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PressTV: "US schemes plots to justify wars"

'US schemes plots to justify wars'
Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:10AM GMT
Interview with American philosopher and Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, James H. Fetzer
An alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States has made headlines.

Why would the Iranian government want to do this? US officials have so far presented relatively little evidence - yet sanctions are looming. 

In this edition of Press TV's News Analysis, the possible reasons for the US to make such an allegation are looked at. Is this a move by the US to divert attention from its problems, such as nationwide protests, among others? 

American philosopher and Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, James H. Fetzer, joined PressTV from Madison. The following is an approximate transcription of James H. Fetzer's comments. 

Press TV: I'd like to refer to Justin Raimondo who is the editorial director of the website Antiwar.com. He says: How is it that these two Iranians just happen to meet up with a Mexican drug cartel assassin who just happens to be a long time DEA informant? 

I mean is there any response to this question that's posed by this editorial director, James Fetzer? 

James Fetzer: Everything that has been said so far is completely accurate. We appear to be witnessing the resurrection of Operation Northwoods in which American operatives would commit crimes like assassinations and bombings and blame them on Fidel Castro in order to justify an attack on Cuba. 

Hillary Clinton has said that this idea of contacting a Mexican crime syndicate killer to bring this about is so unbelievable; no one could make it up. But the fact is it's a transparently fabricated event. 

Not only does Iran have no motive whatsoever but if Iran were to perpetrate such an act it would do so in a stealthy manner. It wouldn't rely on someone like a drug killer whose confidence could not be assured; besides, he's in Mexico, this is supposed to take place in Washington and the reasons appear to be very obvious. 

Number one: to distract from the public uprisings. But number two: the Attorney General Eric Holder has been on the hot seat, because of his blunders in relations to "Fast and Furious" where the United States wound up giving large quantities of military weapons to these very drug lords. 

And then in the third place of course it exacerbates tension in the Middle East which means that this is being promoted by the allies of Israel in the United States, the Neo-cons. The situation is completely ridiculous and no one who knows anything about intelligence matters would take it seriously. 

Press TV: James Fetzer, is the United States really so desperate to turn attention away from its domestic policies regarding these protest movements that they had to go to this extreme? 

Tell us whether it is the case if we put it in that context, or is it that, I think Christopher Walker alluded that perhaps there's a connection with Saudi Arabia placing pressure on the US since relations obviously are not at its best with Iran? 

James Fetzer: I think this case illustrates the maxim that in Washington the bigger the liar, the further you go. Eric Holder has been on the hot seat for this "Fast and Furious" business. 

This isn't another attempt to make him look good; to salvage his reputation just as the use of troops in Pakistan in the feigned attack on the compound to kill a man who died on December 15, 2001, was staged to elevate Obama's poll standings, reduce attention to his birth certificate issue and justify having those troops there, where we're using predator drones to kill a 140 innocent civilians for every target. 

It's embarrassing to say but listening to Collin Powel reminded me that not only did we find no weapons of mass destruction but even George Bush himself would eventually admit Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. 

Independent investigations by the Pentagon and the Senate established that Iraq had not been in collusion with Al-Qaida and even our own FBI would eventually admit that they had "no hard evidence" that tied Osama Bin Laden to 9/11. 

I'm sorry to say that this kind of fakery and pseudo investigation is disgracing the United States and if Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and Barack Obama are standing behind it then they're going to be candidates to replace the Three Stooges. 

