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Solving the Passenger Paradoxes of American 11 and United 175

In a previous article, I speculated what may have happened to an alleged passenger of American Flight 11 on the day of September 11, 2001.  Now I have identified all of the passengers and crew on American 11 and United 175 whose names were found on the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) for American 11 and I paint a more complete picture of my hypothesis.

Thank you to the Web Fairy and Vince Sammartino for their hard work on this subject.



Sara Low, 28 27 Oct 1972 -- 11 Sep 2001

Madeline Sweeney, 35 MADELINE A SWEENEY17 Dec 1916 -- 09 Dec 2001 (MARY F SWEENEY 01 Jan 1929-11 Sep 2001)


Jeffrey Coombs, 42 18 Sep 1958 -- 11 Sep 2001

Tara Creamer, 30 30 Nov 1970 -- 11 Sep

Thelma Cuccinello, 71 THELMA R CUCCINELLO 01 Feb 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001

Brian Dale, 43 BRIAN P DALE 23 Oct 1957 -- 11 Sep 2001

Alex Filipov, 70 ALEXANDER M FILIPOV 11 Apr 1931 -- 11 Sep 2001

Carol Flyzik, 40 CAROL A FLYZIK 13 Mar 1961 -- 11 Sep 2001

Paul Friedman, 45 PAUL J FRIEDMAN 13 Aug 1956 -- 11 Sep 2001

Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31 KARLETON D FYFE 10 Feb 1970 -- 11 Sep 2001

Linda George, 27 LINDA M GEORGE 11 Jun 1974 -- 11 Sep 2001

Peter Hashem, 40, PETER P HASHEM 20 Mar 1961 -- 11 Sep 2001

Robert Hayes, 37 ROBERT E HAYES 09 Sep 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001

Ted Hennessy, 35 EDWARD R HENNESSY 01 Mar 1966 -- 11 Sep 2001

Barbara Keating, 72 BARBARA A KEATING 23 Dec 1928 -- 11 Sep 2001 (PAUL H KEATING 04 Sep 1963 -- 11 Sep 2001)

Carlos Montoya CARLOS M MONTOYA 01 Mar 1965 -- 11 Sep 2001

Laura Lee Morabito, 34 LAURA L MORABITO 04 Oct 1966 -- 11 Sep 2001

Mildred Naiman MILDRED NAIMAN 24 Mar 1920 -- 11 Sep 2001

Laurie Neira LAURIE NEIRA 08 Dec 1952 -- 11 Sep 2001

Robert Norton, 82 ROBERT G NORTON 11 May 1916 -- 11 Sep 2001

Thomas Pecorelli, 31 THOMAS PECORELLI 08 Oct 1970 -- 11 Sep 2001

Richard Ross, 58 RICHARD ROSS 29 Apr 1943 -- 11 Sep 2001

James Trentini, 65 JAMES A TRENTINI 24 May 1936 -- 11 Sep 2001

Mary Trentini, 67 MARY B TRENTINI 11 Feb 1934 -- 11 Sep 2001

Mary Wahlstrom, 75, MARY A WAHLSTROM 19 Apr 1923 -- 11 Sep 2001

Kenneth Waldie, 46 KENNETH E WALDIE 13 May 1955 -- 11 Sep 2001





I will assume for the sake of argument that these 25 were real people whose families reported their deaths to the proper authorities on or around September 11, 2011.  The others will be assumed to be fake identities or the identities of people who really died prior to that day.

Now we have 25 people who may well have gone to Boston Logan Airport on September 11.  As was mentioned in the previous article, Flight 11 never took off and was not even scheduled.

Let’s place the 25 at Logan Airport and assume they (a) get word at the airport that Flight 11 is not available and that they should exchange their tickets for American 11 for United 175 or (b) they know all along to go to United 175.

Either way, they get to Gate 19, the gate for United 175.  Their presence does not likely cause any attention because they probably appear to anyone watching as passengers arriving for the flight they wanted.  They then board the plane.

Their takeoff is approximately 8:23 AM (some sources say 8:14 AM, but evidence suggests a similar plane took off at that time, perhaps as a decoy for United 175).

Who else was on this plane?

Various media sources have indicated that 65 people, including crew, were on United 175.

In terms of the SSDI, what do we know about these alleged crew and passengers?



Capt. Victor Saracini, Lower Makefield Twp., PA. YES. ssn 148-40-1155.

Michael Horrocks, First Officer. YES. 200-56-3596.

Amy N. Jarret, N. Smithfield, RI, flight attendant. YES. 10/3/1972, 036-58-1829.


Summary for crew: 9 persons overall, 3 listed in SSDI, 6 not listed.



