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http://www.septembercoup.com/911.htm  Check this out.  What I have read so far is completely brilliant!

How Did The WTC Towers Fall So Easily?
Melting 110-Stories of Steel and Concrete in just 57 Minutes
How did three huge skyscrapers implode within :10 seconds or less?

WTC 7 Destruction, Madrid Fire Are Keys To Unraveling 9/11

By Tim Watts

A Basic Understanding

Despite the differing opinions and countless theories which have been discussed and vehemently argued over concerning 9/11, one thing is painfully clear, this event was very well planned, with skilled military precision and strategic execution. This was a daring assault of monolithic proportions, outrageous in its temerity. No matter who was responsible, it was undeniably an orchestrated conspiracy. That much is fact.

Whoever was behind the planning was certainly no rookie. Clearly there was big money behind the operation, but more importantly, there was quite obviously a very high degree of skilled intelligence involved. By that, I am referring to alphabet state intel.

Whether that intel was foreign military or state sponsored, or merely a rogue splinter faction, it was indeed a valuable key in the success of the 9/11 attacks, an event which has become the primary catalyst of constitutional change for the United States, but also the pretext for war in the middle-east and North Africa.

The sad, perverse irony in all of this is that the United States claims to be bringing democracy to the many countries we've invaded, all the while it's being taken from us here at home.

The epic horror and cold brutality of this disaster, brought immediate public outcry, as well as a united grief and an outflow of compassion that did briefly unify the people momentarily, however, in just a short amount of time this infamous event has now become a contentious boiling point for many in the international community, while at the same time forming an indisputable divide among Americans.

Where We Are Now

Clearly the most acrimonious division has formed among the people of the United States. You either believe the government theory or you don't. If you should choose to recognize an alternative theory for 9/11, contrary to the official version, you are the one that is labeled as the conspiracy theorist, even though the government's version is perhaps much harder to believe than many of the alternative explanations.

There are still some who are, for whatever reason, either ambivalent or indifferent on the issue, however, the overall mass perceptions that exist today appear to be firmly entrenched and thus have become quite divisive. Many of these perceptions have been manufactured and nurtured by a non-inquisitive media that complicitly parrots the official government version. Those who resist that narrative are those who have explored alternative media and performed independent research on their own. It essentially comes down to coerced opinions versus learned opinions.

There are essentially three primary camps of thought that are being argued about regarding the 9/11 issue:

  • The 9/11 plot that totally defeated numerous airport security checks, World Trade Center security & surveillance systems, FBI and CIA intelligence services, all active NORAD military defense measures, as well as local built in Pentagon defense mechanisms... was meticulously coordinated and executed by Osama bin Laden and his band of Al Qaeda terrorists. This is the DKIWH theory, Didn't Know It Would Happen.  

  • The 9/11 attacks were learned of by some U.S. officials who were warned early on by intel from many countries, but who chose instead to sit on that information, using the opportunity as a new Pearl Harbor, in order to engage in preemptive wars of aggression in the middle-east and North Africa, by being complicit regarding the attacks, if not odiously helping to facilitate them in order to justify their wars of imperialism. This is the LIHOP theory, Let It Happen On Purpose. 

  • The 9/11 event was orchestrated and deliberately engineered solely by rogue government intelligence services, using the the alleged hijackers as mere patsies in the plot. The impetus for such a false flag operation include the spoils from scenario two, but with the primary objective being the enactment of a world-wide police state, the dissolution of the United States, and the emergence of the long planned new world order. This is the MIHOP theory, Made It Happen On Purpose.

Out of the three outlined scenarios above, there appear to be two distinctive theories that emerge. One, that the U.S. government was innocently or ignorantly caught by surprise and totally bungled the defense of the country. The other is, whether exploited or heinously engineered, a rogue faction of our government explicitly used the event for its own nefarious agenda.

That's about as mixed as you can get on the topic, and that's clearly not a good thing for getting at the truth. As a result, this has divided people into two camps, those that naively trust and believe the government explanation of 9/11, versus those who have methodically explored the evidence and do not believe the official story.

From an analytical point of view, one thing is obvious in looking at these two divided factions; one of the two groups has been exposed to both sides of the story, while one absolutely refuses to look.