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Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 15, 2011 at 1:31pm

I see the same thing.  most of these are the Cass Sunstein gang again, using cleverly developed psychological steering and derision to make people feel that 'tin foil hat' and 'CT' applies to anyone who dare not automatically believe the propaganda and lies of the government.  You get older generation assholes calling us 'moon bats' and other terms as well as what these younger people now use.  People in America are quite malleable and will queue up behind any leader, just as long as there is some semblance of reasonable-ness to the message they are selling.  the technique is pretty slick, pretty much in the way the GOP party had framed discussions with terms that vilified all people who opposed their 'slash and burn' agenda for America, while at the same time putting smiley faces on tyranny by calling illegal and contra-constitutional legislation things like 'Patriot Act' or 'John Warner DEFENSE ACT' and or making all acts of banality and evil sound nifty and cool.


nothing surprises me with these zionists who are steering people away from the truth about 9/11, they are clever and they are using quite sophisticated and subtle forms of attack and brainwash to make it unsavory to believe that the U.S. government would ever MURDER IT'S OWN CITIZENS ever.


if we were a more educated and informed populace here, the mere whitewash alone should raise red flags in the minds of people, but we are not.


this nation is poorly educated, badly informed, and sadly, it's worse crime is that it has a rather Weimar Republic 1937 stench to it, where per Bush II's speech; "You are either EVIL or you are GOOD, you are either WITH US or you are AGAINST US" (closely examine the syntax in that statement for the meaning) we have people who are so poorly educated and so propaganda brainwashed about this nation's history and what justified all of the wars and murdering, that the people here easily will queue up in the; "How dare YOU accusse MY GOVERNMENT of such criminality??" line.


when you're so brainwashed for 40 years, what's one more outrageous lie?  Not too very much.

Comment by Thoth II on October 15, 2011 at 8:05am
I am alarmed at a development among smart young kids on the blogosphere, because many are being trapped by the so-called "skeptics" movement, a movement headed by young people like Phil Plaitt and now evidently Brad Meltzer.  They are probably forties but that is young and is drawing in legions of younger people.  They are now using the Tin Foil Hat perjorative and CT slurs.  AT a time when the young must wake up, these fools are leading them down the rathole.
Comment by sandy rose on October 15, 2011 at 7:19am


wow, that's awesome.  thanks.   can the time be now, please?

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 14, 2011 at 9:17pm

the quote I was looking for, is this one:


There comes a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part. You have to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the levers, upon all the apparatus and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who own it, to the people who run it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”:

Mario Savio, Sproul Hall, U.C. Berkeley, 46 plus years ago

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 14, 2011 at 8:24pm

it cut me off..


destruction.  People at some point have to do what a man said in the 1960's, to whit; "when the machine becomes so oppressive and such a burden upon one's self...one must lay down upon the gears and STOP IT with one's own body.." or words to that effect.


In essence, that advice is very good in that it simply states that until the day comes when virtually all free men and women wake up and realize that they in-fact have the power to stop the killing and the war profiteering by not feeding the machine with their blood, sweat and tears....then it will continue unabated, ad-infinitum.


We have the power to STOP the SHEKEL GRUB by the Rothschilds zionist banking hegemony,  simply by

unplugging their central banks and refusing to work in their apparatus, under any and all circumstances.


Henry David Thoreau made a good observation that for every thousand people cutting the branches of the TYRANNY, there are only a few who are STRIKING THE ROOT.


we must strike the ROOT.  We MUST unplug ourselves from the machine.  WE MUST DO THIS.


if we don't make very positive and affirmative efforts to deliberately stop Rothschilds zionism from destroying the planet for a profit, at great cost to humanity....then we are part and parcel to the problem ourselves by our inaction and inability to rationally and directly take destiny into our own hands and DENY THE BEAST WHAT IT NEEDS TO FEED AND SURVIVE.


we all have that power. INTEL agencies have virtually ZERO power if people refuse to believe the propaganda being doled out to us by wholly illegitimate and corrupt governing bodies we slave under.




the shekel grub can be ended. It must be ended.  It just takes every one of us to STOP IT WITH OUR OWN NON-COMPLIANCE WITH IT'S EDICTS AND ARBITRARY RULES THAT KEEP US FOREVER ENSLAVED TO IT.


till that day comes, it will continue, unabated.  and the very existence of humankind itself is threatened by ignorance and fear of these zionists who control everyone with implied threats that cannot and will not harm any of us if we refuse to listen to them.


