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Postert avoids the question: Does she believe in lizard people?

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 14:05:10 -0500 [02:05:10 PM CDT]
From: jfetzer@d.umn.edu
To: "Tracy Postert,Ph.D." , lisajudy@nctv.com, econrn@suddenlink.net, Jsleaphart@cs.com, "Nico Haupt" , "Rosalee Grable"
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Subject: Postert avoids the question: Does she believe in lizard people?


Below is the last part of my second
post about Judy and John Hutchison.
Notice that Tracy has avoided the
question of whether she believes in
visitations by ETs, who provided us
with free energy, and lizard people.
So tell us, Pottymouth: Are you a
true believer in the lizard people?

This may sound a bit of a stretch,
but Andrew Johnson, 9/11: FINDING
THE TRUTH, is about as close to JW
as anyone but JH, and he believes in
alien visitations and lizard people.
In fact, there is quite a lot about
this on the net. This raises the
question, Does Judy believe it, too?

Here is the organisation which Belinda
McKenzie and Andrew Johnson both run:

The heart of their beliefs is "Aliens,
'Coverups, and Free Energy". http://www.disclosureproject.com/PhenomenaMagazineSGInterviewSept102004.htm

Here's a page that gives insights into
their thinking about all these things:

"We believe that one of the first steps to bringing about such a mass-awakening is to expose the anomalies in the official version of the events of 9/11 and 7/7, hence our involvement in the global 911 Truth Movement. Another is to prove unequivocally and irrefutably the presence of non-human intelligent life-forms on this planet, hence our support for the Disclosure Project and substantial investment in research into the Starchild Skull. "


And they are also into The Illuminati:

So I repeat: Why is Tracy not answering
the questions I have raised? Does she
believe in alien visitations and that
ETs gave us "free energy"? Does she
believe that lizard people are living
among us? Andrew Johnson and Belinda
McKenzie clearly hold these beliefs.
Does Judy hold them, too? And how
about John Hutchison? Does he believe
in alien visitations and lizard people?

We may be dealing with one of the great
collections of lunatics and flakes, who
have viciously attacked anyone who strays
from the basic dogmas of the cult, which
is exactly what has happened here. This
woman, Tracy "Pottymouth" Postert, now
appears to have been in the vanguard of
a cult of loonies. So tell us, Tracy!

If anyone needs to be reminded of the
connections between Hutchison effects,
free energy, and attacks on me, read some
of Johnson's lunatic ravings about me
because I am skeptical about Hutchison's
"effects", which, I've been told, can have
a powerful effect upon the weakminded:

Egad! Does Morgan Reynolds believe in
ETs and lizard people, too? I can't
wait to hear. Tell us, Tracy. Do you
and Judy and John and Morgan believe as
Belinda and Andrew do that ETs gave us
free energy and that there are lizard
people living among us? Please tell!


If I were to offer a critique of her
work, her elaboration of the damage to
the WTC has been completely brilliant!
I even talk about it in my entry in
Wikipedia. But her allusions to DEWs
have always been exceedingly vague. I
have in the past tolerated it, but now
I think it is a weakness of her position.

Moreover, I am discovering that there
may be alternative explanations for the
kinds of destruction upon which she has
focused in the past. In particular, I
am learning a lot from John McCarthy and
other sources. Consider the following:

And one of the technical aspects is the irrefutable fingerprint of a pure hydrogen
explosion in the WTC; the presence of Deuterium and Tritium, both elements of hydrogen,
which have been found TOGETHER in the basements of the WTC One and Two. This portion of
the crime scene could not be destroyed! Yet, their is no public clamor....Deuterium and
Tritium are only found TOGETHER as a result of a pure hydrogen explosion. Science knows
this. The public ignores it.

The government has claimed that Tritium located in the WTC (they admit that) is from the
Exit signs in the WTC. The government ignores the fact that both elements, Deuterium and
Tritium, were found TOGETHER in the WTC.

And a pure hydrogen explosion does not give off radiation. However, it would account for
all those vehicles that had the paint burned off them and it would definitely be loud as
witnessed by thousands. It also would account for the pulverization of concrete and
steel as well as the deformation of large beams which we twisted into pretzel shapes.

