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Some Hole in the Plane Stories by Morgan Reynolds and Rick Rajter

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Comment by Thoth II on June 18, 2009 at 5:16pm
I like this quote from Morgan and Judy paper about Kevin Barrett:

"The public will find out that Katie Couric, Peter Jennings, Charles Gibson and the beloved leadership of corporate media were accessories to mass murder. Media are the enforcement arm, psy-ops, of the
powers-that-be, the mind control engine, the propaganda matrix. Once their deception and treasonous collaboration come into bright sunlight for all to see, an unprecedented wave of anger will be unleashed against the killers, their media mouthpieces and their paymasters. The traitors will be "drowned" and America's reinvention will begin. This explains the intensity of the no plane debate"

Maybe they are correct that this is why the "no-plane debate" seems so controversial, even though to me, from a science viewpoint, it is cut and dried: the videos were obviously faked, the media had to be involved, and they pulled a horrendous scam on the American people, history, constitution, and dream. So now they have to fight to the death to suffocate the truth, because the truth will bring them all down. How long can a big lie last?

Remember the following sinister events in recent history:
(1) "Baghdad Bob" , a spokeman for Saddam Hussein, who was denying in Arab media that the American tanks had arrived in Baghdad, when they clearly had. This stuff renches the gut because you know they are lying about material events to your face when you clearly know they're lying
(2) The young BBC woman reading the script about building 7 having fallen, yet it wouldn't fall for another several minutes. You can see the building still as she's reading the script. Gives the same sinister feeling as Baghdad Bob.
Comment by James H. Fetzer on June 18, 2009 at 4:39pm
Ace Baker has been pushing for access to the original footage broadcast on 9/11 but has encountered the argument that that kind of material is not usually made available, to which he offers these counterexamples:

Here is NBC news archive library:


For TV stations, it is routine to license footage.

Here is a 3rd Party site that licenses news footage:


Here is procedure for Kennedy stuff:

Comment by James H. Fetzer on June 14, 2009 at 3:54pm
Here's a good one to sort out: Morgan and Judy on Kevin Barrett.
Nice Guy Kevin Barrett Spins 9_11 Planes.pdf

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