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This article by Jim Fetzer , I just read, really got me thinking deeply about corporations and their role in western (especially American) life since WWII. I remember growing up with "mom and pop" stores in my town, and I actually knew as a kid most of the proprieters of those stores, they were always happy to give a kid a freeby piece of candy or whatever, and my granddad used to be one of them. He was the friendliest guy in town, and people relied on him to get season tickets to packers games.

"The propensity of corporations, including our banks and mortgage institutions, to maximize benefits in the form of profits should lead us to expect that more corporate influence in political campaigns will not make matters better but almost certainly worse. Indeed, the thought has crossed more than one rational mind that, if corporations as prominent as AIG, Goldman-Sachs, and CitiBank, not to mention Halliburton, Raytheon, and other giants of the military-industrial complex, are now going to exert even more influence in political and economic affairs, then perhaps the only reason we haven't heard of more cases of corruption of this kind in the past -- apart from the occasional savings and loan scandal, for example -- has been a function of ignorance, where we haven't known because our nation's press has failed to keep us informed."

Is a quote from this article. This is how far the country has devolved from 1947 or so onward.

He argues we must have a paradigm shift with these criteria:

*How do corporate actions affect the qualify of life of employees?

*How do corporate actions affect sustainability over the long run?

*How do corporate actions affect the survival of the human species?

But now the current trends are so entrenched, with Hannity, et al, he would NEVER raise the above issues, unless he has a spiritual experience which transforms his personality. And the corporations are working hand in glove with the govt. so the above questions are never addressed in political campaigns and national debates. Even after this BP disaster in the gulf, will people focus on these 3 criteria?

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