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The Bizarre List of Passengers on Flight 77 from 911review.org


Flight 77 Passengers

We are told that there were 64 passengers were on board Flight 77. We count 59, including 6 crew members. We presume they mean 59 passengers and crew, plus 5 Hijackers Patsies. There is no Arab name on the list of victims as reported by the media (see Passenger Links below).

The capacity of Flight 77 was 239 passengers, and with 53 passengers aboard, that is an occupancy rate of 23%. We have flown a great deal in Europe and North America, and never at any time in the last decade have we flown a trans-continental flight that was 3/4 empty (this is of course pre-9/11). The numbers appear out-of-whack, thankfully. And so, a lingering question is why the passenger loads on the four planes hijacked in US skies are being described by industry officials as "very, very low."

Many investigators suspect the terrorists at the very least shopped for flights with low passenger loads, making it easier for them -- presumably armed only with knives and box cutters -- to prevent passenger uprisings. ...

"They wanted the numbers to be on their side."

And they were: staggeringly so. CNN

Three of the transcontinental flights departed for the West Coast with at least two thirds of the seats empty. Only 37 of the 182 seats were occupied -- including four by hijackers, at least two in first class -- as United Airlines' Flight 93 left Newark for San Francisco. Through July, airlines in the United States reported flights on average were 71 percent capacity this year.

There is no evidence that the hijackers actually "shopped for flights" at all. In some cases we are told that they simply purchased their tickets over the Internet.

But this is truly a bizarre passenger list. Well, if you look at the occupations of the passengers of Flight 77, you get a strange feeling that something is wrong with this picture:

For a random collection of passengers, this is a very impressive manifest. We use the results of Killtown's work on the passenger list, which was drawn from the canonical sources of 9/11 victims biographical information on the Internet: the numbers in square brackets are the numbers in Killtown's listing .

* a senior scientist with the US Navy, retired Army. [12] A third-generation physicist whose work at the Navy was so classified that his family knew very little about what he did each day. They don't even know exactly why he was headed to Los Angeles on the doomed American Airlines Flight 77.

* a Boeing engineer in Integrated Defense Systems; he served in the US Air Force for four years, and for the National Security Agency for 14 years. [36]

* a director of program management at Raytheon, US Army (ret.) [28] who helped develop and build anti-radar technology for electronic warfare. Raytheon's website notes that they are leaders in every phase of the Precision Strike kill chain; are the world's leading organization at Missile Defense; provides state-of-the-art technology to detect, protect and respond to terrorism and provide Homeland Defense; and that their technology forms the eyes, ears and brains of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems, from the Predator to the Global Hawk.

* a retired naval aviator who worked for Veridian Corp., a defense contractor, who was working with military aircraft and weapons systems [56] A Navy test pilot who worked on the development of the F18. "He had done a number of black programs -- which means top-secret," said his son. "We were given no details."

* an electrical engineer with defense contractor BAE Systems. [41] largest technical support supplier to the US Navy. BAE Systems is an industry leader in flight control systems, which are present on nearly every US military aircraft. BAE electronic warfare systems such as their jamming system are vital to the US Navy operations.

* 2 Boeing propulsion engineers: a lead Propulsion Engineer and a Project Manager with Boeing Satellite Systems, [32] and a lead engineer for Boeing Satellite Systems. [40]

* a software architect with Lockheed Martin Corp., US Army (ret.). [42]

* A manager in the systems and software architecture department.

* a Vice President for software development, EMSolutions and retired Lieutenant Commander, Navy. [18] He spent 20 years in the US Navy, where he developed high capacity signal processors, multi-processor application software and innovative signal processing algorithms. EMSolutions maintains a facility security clearance, and has contracts with Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and BAE Systems.

* a technical group manager at Xon Tech, a defense-related research and development firm [46] He previously worked as an engineer at the Naval Research Lab. Also a technical manager of Xon Tech [53].

