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Mormon Zion
Mormon Kingdom of Zion

Mormons in the Bush Administration

1. Karl Rove was raised in and attended high school in Salt Lake City. Powerful Mormon Republicans originally gave Rove his start in politics, and while he was a student at Salt Lake's Olympus High School he served as the school's campaign chairman for Senator Wallace Bennett. Today, Senator Bob Bennett (Wallace's son) is one of Rove's mentors. Rove then went on to become mired in the Watergate Scandal in 1972, was actually investigated by Nixon and was ultimately "spared" by George Bush Senior. Later on in his political career, his affiliation to the Republican National Committee and George Bush, Sr. led to Rove being named as George Bush, Jr's Senior Political Advisor. In this position, Rove used his political clout to saturate the Bush Administration with Mormons and proxies who were loyal to the Mormons.

2. Dick Cheney's wife (Lynn) comes from a 5th generation Mormon family, although technically she's not Mormon because her father took her to join another church when she was a child (just her, not the whole family). Dick Cheney was in charge of NORAD on the Morning of 9/11 because he planned 5-war games exercises for the morning of 9/11, which entailed the hypothetical hijacking of commercial airliners by terrorists who would then fly them into national landmarks. Because of Cheney's war games exercises, military authorites were unable to distinguish between the real 9/11 terrorist hijackings and Cheney's war games events. Consequently, FAA official were forced to ground every plane flying in American airspace. Cheney has been referred to as "...the most dangerous Vice President we've had", and during Cheney's tenure as Vice President under George Bush he managed to compile a long list of executive abuses that violate the very tenets of the US Constitution, which included:

a. Claiming to wield executive powers independent from those of President Bush

b. Pointing to his position as "Vice President" as the reason for not complying with an executive order issued by President Bush

c. During another refusal to comply with orders for the handling of classified documents, Cheney deemed the Office of Vice President a "hybrid office" that combined aspects of both the executive and legislative branches in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

d.David Addington, Cheney's legal counsel and Chief of Staff, claimed that Congress had absolutely no authority to examine Cheney's behavior as Vice President.

During Cheney's tenure as Secretary of Defense from 1989 to 1993, Cheney and Addington were intensely interested in the President's CO-OP (Continuity of Operations Plan), another name for the President's special "Emergency War Powers legislation", which can be invoked by a President during a national emergency and when invoked gives the President of the United States special powers to circumvent the checks and balances of the Constitution of the United States. CO-OP allows for an "Enduring Constitutional Government" under a "Paramount Unitary Executive" with "cooperation from Congress and several Courts". CO-OP was taken to such an extend by Cheney and Addington that Cheney actually began practicing drills and spending his nights in an undisclosed bunker. CO-OP was partially implemented just after 9/11.

3.In 1999, Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch referenced the secret Mormon doctrine of "The Constitution Hanging by a Thread" to all of his Mormon constituents on KSL's Doug Wright Show in Utah. During this period of time, Hatch was also Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for teh Bush Administration.

4.Jay Bybee, Mormon graduate of the J. Reuben Clark School of Law, drafted the infamous "Bush Torture Memo", which gave the United States Government the authority to establish the extra-legal gulag at Guantanamo and torture prisoners in violation of the Geneva Convention. Bybee worked in the Justice Department under Senator Orrin Hatch.

5.Bybee's "Torture Memo" was largely authored by John Yoo, who worked in the Justice Department under Senator Orrin Hatch and Jay Bybee.

6. Tim Flanigan, Mormon graduate of BYU, worked in the Justice Department under Senator Orrin Hatch. And, just after 9/11, Flanigan began working with David Addington (Cheney's Chief of Staff) and Dick Cheney to begin drafting new "Emergency War Powers" legislation specifically designed at overcoming the limitations of the Execitive Branch of the Federal Government. Addington (alleged CIA asset) always claimed that the President of the United States had "unlimited powers" during wartime (or when CO-OP was invoked).

7. D. Kyle Sampson, Mormon graduate of BYU, who worked in the Justice Department under Senator Orrin Hatch, compiled the list of 8 US Attorneys to be fired for not being loyal to Bush (actually Mormons, Bush was an excuse). Sampson's actions begat the 2006 US Attorney Scandal. Incidentally, Sampson attended law School with Elizabeth Cheney, Dick Cheney's daugther, and both Dick Cheney and Senator Orrin Hatch assisted in placing Sampson in the Justice Department after his graduation. Additionally, Karl Rove was subsequently directly linked to having David Iglesias' name placed on the list of US Attorneys to be fired by Sampson.

