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Reply to Mark Hightower's post by Chuck Boldwyn, now in China

Hello Mark,

This is Chuck Boldwyn. Please check out my research on this site, lots and lots of it, as PowerPoint Posters, to find some of the logical answers I have proposed to the questions and probes posed in your blog and sought for by a lot of 911 researchers.
I have interviewed 3 times with Jim Fetzer and have published a lot of material on the Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Vector Forces Math and other related math, mostly on this site, but on quite a few others, also. Perhaps you have run accross some of my work before. All of my work is original and basically not touch upon by any other Twin Towers researchers. I have simply used the data available from older and newer literature and papers and and creatively found answers/solutions (proposed) using my basic scientific methodology logic.
There are few people on this site, members, who are scientists, physicists, engineers, chemists, so I welcome you here and hope you will review my vast amounts of research work on all aspects of the the Twin Towers demise including the toasted cars, molten steel/iron in the basements for 3+ months, and thermite/thermate and my mini nukes proposal which come from my energy calculations which come from the basic elements of Newtonian Physics using real world data..........

Please let me know what you think of my work. I have been trying to get the supposed hard core researchers to look at and to evaluate my work for several years now, which is not easy.
Maybe you can ask Jim about my work as he has called it "excellent" even if he is not a physicist, engineer, chemist or mathematician. His background serves him well in doing what he is doing and his reasoning and logic is without bias. I have tried to steer him away from the DEW theories as the results of my research can account for everything that the Twin Towers researchers are seeking and still are looking for...

Best to you and I am sure you will enjoy looking at my work to see new aspects you and most others have not been exposed to before. I am a retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor trained in Polymer Science.

Chuck Boldwyn

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