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Scientist: Directed energy weapons turned World Trade Center into nanoparticles on 9/11

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Scientist: Directed energy weapons turned World Trade Center into nanoparticles on 9/11

March 23, 10:21 PMSeattle Exopolitics ExaminerAlfred Lambremont Webre

Wiki commons: Dr.Judy Wood describes 9/11 molecular dissociation of WTC

This is the second of a multi-part series on secret technologies, their application to the events of September 11, 2001, and the consequent implications for our society.

In his article “False Flag Operations, 9-11 and the Exopolitical Perspective” Dr. Michael E. Salla states, “Thefourth exopolitical factor [of false flag operations] concerns the use of weather modification technologies that former Secretary of State William Cohen confirmed as existing in 1997.” The “weather modification technologies” Dr. Salla is referring to include directed energy weapons which, by theevidence, have been used in scalar, weather warfare and seismic false flag operations such as December 26, 2004 (Boxing Day) Indonesian Tsunami, the China earthquake of May 12, 2008, the Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010, and the Chile earthquake of February 27, 2010.

Dr. Judy Wood, a former assistant professor at Clemson University, has developed compelling evidence that a directed energy weapon turned the physical matter of the World Trade Center towers into nanoparticles through the process of molecular dissociation. Dr. Wood demonstrates clear evidence that cannot be accounted for by the official9/11 Commission explanation or alternative theory of military planes, cruise missiles, or other projectiles hitting the World Trade Center buildings, or a controlled demolition caused solely by "advanced explosive nano-thermiticcomposite material found in the World Trade Center dust," or solely by 4th generation mini-nukes.

In a February 22, 2010 Washington Times article, Richard Gage, a San Francisco architect and founder of the nonprofit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, states, "’Government officials will be notified that 'Misprision of Treason,' U.S. Code 18 (Sec. 2382), is a serious federal offense, which requires those with evidence of treason to act,’ Mr. Gage says. ‘The implications are enormous and may have profound impact on the forthcoming Khalid Shaikh Mohammed trial.’”

The trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed may soon begin (subject to reported political negotiations with Republicans), as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before a U.S. House appropriations subcommittee on March 16, 2010 that “a decision will be made in a matter of weeks on where to try the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks,” indicating that the Obama administration has a pre-determined position on the evidence that the events of September 11, 2001 were a false flag operation.

United States v. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et al. "is the upcoming trial of five alleged Al-Qaeda members for aiding the September 11, 2001 attacks. Charges were announced by Brigadier General Thomas W. Hartmann on February 11, 2008 at a press conference at the Pentagon. The men charged are Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mohammed al Qahtani, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ammar al-Baluchi, and Mustafa al-Hawsawi. In an 88-page complaint, the group was charged with attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, murder in violation of the law of war, destruction of property in violation of the law of war, hijacking or hazarding a vessel or aircraft, terrorism, and providing material support for terrorism. If convicted, the five will face the death penalty."

Regardless of whether U.S. President Barack H. Obama chooses to have these defendants tried in a U.S. Military Commission or in a U.S. Federal court, the evidence amassed by such researchers as Dr. Judy Wood and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth satisfies the burden of proof that the events of September 11, 2001 were, beyond a reasonable doubt, a false flag operation. Consequently, one can characterize the forthcoming trial in United States v. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, et al as a political show trial, no different in effect – the wrongful execution of the defendants and the attempted hoodwinking of the U.S. and world population – from other political show trials in recent history.

This Examiner.com article in the continuing 9/11 series examines the evidence for the use of secret advanced directed energy weapons in the molecular dissociation of the World Trade Center buildings into nanoparticles on September 11, 2001. The article discusses the implications of this evidence, in light of Andrew D. Basiago’s eyewitness evidence that a secret DARPA time travel program, whose defense liaison was then Nixon Cabinet Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, was in physical possession images of the World Trade Center 9/11 events in 1971, 30 years before the actual events occurred on September 11, 2001. Mr. Rumsfeld, of course, was U.S. Secretary of Defense on 9/11.

Continues at: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-2912-Seattle-Exopolitics-Examine...