* a retired Navy Rear Admiral, former Navy pilot, and retired American Airlines pilot. [24]

* a senior executive at the Defense Department. [29] A budget analyst/director of the programming and fiscal economics division who worked at the Pentagon.

* a former Navy electronics technician worked as a Department of Defense contractor with Vrendenburg Co. in Washington [57]

* managing partner and co-founder of Stratin Consulting. and retired Marine Corps Lieutenant and Vietnam War veteran [26]

* a lawyer who had worked with the Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps. [49] And of course, there was

* Barbara Olson, attorney, CNN Commentator and wife of the United States Solicitor General. [39]

The odds against this being a random group of 53 American Airlines passengers are simply astronomical! There are more top secret security clearances here than in most medium-sized cities in America.

Especially astounding in this bizarre passenger list is the preponderance of Navy personnel amongst the 4 armed services, and the tilt toward propulsion and guidance systems amongst all of the possible secret technologies. It's almost as if someone put this list together thinking that Navy personnel were expendable - or needed to be expended.

This looks like a charter flight for the military-industrial complex; it's almost as if this plane should have taken off from the Pentagon, rather than supposedly crashing into it.

See our page: Cell Phone Calls Flight 77.



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Comment by James H. Fetzer on October 20, 2009 at 7:56pm

What really happened to American Airlines Flights 11 and 77 on Sept 11, 2001. by Gerard Holmgren . Nov 13 2003

(Slightly revised Sept 25 2006)

(Author’s note Jan 9 2005 : This article was originally published here. Shortly after I published this article the BTS moved it’s database to a new location—and didn't leave a forwarding address. The new address is


10 months after I published, they finally got around to doctoring the database as predicted at the end of this article. Links to back ups of the original BTS search results done in Nov 2003 are here 1 2 3 4

By visiting the original article, one can see that in Nov 2003, no-one in the comments column was disputing that I had accurately represented the contents of the data base. When I update this article, I will show how the BTS has made a mess of the cover up. Below is the article as originally published}

On the basis of photographic and physical evidence, it has now been established for some time that on Sept 11, 2001 the damage to the Pentagon was caused by something other than the hijacked Boeing 757, American Airlines Flight 77 claimed by the Government to have crashed into the building.

More recently, its become widely accepted on the basis of video evidence that the object which hit the North Tower of the WTC at 8.46 that morning was not the hijacked Boeing 767, American Airlines Flight 11, as claimed in the official story.

In response to these observations, both supporters of the truth and blind deniers of it agree on one thing. It raises the question - "If these flights did not hit the buildings as alleged, then where did they go?'

We are now in a position to answer that question.

First, lets recap the official story of what happened to four planes that morning.

AA 11 left Boston for LA at about 8 am, was reported as hijacked about 8.25, and hit the Nth Tower at about 8.46.

UA 175 left Boston for LA at about the same time, was reported hijacked at about 8.55 and hit the Sth Tower at about 9.03

AA 77 left Dulles for LA about the same time , was reported hijacked at about 8.55 and hit the Pentagon at about 9.45

UA 93 left Newark for SF at about the same time, was reported hijacked about 9.45 and crashed in PA at about 10.10.

The Buruea of transportation website contains search pages, where one can pull up detailed statistics about the history of which flights have been scheduled for which airports on any given day. Go to

http://www.bts.gov/ntda/oai/index.shtml (This was the link I quoted in the original article. As noted above, very soon after I published, the BTS moved it’s site and didn’t leave a forwarding address.)

and click on "detailed statistics" where one can search records of scheduled and actual departure times, arrival times, diversions and cancellations by departure airport, arrival airport, airline and flight number. Searches for Sept 11 2001 reveal that the flights AA 11 and AA 77 did not exist. They were not scheduled that day. Here are the search results which I encourage everyone to check for themselves.

A search for UA flights from Newark on Sept 11, 2001 shows 0093 to SF was scheduled at 8.00 and actually departed at 8.01. It is listed as "diverted" and did not arrive at its destination.