Mark Bavis, 31, West Newton, MA YES. 014-66-0115.

Lynn Goodchild, 25, Attleboro, MA. YES. 5/27/1976; 028-64-1219.

Rev. Francis E. Grogan, 76, Easton, MA. YES. (SSDI suggests last residence as Bridgeport, CT).

Carl Hammond, 37, Boston, MA. YES. 10/4/63. SSN 419-78-1048.

Gerald Hardacre. YES. 11/21/1939; 564-56-5300.

James E. Hayden, 47, Westford, MA, CFO of Netegrity, Inc. YES. 3/29/1954; 039-36-7272.

Herbert Homer, 48, Milford, MA, worked for Raytheon (major employer in Mass., also a huge military contractor). YES. 2/5/1953; 013-42-8804.

Robert LeBlanc, Lee, NH, professor emeritus at U. of NH, specialist in Canadian studies and Franco-American communities in New England. YES. 10/28/1930; 002-20-8599

Maclovo "Joe" Lopez, Jr., 41, Norwalk, CA. YES. 4/29/1960; 555-11-6604.

Patrick Quigley, 40, Wellesley, MA. Partner at PriceWaterhouse Cooper. YES. 2/25/1961; 159-44-2169.

Kathleen Shearer, Dover, NH YES 3/11/1940; 546-56-0507

Robert Shearer, (CNN says Dover, NH, SSDI says Portsmouth, NH) YES 3/1/1938; 531-34-6781. Presumably Kathleen Shearer's husband.

Brian Sweeney, 38, Barnstable, MA. YES. 032-58-1445


By this count, there are 13 YES, 30 NO and 4 FOREIGN entries of the names shown by CNN for the passengers.

Combined with the 25 “passengers” from Flight 11, we now have 38 people noted in the SSDI as having died on September 11, 2001.  I will ignore the number of foreigners and the crew members in this essay as the number 38 is arbitrary.

What we do not know is how many people were actually on United 175, although we do receive a hint of this number later.

The flight allegedly crashes into World Trade Center south tower at 9:03 AM.

ACARS shows the flight to have been flying over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 9:23 AM.  It lands in Cleveland at approximately 10:45 AM.

Newspapers report approximately 200 passengers walking from the area where the flight landed toward the NASA building at Cleveland Hopkins Airport not long afterward.  But there is no source for this number.

Did the 38 passengers later recorded on the SSDI walk among the group seen?

Probably.  They had nowhere else to go.  The airport had already been evacuated.

Were there really 200 people on this walk?

Let’s assume there were.  That would mean the non-passengers outnumbered the passengers by about a four-to-one ratio.  Perhaps the plotters used four agents for every passenger to make sure the passengers went to the NASA building without tipping off their identities.

Then what?

This group of people went inside the NASA building.  No one has reported where, if anywhere, they went after that point.

The next we hear of the 38 is that they are among those listed as having died on either American 11 or United 175.  Friends and relatives learn this news on September 12.  On September 13, the Boston Globe publishes a list of American 11 passengers without saying anything about the source.

The 38 were last seen around noon in Cleveland on the 11th.  This gives whoever wrote the list that the public would rely upon a whole day to get the names in order for their presentation (the fact that different lists have emerged and that the authenticity of the manifests was STIPULATED to in court but never PROVEN enhances the idea that someone made them up).

Why wouldn’t this “list maker” for the American 11 and United 175 flights be present in the NASA building?

This person could confirm which names were to be used by seeing the passengers and any agents first-hand.  There they could make mistakes in spelling because they did not hear something right.  They could watch who left.

Better yet, they could control when people would leave.

Word by now was getting out in the news that American 11 and United 175 had crashed into the towers at the World Trade Center.  This lie sank into the public’s perception of this event fairly quickly.

So the list maker had to make sure that the 38 would forever be associated with the crash site in New York and not associated in any way with Cleveland.  And this is the best reason why these 38 were not executed.

Killing people leaves evidence.  Their executions would have had to have taken place in Cleveland (no one could fly for a week and transporting them would carry with it the passenger perception of duress, not to mention more opportunities for the public to notice them).

If any evidence of their deaths were found to have happened in Cleveland, the proverbial ballgame would be over.  The die had already been cast that they had died in New York!

So, upon the news reaching relatives and later the media that they had “died,” the passengers were allowed to leave the NASA building one by one.  Monitored.  Watched.  Listened to.  One person contacting the public could be written off by the plotters as a “no show.”

Once the last passenger left and followed their directions as to their new life, the Cleveland chapter was done.

Source: Planes without Passenger: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11, 2nd edition unless otherwise noted

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