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Comment by sandy rose on March 26, 2010 at 3:50pm
wow, yeah, David Swanson, good dude, holy crap!
i've axed him before if he was a 9/11 truther, cause i had a hunch,..
yeah, man, you
seen the stuff about the yoo ess using their droney old drones to patrol
the texass border i think it was? whoa. next thing ya know they'll
be killing people at the border, cause they said they could. and how
does that yoo hoo get away with what it does?
psychopath is right. wow. holy mo.
before ya know it, Shallel, we'll be watching for those flying pigs
in case they say it's legal to target us 9/11 truthers and wipe us off
the face of the Earth. times they are a-forked up, and we are the
witnesses. oh whoa is me.....and the rest of the world.
wow. it's so like a bad dream that ya never wake up from.
may they all rot in hell forever and ever, amen.

burn one for me and i'll burn one for you, bro, i think we're gonna
need it. i kept hoping the ICC would do some freakin thing about
our despicable swine....they're still twiddling their thumbs about
what a 'crime of aggression' means.
it's a wonder any of us have any sanity left at all, in my book of horror..
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 25, 2010 at 12:24pm
"yeah, as far as any actual weaponry that our bad old yooo ess of aye
has, i have no doubt that they wouldn't hesitate to use any of it for any reason,
ESPECIALLY if they (laugh laugh) ever were to get busted for 9/11. like
that's gonna happen, right?"

We had John Yoo speak at UVa and my Friend David Swanson got to ask him a question. He asked if it was legal on the behest of the POTUS to use a drone to attack targets in this country. He said yes. Then he asked if it was legal for the President to nuke a US city. Again Yoo had no problem saying it was legal.
Then he asked how about ten cities, and the psychopath had no problemo.

I'll Post some video.
Comment by sandy rose on March 25, 2010 at 11:34am
Shallel, you funny as always. and go for it on the boob bombs. i can
hardly wait! (you saw the thing about that at clg, right?) oh brother.

yeah, as far as any actual weaponry that our bad old yooo ess of aye
has, i have no doubt that they wouldn't hesitate to use any of it for any reason,
ESPECIALLY if they (laugh laugh) ever were to get busted for 9/11. like
that's gonna happen, right?

oh and thanks for the update on your happiness enhancers of choice!
i'll second the middle one, switch the first to bud ice or even icehouse.
or once in a while nethin tastes better than a 7&7.

hey, one thing that article did for me was to remind me of a show back
in the dark ages,...Time Tunnel maybe? i can't remember the characters
on the show, i get em confused with Lost in Space, but i still remember the
psychadelic swirlie shapes when they tumbled back in time! good stuff, right?
and little donny rumsmell should have tumbled and kept on tumbling.

Peter Gabriel rocks ass. wuv him.
that article you sent out was so wiggy bizzarre i might just hafta read it
again. and yes, i've seen your head. it's one of a kind, sir. carry on!
and i enjoy the crud out of your sense of humor. ya need one in this biz! :)
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 25, 2010 at 8:58am
Maybe those folks were in the NY subway system when the CIA was dosing people with LSD. I think Peter Gabriel was there - it would explain "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"!
I'll start work on "the mammary of all bombs" (photo - not a real bomb you stupid NSA gits).
I woke to hear that Osama has a new tape...when is that guy going to go digital? I mean we should get a newly remastered, gold, super audio CD version, so we can really know who is playing the boogie man blues...
Comment by sandy rose on March 25, 2010 at 5:02am
yeah, i should have specified that i was referring to the article about
time travel. i mean i'm an open minded person and all but they ain't
no amount of anything that's gonna convince me of that one. those
are the folks i wondered about, what kind of drugs are they on , maybe
a little LSD or something? not you, Shallel! (by the way, Shallel,
looks like we'll need a new photo for exploding breast implants soon!)
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 24, 2010 at 5:17pm
I don't really care what "they" think. I want the truth. I do not disparage anyone from pursuit of their favorite theory. I think we are ALL on the same side in that we know the official story is complete BS (thanks, Morgan).
In this case we are already the majority. My drugs of choice are Heineken, Mary-jane, and caffeine, not that I haven't benefitted from others.

Kudos to Jim for presenting all leads great and small....

My question on nukes is and has always been how to get them not to emit copious light in such a situation.
I agree with Thoth II that any kind of EM radiation would have to induce such great currents in so much steel, we would need massive input power, and then, again this would cause heating, and buildings drooping, not turning to ash.

So I guess I'm back to reverse engineered Gavitic weapons and time travel, I mean, have you taken a look at my head?