As a result of this dichotomous contrast and its resulting contentious debate, both sides vehemently resist the other, if not wholeheartedly resent the other. This contention, along with its deeply impassioned emotion, is often rooted with a strong patriotic underscore from both sides, making the issue quite divisive and socially volatile.

So the question is, how do we move on from where we are now?

We were all shown those awful events that day, repeatedly, as they played over and over again on our televisions. Each and every one of us saw with our own eyes the catastrophic events as they unfolded that day, albeit through a construed media lens.

Like everything else in life, our current perceptions of 9/11 have been carefully formed and coerced, if not outright manipulated, through an openly gullible trust of our corporate news media. We all saw the attacks with our own eyes, yet we have continually been bombarded by a complicit media to buy into an official story that arguably has more glaring holes and inadequacies than any of the so-called conspiracy theories. It is often argued that the real conspiracy theory is the government's official version.

The government wants you to believe: That 19 men, divided into four groups, not armed with guns or explosives, but with mere simple box-cutters, were able to bypass security at three major airports, overwhelm the crew and passengers of four airplanes despite being greatly outnumbered, fly the planes with little or no piloting skills, easily defeating well structured long standing U.S. air defense systems, skillfully steering three of the mammoth jetliners unabated into their designated targets, crumbling the twin towers in a near free fall fashion into their own footprints in ten seconds or less, while also striking the Pentagon, the most secure structure within the most guarded airspace in the entire world, which was somehow left undefended, even after declaring that America was already under attack over half an hour (:34 minutes), before it was hit by a plane that had its transponder off for :41 minutes! There was no intercept of that obvious hijack, nor either of the New York flights which had transponders off for :26 and :17 minutes respectively. The military tried to muster an air defense, but just couldn't get there in time.

Those searching for a more reasoned explanation suggest: That a rogue group of high ranking government individuals, with complete control and unfettered access to Federal aviation systems and U.S. military operations, either exploited an uncovered terrorist plot, or engineered a false flag operation of their own, to attack symbolic targets in the country, all of which held beneficial side gain to U.S. officials from either their substantial wealth resources, or else crucial incriminating records that needed to be destroyed, all conveniently contained within the targets, all the while initiating an environment of fear and panic that could be used to consolidate government power through the restriction of rights, while enabling an excuse for unprovoked wars that immediately benefit the military industrial complex, the corporate elite, and the PNAC (Project for a New American Century), the latter which penned a document in September of 2000 entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses,"  which openly talked of a new Pearl Harbor in order to facilitate its agenda.

While both plots may be hard to conceive, the fact of the matter is, the last one outlined is arguably much easier to achieve, due to the overwhelming number of PNAC members that were strategically positioned in key government seats of power. A neo-con mechanism was clearly enabled within the Bush-Cheney administration that possessed the ability to implement strategy and achieve the goals set forth by the PNAC. (See more on the PNAC's access to power further in this article.)

Some are understandably scared to look at an alternative theory, afraid of having their world upset with a national revelation too ugly for them to personally bare, or fearful of being denounced as "being against us," thus being accused of not supporting the country, but for others, a search for the truth is the only recourse in dealing with an event of such horrific destruction and cold-blooded mass murder.

Never being one to wait for an epiphany from the media, I began this exploration in search of answers that every single American has the right to know. What really happened on September 11th, 2001 that caused our politicians to change the world around us so much?

More at http://www.septembercoup.com/911.htm

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Comment by Dean on January 12, 2012 at 5:21pm

Jim - I like the topics, the format and the price.

Comment by Thoth II on January 11, 2012 at 5:02pm


that is your answer to the phony Toronto hearings.  It's good that the philosophical approach: understanding how to apply critical thinking, avoidance of logical fallacies, application of scientific method, and not getting sucked down the ego/hero worship game: it's good that side of 911 truth will be represented in this conference.

It's about time.  

Comment by James H. Fetzer on January 10, 2012 at 6:53pm

I am organizing The Vancouver Hearings for 15-17 June 2012.  The opening session will be devoted to how the Twin Towers were destroyed, with three speakers on this subject:  Chuck Boldwyn, the guy from last night's show, and Dwain Deets.  It should be fascinating.  We will discuss video fakery, were there any hijackers?, who was responsible, and the failure of the media to cover this event.  Each with three speakers of 40 minutes and an hour allocated for discussion. How does that sound?  Probably $25 for the three days or $10 for one.