Fourth Generation Nuclear weapons which employs the techniques of miniaturization via
Quantum Mechanics allows for a nuclear device to be assembled and placed into a container
the size of a matchbox. This alone provides ease of emplacement.

All of the other known and seen effects of cutter charges, shaped charges, etc, are
ancillary and diversionary.

However, it would take the power of a nuclear explosion to lift a 105 ton configuration
of steel from the WTC and throw it in an arc across the street to be em-palled in the
Deutsche Bank Building. And this configuration of steel came from the outer frame of the
WTC building.


So if what John is telling me is true,
then it may be the case that mini-nukes,
3rd and 4th generation weapons are the
key to understanding the destruction of
the WTC, not DEWs. I think that, at this
point, we simply do not know. But I am
no longer devoted to the DEW approach.
It may have not involved free energy at all.

Judy now appears to me to be profoundly
flawed. I would almost certainly not
have come to this belated realization
but for this bizarre attack by someone
who calls herself "Tracy Postert" and
who has a blog called "drjudywood"!
All of this is strange beyond belief.

So I want to know if, like Andrew and
his associates, possibly including Judy
and John, she is into visitations by ETs
and believes that there are lizard people
among us. Do tell us. In the meanwhile,
Nico and Tracy are hereby nominated as
co-chairs of the new "Lunatics 'R Us"!

Quoting "Rosalee Grable" :