Paul Charlton's name, the US Attorney for the District of Arizona (and my fraternity brother), was added to Sampson's list after I began writing him about what I know in 2004 (Charlton was also a member of the joint terrorism task force at the time, which was why I initially contacted him). One of my letters was subsequently forwarded to the Phoenix office of the FBI (who's Bureau Chief was Mormon, and who was fired at the end of 2005). I believe the Mormon FBI bureau chief forwarded my letter to Senator Orrin Hatch, who then had his Mormon subordinate, D. Kyle Sampson, add Charlton's name to the list of US attorney's to be fired. Notice the email below wherein Senator Orrin Hatch wants to talk to Sampson about Charlton.

Incredibly, you had Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah (10th Circuit) who was the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee talking to his Mormon subordinate D. Kyle Sampson about firing US Attorney Paul Charlton (9th Circuit) for not being deemed "loyal" to their secret cadre. But, what makes this even more incredible is that the language written into the "Patriot Act", which made all of this possible was written by yet another of Orrin Hatch's Mormon subordinates in the Justice Department, Brett Tolman. You have to ask yourself, why would a Mormon Senator from Utah (10th Circuit) be discussing performance issues with Mormon subordinates about a US Attorney from the 9th Circuit who they all knew had damaging information about Mormon involvement in "anti-American activities"?

8. Brett Tolman graduated from BYU as an undergrad and then again from BYU's esteemed J. Reuben Clark School of Law. Tolman then went on to work in the Justice Department under Senator Orrin Hatch where he drafted official language used in the "Patriot Act", an act made necessary because of the terrorist environment created by Mormon terrorists and Al Qaida, who the Mormon terrorists coordinated with and then made scapegoats of. In fact, Brett Tolman's last-minute stealthy language written into the Patriot Act made it possible for the President to begin hiring and firing US Attorneys without the approval of Congress. And, in yet another irony, Tolman's own language allowed him to subsequently be appointed the new US Attorney for Utah, a position he still holds today.

Mormon Religious Prophecy About "Conquering" America

1. It's important to understand that ever since Mormonism was formally organized as a religion in 1830, its entire theology has been based upon the insane notion that Mormonism is superior to Christianity, and that the Mormons will one-day "conquer" America and convert her into their "Mormon Kingdom of Zion", in accordance with Mormon prophecy (see Mormon Theology):

a. The secret Mormon prophecy, "Daniels Prophecy of the rise of the Kingdom of God in the Latter-days", teaches that God took the gospel away from the "Jews" after they forsook the Gospel by choosing to live in accordance with "Man's laws" instead of "God's Laws". The prophecy also teaches that Christianity is not the true restoration of the "Church" that Daniel spoke of in the Bible, and that "Christians" would only have the gospel "for a season" before God would take it away from "the Christians" and restore God's true Church, which Mormons claim is the Mormon religion. Further, "The Doctrine of the Gospel versus the law" teaches that the Mormon religion is the supreme law of the land in America, just as "Sharia Law" is the supreme law of the land for Islam, and it teaches that Joseph Smith's restored the "Melchizedek Priesthood" in order to essentially elevate all Mormon males to the status of "man-Gods" who could circmvent the Judeo-Christian laws of America (Man's laws) and the "Christian" laws of Moses whenever they deemed it necessary to do so. Finally, the prophecy teaches that the Mormon vision of America is that of a theocratic "Kindom of Zion" where the head of the Mormon Church is the King of America and all American citizens are "subjects" of the Mormon Kingdom of Zion.

b. The secret Mormon prophecy, "The Doctrine of the Constitution Hanging by a Thread" teaches that the Mormon "Elders of Zion" will one day rush in and "save" the constitution, which will be in a "state of decay" and "almost have been destroyed" because of the vile decadence of the "Christians". It goes on to teach that after the "Elders of Zion" have "saved" the Constitution, the Mormon Elders of Zion will be left holding up the remains of the Constitution for all of the other "Kingdoms" of the world to see after "the people have torn it to shreds".

2. As the Mormon nation of "Deseret" was carved up by the US Government between 1858 and 1912 and pieces of it were given to other States populated by US citizens who were loyal to the United States Government, the Mormon religion became more and more desperate to have their own State, which they knew they would need in order to maintain any semblance of religious autonomy. Because of this, in 1890 the Mormon religion was finally forced to issue what is known today as "The 1890 Manifesto", which was a formal decree by the Mormon religion to finally ban the practice of polygamy within the United States and its territories. However, the REAL intent of the "1890 Manifesto" was to initiate an intensive public relations campaign designed to create the appearance that the Mormons of Utah had finally become good and loyal citizens of the United States and were going to live in accordance with the Judeo-Christian laws of America. But, the "1890 Manifesto" also resulted in a vast exodus of Mormon polygamists out of the Utah Territory who began fleeing to places "that would be hidden and protected by God" in accordance with yet another Mormon prophecy.

