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"So Why Won't the American Public Reject the USG 9/11 Lie?" by Mike Sparks

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 10:04:36 -0700 [12:04:36 PM CDT]
Subject: So Why Won't the American Public Reject the USG 9/11 Lie?

Yeah, yeah "won't" isn't proper English. I didn't want to dilute the title with "Why will the..." and water it down into passive voice. I
want to ask the question directly.

Below is a book review for Bacevich's The New American Militarism that I
have written that raises the 9/11 UPSTREAM question and answers it.

The American people are BS. They (that means WE) need to be criticized
and condemned for going along with the 9/11 BS of the USG/BIG


P.S.: There is no nice way to say it, either.


Lays Out Many of the Fascist Dots--But Fails to Connect Them

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Bacevich should get a medal for serving our
country for writing this book to warn us that we have become a Fascist,
Militarist [Nazi] nation-state. He has personally paid for American
militarism with the life of his own son, Andrew Jr.; a young Army 1LT
who died needlessly in the occupation of Iraq for BIG BUSINESS and BIG
GOVERNMENT power and profits. Bacevich does a masterful job pointing out
the social groups within America that have created over time our
current AmeroNazi nation-state; the Religious Right, the Neocons, the
Media etc. but he doesn't start from the beginning and he presents these
actors as having straight-forward motivations and thinking. When you
take everything he presents, it doesn't add up. It doesn't add up
because it's too simplistic and flat out false to ASS U ME every actor
in America is singular in purpose. What Bacevich fails to account for is
TREACHERY--duplicity--the FACT that the ruling elites
have deliberately pitted left vs. right and played both sides in wars
for their secret society profits and goals. Bacevich desperately needs
to read the works of Antony Sutton and the book, "Nazi Hydra in America"
(available online) to get a clue about what's really happening here;
which is a march towards an America run by a king where the sheeple
worship the nation-state exactly like their earlier experiment, Nazi
Germany. Everything Bacevich is describing as happening in America; the
adulation of Soldiers, the compliant press, the national mythology are
all STEPS and warning signs of fascism.

Where Bacevich next goes astray is in his shallow understanding of the
religious right; he jumps right into war--whether the Puritans were
"doves or hawks" when he should have first asked WHAT WAS THEIR REASON
FOR LIVING? This is what drives everything long before wars pop up. That
answer is found in James Hepburn's second chapter of "Farewell America"
where he reveals that America's primary sin is MATERIALISM from the
very beginning as a Prudish knee-jerk reaction against sex with a not so
surprising result of VIOLENCE to get that wealth. Right-wing Americans
obsessed with sex-as-evil, love violence. Americans are violent people
because they see it as moral and sex as "Sodom & Gomorrah". People
are basically bad and evil, so why not put a bullet to their head if
they misbehave, they deserve it, right? No Jesus Christ forgiveness or
repentance or redemption in this Dirty Harry outlook. Just a smug,
self-righteous, holier-than-thou snobbishness that I
have-a-right-to-blow-you-away which we see daily in Iraq/Afghanistan.
Those that are rich must have worked harder than those "live & let
live slackers" so they have the right to rule etc. America's adoration
of the rich and famous belies this corrupt outlook which should instead
admire those that are moral and unselfish who haven't gotten rich or
famous. Factor in the second generation of American immigrants coming to
America for selfish, economic reasons and not for religious freedom and
you now have a majority growing over time opposed to the Founding
Father's ideal that freedom's primary purpose is to be able to live a
life according to your conscience--life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. Today's AmeroNazis will have none of this; your duty is to
conform to the American militaristic borg of BIG BUSINESS AND BIG
GOVERNMENT, your conscience be damned.

Bacevich is right that getting rid of one bad Presidential
administration like W. Bush and his Nazis will not fix America from
being a militarist nation that cannot just say no! to wars. However, he
is wrong by placing the blame on societal groups with "urges" when there
are SPECIFIC traitors instigating the culture war to divide and conquer
us into an AmeroNazi clone of Hitler's Germany. The violence-loving
Rockefeller Illuminati that created fascism in the first place and put
Hitler into power as a counter to the sex-loving Rothschild communism is
the place to start. Americans must wake up that they are being conned
and played by the Illuminati's left vs. right Hegelian conflict--and not
be patriotically corrected into going along with ANY immoral action
just because it's labeled "American". The place to start there is with
the lie that 9/11 was done by terrorist ragheads when it was actually an
inside job by traitors within our own U.S. Government.
Before going to ANY war we must demand we find out who actually
attacked us--something Bacevich only hints at because he doesn't want to
be seen as too radical. The same secret elites that lied about Pearl
Harbor, the Bay of Pigs, JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, Gulf of
Tonkin, Watergate, Iran-Contra, the 2000 stolen election etc. are MORE
most likely suspects. For example, the well-qualified, NTSB did not
investigate the alleged aircraft crashes on 9/11--go to their web site.
The FBI unqualified to do aircraft crash investigations was supposed to
do it--but said they didn't need to do it "because they saw it all on
TV". Yeah right. "Fade to Black" just as the alleged second plane came
into view but out of composite WTC alignment. The FBI at least had
enough integrity to admit they didn't have anything to indict Bin Laden
and his al CIAduh group for 9/11.

These are the dirty realities of American militarism that Bacevich
skirts around with his sociological urge theory for American collective

If the American people will not demand that there will be no war until
it's proven without a doubt that war is necessary--just because a
hate-raghead False Flag terrorist incident was staged for them that
feeds into their prejudices and urges for violence, then our problems
are not mere groupthink--but individuals being GUTLESS and IMMORAL
stemming from their lemming psychological make-up. Being a REAL American
means studying EVERY ISSUE on a case-by-case objective, factual basis
and acting according to one's conscience regardless of what the crowd is
clamoring for. If you cannot do what is right, you are not free. What
America is doing now at home and abroad is not right; how long we will
be free is the big question. Bacevich is asking these kinds of questions
and we should all salute him in thanks.

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