Shutting the Rothschilds zionist machine of death off just takes one resolute decision on each person's part to recognize them for who they are, and NOT FEED THEM WITH OUR BLOOD AND TOIL ANY LONGER.


they can be stopped.  All it takes is recognition of what they are and what they represent, globally, which is WAR PROFITS AT ALL COSTS...even if that means the destruction of humankind in the process.


Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 14, 2011 at 8:10pm

today there is very little truth being told by any of the British, U.S., French, or Canadian/New Zealand/Aussie governments, all satellites of Rothschilds war profit 'Murder, Inc.' now, run out of London and Tel Aviv.  If any of these governments says anything, you can almost phase shift it exactly 180 'reality' degrees from what has been disclosed or said, and you're closer to the truth than you'd otherwise think.


as for the people ever fully waking up, they're getting on the power curve, the real steep slope of it, but not fast enough to shut the 'machine' down, as I call the INTEL driven propaganda mill of non-stop lies and twisting of information to meet the zionist profiteering agenda's for Israel and it's proxies such is the U.S. and Britain, who

send their young people off to die in wholly wrong and unjustifiable murder fests.  don't be looking for the; "Oh, I got it..finally!!!" look on too many faces until people are literally living in their cars or in tent cities so the government can spend every last cent on enriching the Rothschilds bankers, aka 'THE FED' and the other central banks owned by Rothschilds.


In any case, just look at the blogosphere and though it is encouraging that a lot of people now 'get it' there are still the 20 or so percent who are unreachable with truth, and unfortunately for these satellite proxies of Rothschilds, even if that number were a mere TWO or THREE percent, they'd still manage to enable the continued ad-infinitum rip-off and pillaging by their consent.  long gone are the days of any semblance of representative government, and as long as ignorant and wholly dumbed down people think that the problem is just vote rigging and tampering, nobody will fix this.  the root cause is that a shadow government in London runs it all from smoke filled rooms far from Parliament or Congress, and these small cadre of uber rich men

do not care which way the vote goes because they fully control the fake and utterly Kabuki politico's with bribes and coercion and blackmail.  the system is irrevocably broken, if it ever truly worked in the first place, in any of our life times.


the root cause of the problem is that people don't yet grasp that these irreconcilable problems cannot and will not be fixed by a voting ballot or vote tally.  not at this stage of this game, if ever.


until each and every THINKING citizen finally realizes that they have always had the power to shape and change the world in which they exist simply by not playing the game, feeding the beast, or conforming with the arbitrary rules laid out and enforced to keep humans in line and compliant with the uber rich Rothschilds and their acolytes across the globe, there will be no fixing this.  It takes everyone everywhere seeing the shadow government, and the fact that none of these placebo democratic processes are in-fact, 'reality' or 'working' and then making hard decisions to STOP SUPPORTING IT WITH THEIR HARD LABOR.


until that moment comes, until every single person realizes that these monsters have virtually zero power over us as long as we refuse to grant it to them, human-kind will be victimized and sacrificed in war after bloody war, to enrich this one family and it's henchmen globally.


until zionism is destroyed by unplugging it's life support system, which is the banking apparatus and the stock markets which are basically 'rigged slot machines' or 'casino games', there will be no change in direction ever.


It will take every single person to stand up and say, in UNISON; "okay, Mssrs. Rothschilds....we know who you are and what ZIONISM is...and we're unplugging you....disconnecting you....not working for you in any way any longer, ever again.." to stop the bloodshed.


until every single human finally wakes the fuck up, these monsters will remain in power, fomenting more global mayhem and dest

Comment by Thoth II on October 14, 2011 at 12:49pm
I do know one thing for sure, about 20 years ago, I would never have believed all of our current history would be total make believe stories, but that has come to pass.  Makes you reflect on a world where the main events are being driven by total fantasies in the minds of some sick intel ops.  These oligarchs and intel people are only a tiny crust of the human pie, if only the other majority of humanity would wake up, they'd be out of business overnight.
Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 13, 2011 at 11:37pm

I have seen this story debunked on no less than about half a dozen sites since before yesterday, and credibility hasn't got much to do with U.S. sabre rattling and bellicosity from the United States for ISRAEL.  All that matters is that the 25 or so brain dead Fox Noise watchers buy this tripe.