3. As previously mentioned, "The 1890 Manifesto", was more of a public relations campaign designed to show Congress that the Mormons of Utah had finally decided to become faithfull and loyal citizens of the United States; and, they desperately hoped this charade would help faciilitate Utah's acceptance as the next state in the Union. In fact it did, and Utah finally did become a state in 1896. However, this didn't stop the Mormon religion from requiring every Mormon in the World to pledge their secret "Mormon Oath of Vengeance" against America, in Mormon temples no less. Two versions of the "Oath" that all Mormons in the world were required to pledge until 1927 are shown below:

a. Version required by Brigham Young in 1845 - "Do you solemnly swear, in the presence of almighty God, his holy angels and these witnesses, that you will avenge the blood of Joseph Smith upon this nation; and so teach your children; and that you will from this day henceforth and forever begin and carry out hostility against this nation, and keep the same a profound secret now and ever. So help you God."

b.Revised version required by the Church until 1927 - "Do you and each of you covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."

4. At this point, the reader needs to understand that the Mormon religion had actively been involved in armed conflict with the United States for 27-years between 1830 and 1857 (Missouri War, Illinois War and Utah War). Consequently, in order to gain Statehood, they needed to cease their armed and violent confrontration with the United States Government (who they despise) and appear to be "good citizens", which they did. However, due to the many generations of Mormons who stil hated America, had fought armed wars with America and who had pledged the "Mormon Oath of Vengeance Against America", this struggle needed to be taken "undergound", so that the newly pacified Mormons could "become hidden" and begin their charade of looking like staunch supporters of the Constitution and "good citizens", even though they secretly despised America.

Consequently, yet another secret Mormon prophecy began being emphasizing by the Mormon religion during this new period of "secret conflict", which lasted between around 1890 to 1957. And, this Mormon prophecy is the "Parable of the Wheat and the Tares", which taught that God would hide the Mormons (the wheat) "for a time", during which the Mormons would grow with the chaff (non-Mormon weeds) and become "hidden" by virtue of the fact that they now lived among the non-Mormons (chaff) and had become "accepted" by them. This prophecy goes on to teach that the Mormons would never actually "join" with the "chaff", and "after a period of time" during which the Mormons had "become hidden" (by virtue of becoming accepted by non-Mormon gentiles) the Mormons would then "arise", and "separate" themselves from the chaff, which would then be "burned". It's quite interesting to note that the New York Times reported in 1995 that the inhabitants of Elohim City, the polygamous town where the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was planned, routinely sang a hymn that referred to this exact same "Parable of the Wheat and the Tares". Further, as it turns out, Elohim City happens to be named after the God the Mormons actually believe in, "Elohim".

5. In the 1920's, J. Reuben Clark, a Mormon who later became a member of the Mormon religion's "First Presidency", and namesake of Brigham Young University's - J. Reuben Clark School of Law, began working for the US Justice Department. While working in the "court" of the Americans (as he put it), he drafted America's very first "draft Laws" and drafted the language that allows Mormons today to receive military deferrments while they are on their "religious Missions". This singular act by Clark essentially launched the Mormon religion's aggressive misionary program, as we know it today. This period of time also happened to be during during WWI, and Clark arguably became an "expert" on Constitutional Law and the Constitution of the United States after he was given the responsibility to begin drafting special new "Emergency War Powers Legislation" for the President of the United States, which allows the President to circumvent the checks and balances of the Constitution during a time of national emergency and assume a much more comprehensive control over the Federal Government. In fact, it was exactly this same scenario that especially concerned the Founding Fathers about giving the President too much executive power, because in the wrong hands this special legislation might allow a rougue President to declare martial law and seize control of the Federal Government.

6. About 37-years later, on April 6, 1957, the same J. Reuben Clark, who was by now an aged member of the Mormon religion's "First Presidency", gave a stirring presentation to the Mormon elite in the Salt Lake Temple entitled, "The Constitution". Clark's stirring presentation was ostensibly designed to show just how partriotic the Mormons had become over the years (while they were "hidden"), but Clark's presentation had a much darker and more sinister meaning because it was actually a secret call-to-arms for Mormons with the "Priesthood" to "awaken" in order to begin fulfilling the "political destiny of the religion", and for all other good Mormons to join them in their insane quest of conquering America in accordance with Mormon prophecy. In fact, Clark even referenced the secret Mormon parable called, "The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares" during his stirring presentation wherein he stated, "...and the final adoption of the wisest and best of it all I see the winnowing of the Wheat and the blowing away of the chaff. It's quite interesting to note that Clark also gave his stirring presentation exactly 100-years after the September 11, 1857 - Mountain Meadows Massacre and Brigham Young's declaration of independence from America on September 15, 1857. Please also note that the version of the "Mormon Oath of Vengeance Against America", shown in 3(b) above, refers to teaching, "...the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation". It's generally known that one generation commonly equates to 25-years, therefore 4-generations is exactly 100-years, which is exactly how long the Mormon religion kept its people "hidden" in accordance with the secret Mormon parable of, "The Wheat and the Tares" " (between 1857 and 1957). Remember The New York Times reported in 1995 that the polygamous inhabitants of "Elohim City" (many of whom were Mormon) actually sang hymns about "The Wheat and the Tares" prior to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing (see item number-7 in "Mormon Involvement in Domestic Terrorism" below).