A search for UA from Boston on that day shows 0175 to LA was scheduled for 8.00 and actually departed at 7.58. Also listed as "diverted" and did not arrive at its destination. The term "diverted" is not clarified as to whether it includes hijacking and/or crashing, so the data gives no indication one way or the other as to truth of the official story about what happened to them, but it does confirm that they departed as per the official story and did not arrive at their destinations.

A search for AA flights from Boston that day does not list 0011. The earliest scheduled AA flight to LA

that day was 0181 at 11.00

A search for AA flights from Dulles that day does not list 0077. The earliest scheduled AA flight to LA was 0135 at 11.15.

Here's a different search method. One can find the historical reliability and punctuality of specific flights over a period of time, by specifying the Airline and flight number and defining the time period. The search then returns figures on average delays in departure and arrival times and percentages of cancelled or diverted flights.

If one searches specifically for UA 175 or UA 93 narrowed down to sept 11 only, the search returns the result of "diverted" for each flight. A similar search for either AA 11 or AA 77 returns "no data found".

If you search for AA 11 or AA 77 on different days, you will find that they were regularly scheduled flights right up to Sept 10. AA 11 was scheduled daily from Logan to LA at 8.00, and AA 77 from Dulles to LA at 7.45. On Sept 11, they were not scheduled. Not cancelled. Just not scheduled.

On Sept 12, they re-appear in the schedule (obviously as cancelled for the next few days) up until Sept 20 when both flights change their numbers.

Thus the official figures from the Bureau of Transportation statistics indicate that neither AA 11 nor AA 77 flew on Sept, 11 2001. This solves the question of what happened to them. Nothing. Because the flights did not exist. This is consistent with other evidence which shows that they were not the objects responsible for the Pentagon and Nth WTC tower incidents.

This still leaves unanswered the question of what happened to the passengers alleged to be aboard the non existent flights. (See update below) In the case of AA 77, while one can always speculate about the most plausible scenarios, I prefer to wait until some real evidence emerges. However in the case of AA 11, I think it is worth noting that UA 175 left from the same airport, at the same time for the same destination as that normally applicable to AA 11. Therefore, although there is no direct evidence to support the claim, it would seem reasonable to speculate at this stage that any passengers who booked for AA 11 that day, and went to the airport, expecting to get on AA 11, may have been told that there was a last minute problem with the flight which could not be fixed within a reasonable period of time, and were offered a flight on UA 175 as compensation.

The data in this search indicates that we have been systematically lied to about the alleged flight paths and hijacking sequence of AA 11 and AA 77, as well as the alleged phone calls made from the planes.

It also indicates probable complicity by American Airlines in the events of Sept 11 , 2001.

For the benefit of any NWO operatives reading this, the search result pages have already been backed up and widely distributed, so there's no point in trying to pressure the Bureau into playing hanky panky with the records. Nevertheless, I do encourage all readers to do the searches themselves and back up the results pages, just in case this happens.

(Update Sept 25 2006). On May 16 2004, I published an article proving that even if AA 11 did exist, then the passenger lists published by the media for the flight were fabrications. This does not necessarily mean that there are no missing people to account for, but it does mean that question of “what happened to the passengers ?” now means that we must point out that we don’t even really know who we are looking for when we talk about “the passengers.” There is no known document which has any credibility as a “passenger list”.

In that analysis, I found that there were four people who were listed as being aboard both AA11 and UA 175. This may add some weight to the speculation above that some people were deceived into thinking they were going to catch a flight called AA 11 and finished up on UA 175. If so, that situation could be the source of a mix up where the two lists got partially confused. But that is only speculation.

All we know for certain at this stage is that according to the official flight data, no such flight took place, and that the media published fake passenger lists for the alleged AA 11 flight.

Related article.

How Mark Rabinowitz and Jim Hoffman Lied about the BTS data.

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