Comment by Thoth II on March 24, 2010 at 3:55pm
"or solely by 4th generation mini-nukes"

I don't agree with Dr. Wood here. I do not think mini-nukes can be ruled out, there are some indications of it. To me, the directed energy hypothesis was not quite as strong as the nuke hypothesis because DEW are electromagnetic radiation, like microwaves. Think of your microwave oven. Ceramics or food, with water in them, absorb microwaves well and heat up the object. But put a metal spoon in there, and it will just spark. Well, the twin towers had metal cores, wouldn't DEW just spark off the metallic cores?
Comment by James H. Fetzer on March 24, 2010 at 3:20pm
I like articles like this that get the reader thinking, even when I'm not quite sure what I think about them myself!
Comment by sandy rose on March 24, 2010 at 2:57pm
oh boy. you have got to be kidding me. jeepers. they thought we were
nuts when we said 9/11 was an inside job.. then they thought we were
even crazier when we said the planes were faked. this will put us at a
whole new level of bonkers. what kind of drugs are these people on?
Comment by Shallel Octavia on March 24, 2010 at 1:05pm
Holy time travel and back engineered gravitic drives, Batman!

Andrew is an interesting case, no matter what he sees in Mars rocks!

Secret DARPA time travel program may hold key to understanding the deep politics of 9/11

This is the first of a multi-part series on quantum access technologies, their application to the events of September 11, 2001, and the consequent implications for our society.

In a 2006 paper entitled, “False Flag Operations, 9/11, and the Exopolitical Perspective”, Dr. Michael E. Salla identifies five exopolitical factors behind false flag operations, including the false flag operation of September 11, 2001. Although Dr. Salla identifies exotic scalar weapons as the “fourth exopolitical factor” in false flag operations, his 2006 article does not disclose how exopolitically-related factors specifically may have played out in the case of 9/11.

Since then, a key whistle blower, Andrew D. Basiago, has emerged with evidence that secret U.S. time travel technologies were used as early as 1971 to acquire first-hand documentary knowledge about September 11, 2001 – fully three decades before the horrific events of that fateful day.  

Mr. Basiago, a child participant in DARPA’s time travel program, Project Pegasus, has publicly stated how in 1971 he viewed moving images of the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 that had been obtained from the future and brought back to the early 1970’s.
DARPA is the chief research and development arm of the US military, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  DARPA created the precursor to the Internet, “Arpanet,” and has a penchant for trumpeting its advances, such as putting surveillance cameras on the backs of bumblebees and other exotic achievements in military science.
Mr. Basiago claims that DARPA’s secret technical accomplishments go far beyond what it has publicly acknowledged and that by 1970 DARPA had achieved teleportation-based time travel as well as advanced electro-optical means of discerning past and future events via different technologies that provide quantum access. 
Mr. Basiago has described how while serving in Project Pegasus, he viewed moving images of 9/11 at the secured U.S. defense-technical facility where they were processed after being retrieved from the future, the Aerojet Corporation facility that once stood at the corner of Bullock Avenue and Leroy Place in Socorro, New Mexico.
According to Mr. Basiago’s whistleblower testimony, Donald H. Rumsfeld, the sitting U.S. Secretary of Defense on September 11, 2001, was the defense attaché to Project Pegasus during the early 1970’s, when Mr. Rumsfeld was officially serving as a counselor to President Nixon and member of his Board of Wage and Price Stabilization.
In all likelihood, Mr. Rumsfeld, as the defense attaché to Project Pegasus, would have known about and possibly had control over the data about 9/11 derived via “quantum access” and brought back to the early 1970’s for analysis by the DARPA research and development program under his administrative authority.

Mr. Basiago’s eyewitness account that Secretary Rumsfeld and others knew about 9/11 decades in advance because data about it was gathered via DARPA’s secret time travel program unlocks several of the more enigmatic facts in the 9/11 literature and may be the key to society’s unraveling of the ultimate accountability for the false flag operation that took place on September 11, 2001. 

Examiner.com will explore Mr. Basiago’s whistleblower eyewitness evidence regarding how secret U.S. government time travel technologies relate to 9/11 in future installments of this series.
Corroborative evidence of Andrew D. Basiago’s secret U.S. government time travel

Fig. 1-ProjectPegasus.net: Photo of Andrew D. Basiago on Nov. 19, 1863 at Gettysburg Address 
This article introduces Examiner.com readers to quantum access evidence in the form of a time travel artifact that resulted from Andrew D. Basiago’s childhood participation in DARPA’s secret time travel program in the early 1970’s.  The ALTA reports and Web Bot technology have identified Mr. Basiago, an emerging figure in the disclosure movement, as a “planetary whistleblower” based on the global significance of his revelations. Exploring this time travel artifact will help establish a frame of reference for Examiner.com readers to better evaluate evidence gathered by quantum access technology and time travel participants like Mr. Basiago. 

Corroborative documentary evidence of the veracity of Mr. Basiago’s time travel expeditions on behalf of the U.S. government exists.  This documentary evidence consists of a photograph of Mr. Basiago taken at the scene of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863 after he was teleported to that location in the time-space continuum via DARPA time travel technology.