Comment by Thoth II on January 10, 2012 at 5:52pm


I completely agree.  However, in the case of Chuck Boldwyn, I assure you he HAS made solid scientific links between the data and his hypothesis.  He has a full scientific poster board on this forum somewhere.  It is not a final theory , of course, but the most promising H in my opinion.  Sometimes the data set is a bit short, mainly because the perps of course made sure they either demolished or faked most of it.  

Comment by Jeannon Kralj on January 10, 2012 at 5:28pm

I listened to the first 30 minutes of the show with the electrical engineer guest last evening on Dr. Fetzer's radio show.  I thought the guest did a great job of introducing his subject and explaining things on layman's terms.


However, I realized I would not be able to really understand this fully and decided not to listen to the whole show.  I am just wondering if that EE basically supported Dr. Wood's ideas.  I do know he was very complimentary of her book at the beginning of the show.

I would basically agree with Thoth and his observations, but I would comment that no one, not Dr. Wood, not Dr. Jones, no one, has promulgated a true scientific hypothesis.  I know we use the words hypothesis and theory loosely on one level, but that in science, they have a much stricter meaning.  From my vantage point, there is not enough solid true evidence, not just data, to be able to formulate a true scientific hypothesis.

I am disappointed in both Dr. Wood's as well as Dr. Jones' manner of communicating their ideas.  I could use various words to descibe their communications, but generally would say that they have not been completely transparent and forthright.



Comment by Thoth II on January 10, 2012 at 5:12pm


I totally agree about energy of a vacuum, so called free energy.  It is very easy to throw ideas like those out there, but that is ATM (against the mainstream science) and must undergo much, much more research for us to take it seriously.  Which is why I am skeptical of Judy Wood and her Hurricane Erin/Hutch effect contributing to destruction of twin tower, she hasn't developed it.

Comment by Danny White on January 10, 2012 at 2:00am

Shallel: Thanks for the introduction to Nassim Haramein. I've watched his videos one time,  and was really impressed with his graphics and presentation  ....  but I'm afraid I still have a little trouble with the vacuum stuff,

and I still believe in the cubic lattice instead of the Israeli flag for God sakes. I'll watch his stuff again when I get

back home.  The triad idea of classic packing theory runs into a problem when you think in terms of images

propagating through the matrix.  The cubic lattice allows for pixels to stay together in an orderly way, and for

images to cross each other on their journey through space.  For the Hubble to focus on a galaxy 14 billion

light years away, the pixels have to travel in lock-step, all propagating through the matrix at exactly the speed

of light .....  and arriving on the lens in the same arrangement as they left their source long before.  Anything else is distortion of some kind.  Einstein believed in bending space and keeping light straight.  Being electromagnetic, it makes more sense to let the sun's gravity bend the light and leave space (the grid) straight.

Comment by Shallel Octavia on January 9, 2012 at 10:45pm

Hi Danny, I will look for your site, it sounds like you've had some interesting background. I worked prototyping large scale surveillance equipment, but didn't dig the corporate thing so I went on my own specializing in sound, video and digital lighting systems and acoustic design, (and repaired my share of TV's!) I also record and play music and do live sound mixing. I had the great opportunity to present Nassim at Walter Russell's former mansion. His understanding of "Wholeness" allowed him to come up with a universal scaling law, which is very elegant proof of the Unification of Physical Theory at all scales.

It is simple geometry to prove that there is infinite information in a bounded region of space as there are infinitely many discrete points. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzbIHiedESQ&feature=related [@ 12:00 minutes in]. This infinite information of the vacuum gives rise to infinite energy and infinite mass. Quantum physicists re-normalized an infinite quantity so their math wouldn't be made impossible by "nasty infinity". This explains the schism between macro physics and the quantum. In the volume contained in a proton there is more gravitational energy due to mass than the electrostatic repulsion of other protons. In classic quantum physics, the Strong Force is a created force set equal to the electrostatic repulsion, and thus explains the nucleus not flying apart, but the force is just a construct. The vacuum is seething with energy and information, which has instantaneous non local information about every  part of itself, the mulitiverse. Matter continually flips in and out of the vacuum, on the quantum scale as well as the macro, including superclusters and Universes. This explains "spooky action at a distance" and the particle/wave conundrum.  The Casimir Effect is one example of vacuum fluctuations, where longer wavelengths of the vacuum energy are filtered out between the plates  and incur a force pushing the plates together, as the longer wavelengths only push on the outer surfaces.  I hope you enjoy Haramein's videos - he explains it much better than I, and is quite entertaining. Jim's show today was very good - hopefully it will be posted soon!