> Alex Jones has no sense about 911 WTC | (RBTHR Concepto)
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVQLo4eN04s
> Great new video from someone I'd never heard of.
> The fakery of videos showing "planes" on 911 is still the clearest
> and most direct evidence of the fictionalization of the news.
> We are presented a scripted soap opera nightly and still.
> 911 was the premiere episode.
> The fake planes were the excuse for perpetual war against "terrorists".
> The real terrorists are the ones writing the scripts and organizing
> the fake evidence for whatever they want us to believe.
> Now they want us to "believe in" their mutant lab created virus they
> call "swine flu."
> That's why I call it "When Pigs Fly" flu.
> Cos pigs are flying.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYyDMgOb-6g
> And we've suddenly got Tracy saying none of this is "important."
> I first noticed the rumblings of an op aganist Fetzer, the best known
> name to understand and even promote "TV Fakery" and the physical
> evidence of no planes, when perennial spookum Bill Giltner took up
> the charge. To hear the very same words coming out of Tracy, the same
> arguements and inflections, I knew then I was hearing Perp Central's
> latest script.
> Earlier in the evening she was inventing a brand new "hutchison
> effect" to make excuse for the building falling in slow motion.
> I have recently made the arguement that much of Rick Siegel's
> "911Eyewitness" turns out to be slow motion, evidenced by the fact it
> looks more realistic presented at 400 percent, and the ferry boats
> cruising "down the lazy river", slowly plodding along, when in real
> life, even on a regular day, they are zippy fast. In an emergency
> like 911, I expect they would be even faster.
> The height of the wake of the ferries is another piece of evidence
> that the footage is slow motion.
> I would not have recognized this, except I am blessed to live in New
> York City now, and I often ride along the Hudson and watch the
> ferries go about their business.
> I have not judged whether the "collapse" videos were presented in
> slow motion too, tho I expect so.
> So that one of her points early in the evening was a pre-emptive
> debunking got my "spidey sense" alerted early on.
> She was chattering and carrying on to a group of bystanders.
> I interrupted when she started talking about worm holes and string
> theory, two of the fictional rationalisms used to prop up dualistic
> physics.
> Paula Gloria wrote:
>> Tracy why are you so mean spirited?
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: "Tracy Postert, Ph.D."
>> Sent: Sep 3, 2009 4:36 PM
>> Subject: Re: Fetzer avoids the question Re: Did Jim Fetzer molest
>> his daughter?
>> Exactly right, Nico. You are paying attention to important
>> aspects of the problem, and if we differ, that's to be worked
>> out along the way.
>> UNLIKE, say, Rosie Grable. I give her major props and weed
>> for the entire time I know her. One night I mention that Fetzer
>> is an op and needs to be outed. What happened?
>> She couldn't get a grip. She couldn't negotiate. She didn't think
>> I was the sort of person who was important enough that she
>> was required to get it straight with me.
>> She chose Fetzer, which is her loss. Bad mistake.
>> Nico and I might hate each other at times, but there isn't
>> any confusion between us. We know the other is the real deal.
>> Thanks for playing. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
>> Tracy Pottymouth preparing to eat a baby:
>> http://www.khou.com/sharedcontent/breakingnews/slideshow/090105dmnkatrina1/6.html
>> --- On *Thu, 9/3/09, Nico Haupt //* wrote:
>> From: Nico Haupt
>> Subject: Re: Fetzer avoids the question Re: Did Jim Fetzer
>> molest his daughter?
>> Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 2:12 PM
>> fetzer, grable, pcarter and co. are all gender-haters. they
>> like if the opposite sex gets fired, to dehumiliate them.
>> noone of these 3 ever had a regular job either and dunno what
>> they talking about.
>> i can prove i got fired at motorino for political reasons coz
>> nothing added up in the explanations of my manager. phone
>> calls hadn't been written down but allegedly occured. my boss,
>> who only owns 6% of the restaurant, was tricked out.
>> the rest is speculation, as to who and why fired me, but since
>> the majority of this list are all kowards, i pretty much know
>> it's because of my research.
>> the 9/11 perps and 97% noPlaners are the same to me since 1
>> year when i got homelessed via NYP, Andrea Peyser and John
>> Albanese.
>> Of course, planehuggers didnt care either, but noPlaners didnt
>> even buy my t-shirts or burn some SepClues DVD
>> most of you are some disgusting piece of shit who know think u
>> can play tracy and me against each other, but doesnt happen
>> she does know her science shit, i know my PR shit and the
>> companies who did both disintegration and tv fakery [cover-up]
>> or whatsoever related. the rest is brainpop corn between babs
>> and me and no harm at all. heavyplastician and warrenC know
>> what i talk about too.
>> i warned by myself about fakery-microresearch and so far only
>> kerton lab was good. i'm not picky but have an ego too and
>> already pointed out privately to babs as to what in this
>> context is still important and what isnt.
>> all i know is for now, political kowards and/ or faceless bs
>> artists like fetzer, killtown, grable [already retired by