Andrew D. Basiago at Gettysburg, PA on November 19, 1863 (Gettysburg Address)

Figure 1 is the photograph of Andrew D. Basiago as a Project Pegasus time travel participant taken at the site of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863, to which Mr. Basiago had been teleported back in time by DARPA.

Mr. Basiago has publicly answered questions about this corroborating photographic evidence of his time travel experiences in the secret U.S. government program in which time travel was achieved.
Q: Is this [Figure 1] the photo of you on November 19, 1863?

Andrew D. Basiago: Yes. I am the boy standing in the foreground of the image at center-left, looking to his right. My shoes were lost in the transit through the quantum plenum that took me from the plasma confinement chamber at the time lab in East Hanover, NJ in 1972 to Gettysburg, PA on the day that Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address there in 1863. When I walked into downtown Gettysburg, where the shops were, after walking into town along the north-south arterial that led into Gettysburg, a cobbler by the name of John Lawrence Burns accosted me and took me inside a millinery shop and furnished me with a pair of men's street shoes and a Union winter parka that he took from a stack of military clothing in a storeroom at the back of the shop. In this image, one can see how over-sized the shoes were. I can confirm that this image was taken right after President Lincoln arrived on the dais, because when I walked over to this location and stood in this manner to detract attention from my shoes, I had been standing over by the dais, and Lincoln had not yet arrived, and I only stood in this position for several minutes before the quantum field effect produced by the plasma confinement chamber ended and I found myself back in the time lab in New Jersey.

Q: This is incredible, Andrew! I did not know there were pictures. Was this a picture (Figure 1) discovered that just happened to have you in it, or was this picture taken by those with you and you brought it back?

Andrew D. Basiago: To my knowledge, this was the only photograph that was taken in a past or future time when I was time traveling for DARPA's Project Pegasus. I think another breakthrough will come in the form of accounts from residents of Santa Fe [New Mexico] about children suddenly appearing at the state capitol complex there in the early 1970's. Our arrivals were sometimes witnessed. Several of my own arrivals were witnessed. I have spoken with area residents who knew that individuals were teleporting into Santa Fe in the early 1970's. Some of that knowledge resulted from the arrival of teleportees, including myself, being seen by others; other knowledge resulted from the fact that employees of LANL [Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM] were bringing stories about the teleportation that was going on home from work and sharing them with their children around the dinner table in Los Alamos and White Rock.

Q: What were you looking at [in the photograph in Figure 1]?

Andrew D. Basiago: Nothing, intentionally. I was wearing a hodgepodge of clothes: the Union bugle boy uniform that I had been issued back in East Hanover, NJ in 1972; the Union winter parka that Burns had outfitted me in when I walked into town shivering in the brisk autumn air; the huge men's shoes that he gave me when I walked into town barefoot. When I walked over to the dais, several women were gossiping about me (presumably, because I was apparently a bugle boy separated from his regiment or a carpetbagger). I was questioned by two Union officers about where my regiment was bivouacked. I also had a strange encounter with my father, who was dressed as a Pennsylvania farmer and standing in front of the dais, in which he intentionally ignored me. He later said that encountering me there at Gettysburg was how he found out I was going to be in the program. But he was startled to see me and not expecting me to be there, [he] acted like he didn't know who I was. After I was questioned by the two Union officers, I was concerned that I should make myself inconspicuous. We had been trained to avoid being conspicuous, being questioned, being arrested, being detained, and so on, because these things might create complications that would prevent us from getting back to the present. So, self-conscious about the huge shoes that I was wearing and trying to avoid being further noticed, I walked about 100 paces from the dais and stood with my back to the dais looking in the opposite direction from where I knew Lincoln would be arriving. I hoped that by affecting an air of non-chalance in this manner, I would avoid further scrutiny by those present. It didn't work! I ended up becoming the first time traveler from the future to be photographed!
Andrew D. Basiago answers questions about Project Pegasus and 9/11 

Q: Why would the US take part in 9/11?

Andrew D. Basiago: What I know is that in the early 1970's, Project Pegasus had moving images of one of the planes hitting one of the Twin Towers on 9/11; that 9/11 was known and spoken of by project principals; and that the defense attache to Project Pegasus was Donald Rumsfeld, the individual who was serving as Defense Secretary during 9/11. The evidence from Project Pegasus shows that the US government knew about the 9/11 attacks many years in advance, not necessarily that it "took part" in those attacks.

Q: If Project Pegasus knew about 9/11 before it would happen, why wasn't 9/11 prevented from occurring?