Best, Shallel 

(PART 1) Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003.  :


Comment by Danny White on January 9, 2012 at 7:16pm

Shallel: I would like to add that the definition of vacuum is lack of all matter  .... therefore no energy.   I believe all

that exist are space (place to put something) and energy.   A theoretical perfect vacuum would have to be void of

 energy of its own but allow energy of certain wavelengths to pass through it,without disturbing its nothingness.

Gravity means that if you go out in theoretical empty space with no mass anywhere, and turn loose two grains

of sand a distance apart without imparting any momentum on them  ....  and then sneak away without them

knowing ..... the mass of each grain attracts the other, and they will eventually clump together. All mass attracts all other mass. All energy attracts all other energy.  I'm sure you already knew that.  On the incandescence of the explosions in the towers,

possibly the light was obscured by the falling debris.  It looks to me like whole floor panels were falling, and turning to dust on the way down ....  blocking any view of the inside. I would like to see the infrared videos of the towers being turned to dust.  I suspect it would have looked like the 4th of July.

Comment by Danny White on January 9, 2012 at 4:45pm

Shallel: While Energy of the Vacuum sounds cool, I don't buy it.  Thanks for turning me on to the Resonance

Project.  Gravity and a Unified Field Theory have been my hobby since the early eighties.  I started electronics in

the Air Farce as a 30454 Ground Radio Tech  .... I studied on my own and got a 1st Class FCC license,  worked several electronic tech jobs including TV repair, and wound up as TV broadcast Engineer and Field

Service for switcher manufacturer GVG.  I am basically mathematically illiterate past college algebra.  I think

the problem was ADD or something.  During a hiatus between jobs (Silicon Valley), I had time to ponder about

physics things for a little while. Thinking about how images propagate through space ... I realized how as you look at something in the distance the pixels have to stick together through space on their way to your eyes. I

also realized the farther off something is, the farther back in time you're seeing. I tried to figure how the pixels

could stick together though space, and came up with what I called my  "Ball Theory".  I realized if you take two

coins say,  and turn one against the other .... they go in opposite directions.  Like I say, I had a lot of time on my hands.  A little later,  I discovered that if you draw four circles in a square pattern and start turning one, half

turn the same way and half backwards.  By imagining a three-dimensional grid of these balls with a little "slip"

(electromagnetic field), you can see how an image might propagate through there.  Later on down the line, I got

to thinking about charges on the balls, and voila  ..... Draw four circles in a square pattern with a little space in

between  ....  add curved arrows inside circles to indicate spin  ....  call one direction positive if you like, and the other negative.  You will see that the four corners all attract each other (GRAVITY), and opposite corners

repel each other (anti-gravity).  You can turn any ball on any axis, and it affects all the other balls.  This works

for polarized light, as well as everything in physics  ....  I think.  I sort of lost interest in this sort of thing when

9/11 happened.  I can't do much else with what I've described without a PHD in physics and publishing, etc.

I hope someone else can figure out how to make anti-gravity cars and such. I never could figure out how to get

my "lifters" to work  .... ha   .....  I don't want to just tell my life story and distract our 9/11 quest, but I just wanted to explain why I don't believe in black holes or black wholes and zero-point energy.  I actually believe

more in white holes if anything.  I too look forward to Dr Fetzer's interview with the EE tonight.  I'll be gone for a

day, but will catch up when I get back.  Maybe it would be better taking this physics stuff somewhere else, so as not to distract attention.  My website is  "birdrop"  on StumbleUpon, where I have tried to explain my theory of life in less than 500 words  ....  ha  ....  cheers  .... Danny

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