>> PGloria and since then sold out to raytheon], pcarter and co.
>> are not important any longer, only their history has to be
>> respected.
>> fetzer is already past too and just revealed again.
>> piss on him isnt good enuff, lol ;
>> --- On *Thu, 9/3/09, Tracy Postert, Ph.D.
>> //* wrote:
>> From: Tracy Postert, Ph.D.
>> Subject: Fetzer avoids the question Re: Did Jim Fetzer
>> molest his daughter?
>> Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 1:48 PM
>> Fetzer just called my employer from 2004.
>> At least now he can't claim I don't have a Ph.D.
>> Did you really contact the dean of my graduate
>> school? I find this very hard to believe because I
>> didn't tell you the precise name of my school,
>> and it might be hard to find it.
>> And, the dean who knew me is now retired.
>> I'm really curious as to what tattling on me to
>> these people is going to do?
>> Are you going to try and find my current boss?
>> Don't bother, because he can't fire me. I'm in a union.
>> Hee hee! If he tried to fire me, I would get a ton of
>> money for doing absolutely nothing.
>> You think my husband is going to divorce me if he
>> finds out? You're really stretching, dude.
>> You can't blackmail somebody with something they
>> are proud of. Please, forward any and all emails widely.
>> They are great. They're the best thing I've done the last
>> half of this summer.
>> Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 9:37 AM
>> Does Tracy have a job? I think her employer would
>> like to know about this.
>> I've written to the dean of her graduate school. If
>> she has an employer,
>> I am sure he would like to know. Can her husband be
>> aware of this shit?
>> Quoting jfetzer@d.umn.edu:
>> > All,
>> >
>> > Tracy Postert demonstrates again and again that she
>> is profoundly sick.
>> > Judy, Morgan, and Jerry are doing nothing about
>> this. That is stunning!
>> >
>> > Are they going to remain silent and allow this to
>> continue? I am going
>> > to the Dean of Tracy's graduate school about all of
>> this. It has to end.
>> >
>> > Jim
>> >
>> > Quoting "Nico Haupt" :
>> >
>> >> lol, of course he did ;
>> >>
>> >> --- On Thu, 9/3/09, Tracy Postert, Ph.D.
>> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> From: Tracy Postert, Ph.D.
>> >> Subject: Did Jim Fetzer molest his daughter?
>> >> Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 1:42 AM
>> >>
>> >> I'm asking the question, because it speaks to his
>> >> character.
>> >>
>> >> Go ahead, Jim. Tell us. Did you ever molest your
>> >> daughter? My sources say you might have.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Tracy Pottymouth preparing to eat a baby:
>> >>
>> http://www.khou.com/sharedcontent/breakingnews/slideshow/090105dmnkatrina1/6.html
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> --- On Wed, 9/2/09, Rosalee Grable
>> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> From: Rosalee Grable
>> >> Subject: Tracy tried to debunk Nico's work.
>> >> To: "Paula Gloria"
>> >> Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:33 PM
>> >>
>> >> Paula Gloria wrote:
>> >>> nico is it true that tracy does not support your
>> TV fakery?
>> >>>
>> >>>
>> >> Here is a reprint of her "Top Tenlist of why TV
>> Video Fakery is over"
>> >> with my comments interspersed.
>> >> If it had been Fetzer saying this stuff, Nico would
>> be Rabid.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> -------- Original Message
>> >> --------
>> >> Subject: Answering the latest pottymouth troll
>> >> Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 21:50:08 -0400
>> >> From: Rosalee Grable
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Tracy Postert, Ph.D. wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>>
>> >>> Read my top ten list of why TV Video Fakery
>> is over.
>> >>>
>> >>> 1. Many people I've interviewed say they saw
>> a plane.
>> >>>
>> >> They saw a plane on TV. Lots of planes, crashing
>> into buildings day and night they watched cartoon
>> planes fly in one side and out the other, a physical
>> impossibility.
>> >> There may have been a holographically projected
>> "plane" for schnookies to "see."
>> >> Holographics was one of the specialties of John
>> Hutchison's associate Col John Alexander.
>> >>
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22bluebeam%22+Col.+John+Alexander
>> >> But generally they build their holograms inside
>> people's imaginations, with information confirming the
>> same fictional thing coming from all sides.
>> >> For a current example we've got the "When Pigs Fly
>> Flu," an engineered depopulation weapon that can't
>> work unless they can get millions of people vaccinated
>> "against" it.
>> >>>
>> >>> 2. Many cameras caught images of what looked
>> like a plane.
>> >>>
>> >> Lots of cartoon videos of hippityhopping planes
>> without enough frames melt into buildings and emerge
>> with the nose apparently intact.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>> 3. The flight paths captured on the video
>> images have been
>> >>> largely reconciled.
>> >>>
>> >> This is a non-question.
>> >> The "planes" for the most part had their gestation
>> >> in Flight Simulator, which understands GPS coordinates.
>> >> http://webfairy.org/marcus/perspective
>> >> http://webfairy.org/butterplanes
>> >> http://webfairy.org/ghostplane/vanishment
>> >>
>> >> Only for World Trade Centers and World Financial
>> Centers can flight simulator "planes" fly in one side
>> and out the other.
