original clip for some reason had the later tape
with the boom/explosion spliced at the beginning and then
also later, and the slightly different clip at  
has more at the beginning.  We need to know when and where
this was taken, if you can please find out.  Again, looks like
a hastily arranged press availability after the WTC hits and
before the Pentagon attack, probably on the lawn outside
the Capitol bldg.  Assuming Goss and the others are looking
up at a plane which from the sound appears to fly overhead
as they do, and assuming the tape isn't doctored, the boom/
explosion is definitely before, and just before, the plane
comes over.   And, yes, it appears that Goss is responding
to a question after the WTC hits.  But we need to know
for sure, and where this comes from...
A few things you need to be reminded of:
1) Thermate found later in samples following the  cascade of molten steel at South Tower just prior to the collapse (impossible for jet kerosene plus an office fire to have melted this much steel, and to see if flow like this all of a sudden so long after the jet fuel was expended);
2) the bombs in North Tower on the 21st floor and the basement not caused by the crash above; 
3) the Honegger evidence of bombs at the Pentagon (killing the auditors) prior to being struck by the airborne object;
4) the missile entry hole on the Pentagon west wall to far south on the wall to have been caused by the crashing plane;
5) the crash -"imprint" on the wall that does not allow for a tall vertical stabilizer or a starboard engine, 
6) the Carol Valentine evidence of the way rescue was conducted at the Pentagon consistent with ongoing assassinations of targeted personnel not killed by the bombs, where rescuers were kept out and Major Lincoln Leibner brought (selected) survivors to the rescuers who could not go beyond a certain point;
7) the entire constellation of photos of physical evidence and witness statements establishing that the jetliner in American Airlines livery  and the airborne "killer object" (jet-fighter-sized remote controlled plane and/or a missile) were two different things toether  converging on the Pentagon target point at slightly different angles, the jetliner probably never lower than 80 feet from the ground below it, each of a different size (155 ft. vs. under 50 ft. long), both irrefutably there;
8) the events surrounding the collapse of the Pentagon wall at 10:15 a.m., collapsing over the damning crash imprint and the additional missile-hole evidence further south, including the singluar operations of the fire truck which was (otherwise pointlessly) positioned just north of the crash imprint and which spent at least 15 minutes spraying a curtain of water southward across the "crash" damage and missile damage, concealing the damage from the view of witnesses on Washington Blvd. right up to the crucial minute of 10:15 a.m. (the minute of the collapse) the same minute when the trucks and all rescue workers and witnesses  had been ordered back from the crash area on the absurd and almost unbelivable pretext that another plane was rumored to be on its way! -- there had been no talk of the wall collapsing before this absurd rumor and the more absurd order to evacuate came in;
9) the proven piece of planted "Am. Airlines Boeing 757" debris placed on the lawn north of the crash (the port side of the airborne killer object faced north as it hit the west wall) which however because of the fragment of the letter "n" followed by a stretch of blank aluminum with two rows of rivets in it, positively identified the piece as having come from the starboard side, not the port side, of an Am. Air 757-200.  Existing photos of the actual Flight 77 plane establish conclusively that this particular plane only had the blank aluminum and the two rivets following the "n" on the starboard side -- thus the famous piece of debris was planted on the scene, it did not get there in the explosion (btw, the prevailing winds were from the northwest -- as all photos of smoke movment indicate from seconds after the crash establish.) 
10) the suspicious stories of select witnesses (Lincoln Liebner and T Carter and a half dozen more);
11) witnesses who saw two planes approaching, one "veering away" at the last minute; and
12) last but not lease, 87 Israeli Mossad agents who infiltrated Dulles International and Reagan National (the airports from which, respectively,  the Flight 77 "decoy" took off and where it probably landed soon after flying over the Pentagon west wall as the wall was exploding with an intense flash in the attack) each infiltrator with illegal top security clearance badges giving them access to all points (computers, hangers, ATC towers, ticketing etc.) at those airports that were necessary to effect the "Flight 77" decoy trick. (These accomplices were afterwards detained -- their job finished -- and then, after a few months, quietly returned to Israel by Attorney General Ashcroft never to be spoken of again (although the story -- very low key, treating it as no big deal -- did make the back pages of the mainstream media). 

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