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Scientific Analysis of Global Warming, Climate Change, Sea-Level Rising via long, ongoing Scientific research by Chuck Boldwyn, Retired Science Instructor

Learn what is really, secretly causing sea level to rise: Carbon-Black film-coated Polar Ice caps via Chemtrails nano-particlized Ariel sprayed Carbon-Black Chem-Trails via the Deep State and wildfire burning off all the world's millions of acres of forests to produce CO2 and destructions of the world's ocean's CO2 producing plankton, all via Toxic, deadly Chem-Trails. Check out the links





Via Dane Wigington

This video is all fake news paid for by Globalism for carbon taxes. Wake up retards and do some research into https://youtu.be/oYhCQv5tNsQ

Checkout geoengineeringwatch.org

Learn about Dane Wigington and do not be a normal brainwashed retard as most 

People, Dumbocraps who believe that CO2 Man-made is the culprit...

Just as Carbon-Black causes the black Chem-trailed,-sprayed polar caps to absorb more solar energy and cause ice melting, so also does sprayed Carbon Black over California cause the earth to become darker and therefore will absorb more solar energy to promote increased temperature to promote more intense drying and drought...

White earth, i.e., Snow & ice, reflect much solar energy, decreasing temperature of close to earth gaseous atmosphere...

Black/Dark earth absorbs much solar energy, increasing temperature of close to earth gaseous atmosphere (N2, O2, H2O, CO2, trace gases), each with their own unique thermodynamic characteristics and physical & chemical properties.

Just one more trick of the geoengineers hell-bent on destroying the earth's air, water & soil.

The Carbon-Black Chemtrail sprayed coatings absorb much more solar energy than the white polar ice caps, but the solar heat is transferred directly to the White ice caps beneath the Carbon-Black layer film and melts the white ice but the Carbon Black layer of film remains on top of the Ice Caps as the white ice melts dramatically faster than without the black film layer and remains on top as the white ice melts progressively, so the Black film always remains on top to pick up the solar energy or heat from the sun. The Carbon Black nanoparticles are immersed in  tiny oil drops to cohesively maintain the film on top and as everyone already knows that oil does not mix with ice or water as oil is hydrophobic and water and ice are hydrophilic and they do not mix but remain separated according to the Laws of Physical Chemistry and Physics.

This is one of the schemes of the Deep State to promote, physically, sea and ocean level risings and ultimately promote fear in the brain-washed masses of the world, which includes the viewers/readers of this page, all done to promote the pending future Carbon Taxes, allegedly aimed at slowing down Global Warming, drastic Climate Change and droughts, and sea-level risings.

Global Warming is massively promoted by burning off all the world’s millions of acres of Forrest’s and poisoning all of the plankton and micro-life that coats the seas and oceans of the world, all to increase, most intentionally, the CO2 in the atmosphere.

This is Science being used for subversive, False Flag life destroying activities by Deep State criminals....

 It makes scientific sense that the water bodies of the world are sucking up, dissolving, absorbing, attracting via CO2 gas-liquid equilibrium,I.e., most of the world’s atmospheric CO2 so the data of the Russian anti-IPCC scientists give lower results than the predicted graphic results in the video graph. 

Even after wildfireing off near all the world’s massive forests and even after toxic poisoning most of the world’s oceanic, surface edible, CO2 absorbing , micro-life, like algae and krill, etc. 

Killing off the micro-life at the ocean’s surface interfaces prevent atmospheric CO2 from be digested, as food, from the atmosphere, by the micro-life which interfaces with the oceans‘s surfaces.

Killing off the forests of the world most dramatically increases the CO2 produced from the incinerative-wildfire-burning of the trees and plants of the world.

Both killing trees and killing plankton contribute to increased atmospheric CO2.

Most of this CO2 is being massively absorbed by the oceans and seas by dissolution equilibrium.

The graph cannot give the predicted theoretical results in parts per million, ppm, as most of the intentionally, destructively produced CO2 is going into the oceans so that the Earth’s ecosystems can maintain their normal equilibrium, which is the Earth’s survival systems, natural mechanisms, being naturally maintained.

The Global Warming scheme is not working out like the Deep State corrupt, employed scientists want it to, even after destroying the world’s forests and plankton and destroying much other life...

The Earth is trying to survive and is fighting to survive and maintain itself = Mother Nature...

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