Andrew D. Basiago: That's a good question. What I know is that it was the consensus of the US officials administering Project Pegasus that information about future events should be used to engage in contingency planning for future events but not to "play God" and change the future by preventing or altering future events. A paradox exists such that acting to change future events based on prior knowledge of them results in diminished accurate knowledge of future events. So, there is an institutional reluctance to change future events based upon prior knowledge of them because of the impact of doing so on the quality of the intelligence database concerning future events.

Q: How much information about the future has Project Pegasus learned about?

Andrew D. Basiago: My experiences in Project Pegasus indicate that by 1970, the US government was using chronovision to capture remotely and record on film a vast amount of footage of past and future events. When we visited the project location at Flemington, NJ -- where I was shown remote images of the signing of the US Constitution in 1787 and saw George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as they appeared in life -- we could see that the technicians there were filming reams and reams of scenes of past events on 16 mm film stock and storing it in film canisters. Presumably, this process is done digitally today.

Q: Is Project Pegasus still active?

Andrew D. Basiago: I do not know whether Project Pegasus is still active, but the intelligence infrastructure that evolved from it is in all likelihood very active at this time. Project Pegasus was a small, highly secret research and development program launched in the late 1960's. However, the technologies that it developed gave the US government the keys to past and future events. My guess is that the quantum access capabilities that Project Pegasus provided the US government are now headquartered at some form of national intelligence center that provides the President, the intelligence community and the military information about future events.

Q: Was just the military involved or was the government also involved?

Andrew D. Basiago: Project Pegasus combined individuals employed by the US military (Navy, DARPA), the US intelligence community (CIA) and civilian defense contractors (e.g., Parsons). It was a research and development program of the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Q: How could a father actually put his son through all of these violent and possibly fatal transportation experiments?

Andrew D. Basiago: It is my position that my father and I were proud to serve our country during its hour of maximum danger and were also privileged to be involved in America's early activities in time-space exploration. My father did not involve me in Project Pegasus. Rather, we were approached by the US government and told we had to be involved for reasons that remain a mystery. In all likelihood, we were identified by project personnel from the future, who knew from the perspective of their time that we had been involved in the program, and hence we were brought into the program to create the future program that had knowledge of our past involvement.

Q: Why was not an adult the one transported so that the information brought back might be more precise?

Andrew D. Basiago: Children were involved for five main reasons. First, we were experimental test subjects into the mental and physical effects on children of teleportation. Second, we were necessary participants because the holograms produced by the chronovisors would collapse if adults were involved and so small, cooperative, intelligent human beings were needed as the time travelers in the chronovisor probes, and therefore a decision was made to involve gifted and talented American school children. Third, we were regarded as better participant-observers of the past and future events accessed in the program because children are tabula rasa -- blank slates whose perceptions are not skewed by the selection bias produced by their previous experiences. Fourth, we were trainees who were expected to become America's first generation of "chrononauts" in a fully fledged time-space program when they grew up. Fifth and lastly, the Department of Defense found that when adults were involved in time travel, the psychologically destabilizing effects of moving between alternate time lines was causing some adult time travelers to become insane, so it was hoped that by training time travelers from childhood a competent cadre of US time travelers could be formed.

Q: How could a child possibly be put through all of this and also remember everything he saw or even understand what he saw or heard?

Andrew D. Basiago: I am a gifted individual with exceptional powers of observation and memory. These gifts were identified when I was being trained in Project Pegasus. In one test, I recited back random numbers provided to me verbally to 84 places. I was identified as the future whistle blower about Project Pegasus even while I was still serving on the project. I have spent over 10 years investigating my experiences and proving them to an historical certainty. I am an individual who did remember what I saw and heard, so it is not valid to say that I couldn't have done so because a child couldn't or shouldn't have been able to. That involves the fallacy of using the general to refute the specific. I not only remembered much of what I saw and heard, but I later wrote it down and went back and investigated it and proved my memories. Consequently, I am now able to provide an insider's account of the US government's time-space program at the time of its emergence in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
This multi-part series on quantum access technologies, their application to the events of September 11, 2001, and the consequent implications for our society will be continued in Part II.
Seattle's relationship to Exopolitics and this article:  According to Examiner.com, this reporter -Alfred Lambremont Webre - is "one of two experts in the field of exopolitics and this topic doesn’t generally lend itself to a local angle".  This reporter is very proud to have this Exopolitics Examiner column based in Seattle.  Historically, "the modern phenomena of UFOs and 'flying saucers' began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects 'flying like a saucer would' along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of 'flying saucers' locally and across the nation."  A local Seattle connection is thus embedded into every Examiner.com article this reporter has the privilege to write for our Seattle audience.

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