This thing was first dug out of a salamander's alimentary tract back in June, and the coverage then was that once again, it was an F.B.I. wholly controlled setup much like every one of these fraudulent and highly treasonous bullshit stories that have been hatched by the F.B.I. since it got emboldened by the passage of the Patriot (ENABLING) Act right after Sept. 11th., 2001.


Credibility has never been a consideration by the filthy scum who pull this garbage out of their collective corrupt asses and foist it upon the moron public in the U.S.


for it to have been the top page story in virtually EVERY SINGLE NEWS RAG in the U.S. for the past few days, it means that the public is just gullible enough to buy it.


A lot of alleged 'left' (hahahahahahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahahahaha!!!) rags out there have been attempting to demonize IRAN by even pushing a story about the Koch Brothers trading with 'the ENEMY' who Iran supposedly is.  Sadly, just enough moron's out there will buy that story as credible too, strictly because the minute these jack off's utter the word 'IRAN' aloud, you're supposed to, like Pavlov's dog, go run under your bed, curl up in the fetal (fecal) position and start to urinate in your pants and shiver like a chihuahua pooping out a razor blade or peech pit.


I think that virtually any angle to directly or INDIRECTLY paint Iran as a problem is strictly a diversionary tactic or a smoke screen to try to get everyone's eyes off the financial implosion and the problems with corrupt government here, and the ensuing Wall Street RIPOFF going on now.


is a war with Iran possibly in the offing?  Two years ago I would have said; "uh, no.." but today, I have to say that when cucaracha's are cornered as are these scumball politico's in this country and others who are ripping off their populations blind, then the only real certifiably assured way to completely change the channel in the moron public's minds, is to start a huge war or massive conflagration which requires everyone give up any remaining vestiges of RULE OF LAW or CIVIL LIBERTIES we might still have left, and get into lock step with the totally out of control DICTATOR and ASSHOLE who we have governing us as the head puppet in Washingtoon, D.C. right now.


This Iran thing isn't credible, but when did credibility ever stop these murderous pricks? (pardon mai francaise)

Comment by James H. Fetzer on October 13, 2011 at 11:13pm
Four experts are interviewed about the "plot", all of whom agree that it is simply not credible.  Check it out,.
Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 13, 2011 at 10:48pm

"Evidence? We done neeeed no steeeenkeeen EVIDENCE..."; Eric Holder, dept of JUST US, Washingtoon, District of Corruption

just what do you think this banana republic is, anyway?


Serve a few subpoena's and you get five month old reheated old F.B.I. entrapment garbage that the National Enquirer wouldn't print.  Sadly the other day, at the VA Hospital at A Maricon Lake in Seattle, that's all the headline was in the CIA controlled dirt rags in there.


On a different note, there was a 'croaked' vet on a gurney, plastic bagged up to prevent leakage (probably died on the operating table) and the two jokers who were hauling him out were smirking and joking around, while the hastily wadded up flag they partially wrapped the corpse in, was half off the body.  In any case, it was ironic that the deceased was being summarily disposed of like a couple of sacks of trash while this sorry assed joke of a justification was being hocked in newspaper racks on the day he died.  How fucking pathetic is that?


The levels to which these morons will slither to are just unbelievable.  They have no more credibility than does any scandal sheet dirt rag you find in the checkout counters in most grocery stores now.  Trying to pin this fraud on Iran is a desperate and pathetic attempt by at best, 'amateurish' pieces of human fecal material who strut around like Eric 'fixer of WACO and other U.S. murder atrocities' Holder does. I'm surprised that Mule Tool Mueller didn't stand next to his boy and add more 'crud-ibitlity' to the story.  That's all that was needed was one more zionist liar and scumball next to this piece of shit in charge of the Dept. of JUST US.


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