>> >> Otherwise the game just crashes.
>> >> But for these particular buildings, the plane flies
>> through without resistance.
>> >> The timing of the actual event was off, just a tad,
>> and you see the head of the plane poking out of these
>> blended reality videos.
>> >> The techniques of blended/augmented reality are
>> actually getting quite mainstream.
>> >> District 9 has good examples.
>> >>
>> >> The GPS of the camera positions was worked out in
>> advance, and the flight
>> >> simulator files were exported to a more robust
>> augmented reality compositing environment for addition
>> to live and altered footage.
>> >>
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22augmented+reality%22+%22scott+myers%22
>> >> http://killtown.911review.org/2nd-hit.html#Scott_Myers
>> >>
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Luc+Courchesne%22+%22augmented+reality%22
>> >>
>> http://killtown.911review.org/2nd-hit.html#Luc_Courchesne
>> >> At least two of the alleged "cameramen" were
>> pioneers in the field of augmented reality.
>> >>
>> >>> 4. Even Steven E. Jones agrees that planes
>> couldn't
>> >> take
>> >>> down those buildings, which proves no planes.
>> >>>
>> >> Steven Jones came up with "thermite" to explain the
>> discrepancy in destructive power.
>> >> Finally came up with Tons of 'nanothermate" as his
>> excuse.
>> >> I believe this shows Steven Jones guilty knowledge.
>> >> "Nanothermate" was the ingredient in "A-Neutronic
>> Bombs"
>> >> described in
>> >> http://webfairy.org/haarp/beamweapon.htm
>> >> as identified by the characteristic lack of fire
>> near the explosions, because all the oxygen was sucked
>> away while sparks flew.
>> >> Also identified by the "nuclear yellow" fireball
>> tip caught in a few frames of the first hit, and
>> matching the "thermite" video accepted by all sides as
>> authentic.
>> >> http://webfairy.org/thermite
>> >> I'd say Jones knew the composition of Michael
>> Riconosciuto's invention, a gaseous
>> >> powder delivered by small drones, called
>> "A-Neutronic Weapons".
>> >> Judy Wood notices what she calls "Lathering" in
>> advance of beam weapon destruction.
>> >> I exspect this highly powdered "nanothermate" is
>> the chemical catylist seen before every
>> disintegration, including the "dust pimples" of the
>> first hit
>> >> http://webfairy.org/presentation
>> >> which look like stalked clouds before they explode.
>> >>
>> >> The latest view of Lathering and a flash is seen in
>> the footage of the russian dam "collapse".
>> >> see all the hutchison effects:
>> >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWcdDwECZU0
>> >>
>> >>> 5. TV Fakery isn't required to explain no planes.
>> >>>
>> >> Somebody's gonna ask why/how they saw planes on TV.
>> >> "TV Fakery" explains how, in great detail.
>> >> It helps that most of the then-secret technology they
>> >> used is now commercially available.
>> >> Always looking for the common points of TV Fakery
>> technology and Directed Energy technology gave Nico an
>> extremely accurate reading of who is actually behind 911.
>> >>
>> http://friendfeed.com/ewing2001/aa6aeb3c/top-70-most-interesting-power-structure
>> >>
>> >>> 6. Ace Baker, a admitted liar, supports video
>> fakery.
>> >>>
>> >> Ace Baker "supports" his own hangout version of TV
>> Fakery, one conventionalized into ignoring Future
>> Combat Systems
>> >> FCS Talkie
>> >>
>> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4593430966748389418
>> >>
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22future+combat+systems%22+%22augmented+reality%22
>> >>
>> >> Then it turned out that Ace Baker's resume wasn't
>> really "him".
>> >>
>> http://friendfeed.com/ewing2001/74e73e2c/911naughty-conversation-with-ace-baker-mojave
>> >> and he had connections to an Augmented Reality firm
>> named VISRT.
>> >>
>> >>> 7. Fetzer, research slow-down king, is taking
>> polls about
>> >>> video fakery.
>> >>>
>> >> Fetzer has at one time or another had as guests
>> just about every TV Fakery and No Planes researcher
>> out there.
>> >> Fetzer is a radio host, not a researcher.
>> >> He has done more to give obscure and censored
>> research a platform than anybody else.
>> >> Jim's very own Troll shows somebody at perp central
>> found his information and his approach dangerous enough to
>> >> target.
>> >>
>> >> Jim Fetzer should be flattered.
>> >> Getting one's own troll is as close as we get to an
>> award for effectiveness.

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Comment by Thoth II on September 4, 2009 at 5:06pm
"We may be dealing with one of the great
collections of lunatics and flakes, who
have viciously attacked anyone who strays
from the basic dogmas of the cult, which
is exactly what has happened here"

See, this is the problem with "movements" of people. They blur too many things together. Here is an example from JFK: Jim F., Jim DiEugenio, and Jim Douglass have done thorough scholarship, which they do without all that commercial jazz like Alex Jones website. That is because they understand and respect scholarship.

But people who don't understand it, start generalizing without researching the other topics thoroughly and make premature judgements about whether evidence has settled down. "Free energy" and "lizard people" are just wild speculations, nothing more, with no solid scholarship behind them.

Rant over, but I see this happening too often .

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