Mormon History of War with America

1.The Mormon religion was formally incorporated in 1830, although Joseph Smith allegedly found the "Golden Plates" on September 22, 1823 when he was only 18.

2.Joseph Myth was a con man with an arrest record who had been arrested several times for "treasure hunting", a trade he learned from his father.

3. The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830, and marked the official launch of the Mormon religion.

4.Joseph Smith and his Mormons taught that the Mormon religion would conquer America, which would then become a "Mormon Kingdom of Zion", with Joseph Smith as its new King. Further, many Mormons also happened to be slave owners in New York. Consequently, because of their radical anti-American religious beliefs and because they owned slaves north of the Mason-Dixon line, they were forced out of New York in 1830. Smith was so angry about this that he wrote a prophecy about 9/11, which stated that all non-believers would be "burned as to stubble" after September 11, 1831. The actual prophecy written by Smith is shown below:

"For after today cometh the burning, for verily I say tomorrow all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be as stubble; and I will burn them up, for I am the lord of hosts; and I will not spare any that remain in Babylon".

5.And, it was because of slavery that Joseph Smith chose to begin migrating to the state of Missouri, which was a "Northern State", but which was brought into the Union as a "slave state" with the Missouri Compromise of 1820. When Smith and his Mormons began migrating to Missouri in the spring of 1831, Smith and his "main contingent" initially went to Kirtland, Ohio, and he sent another "advance contingent" of Mormons to settle in Missouri, specifically because Missouri was a slave state. The idea was that the main contingent would eventually merge with the Missouri contingent in Missouri, which would become the Church's headquarters. And, it was the job of Smith's Missouri contingent to create suitable Mormon settlements, which would eventually accomodate Smith's main contingent, which was en-route.

6.In 1832, Smith was tarred and feathered in Kirtland for his sexual indiscretions with 15-year old Nancy Marinda Johnson. Further, he began operating a bank without obtaining a state banking charter (Kirtland Safety Bank) and he ended up leaving Kirtland in the dead of night after stealing all of the bank's remaining funds in 1838. Further, the Mormons still owned slaves in Ohio, and because of this they were visited in 1836 by abolitionist agents of the US government who reminded them that slavery was ONLY allowed south of the Mason Dixon, and not in Ohio.

7.Meanwhile, between 1832 and 1838, the advance contingent of Missouri Mormons began stealing land and property from settlers who had arrived in and settled Missouri prior to the arrival of the Mormons in 1831. And, between 1831 and 1838 this conflict eventually turned into a full-fledged war, which is known today as the "Missouri War".

8. In 1838, Smith and his Ohio contingent fled Ohio in the dead of night, after Smith absconded with the remaining funds of the Kirtland Safety Bank. Smith and his "main contingent" of Mormons headed to Missouri to "join-up" with his "Missouri contingent" of Mormons, which by 1838 were ensconsed in a full-fledged war with the Missouri militia and other non-Mormon Missourians. And, it was on the 4th of July in 1838 when Smith announced to his newly unified Mormons, “Missouri is the land of your inheritance, which is now the land of your enemies”. During this same reunion Sidney Rigdon, Smith's 2nd in command at the time, incited, “We will unleash a war of extermination against the gentiles of Missouri”. Shortly thereafter, Joseph Smith declared war on Missouri and attacked the Missouri Militia in the battle of "Crooked River",and in retaliation the Missourians attacked the Mormon's "Haun's Mill" settlement. Finally, because of the escalating violence Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs issued an executive order for all Mormons to leave Missouri altogether, and Boggs' executive order referred to Sidney Rigdon's prior mention of the word "extermination". Consequently, today Mormons ironically refer to his order as “The Extermination Order” and claim they are "the only people" to ever have an "extermination order" issued against them. This is done to create the impression that they were terribly persecuted, but fails to take into account the FACT that it was actually Mormon Sidney Ridgon who first referred to a Mormon "war of extermination" against the "gentiles".Further, Mormons have continually refused to accept any culpability for stealing the lands of non-Mormon settlers who settled in Missouri prior to their arrival, or acknowledgte the fact that Joseph Smith published a newspaper article in his Mormon Newspaper in Independence, Missouri in 1832 wherein he wrote, "I have consecrated the riches of the gentiles unto my people who are of the House of Isreal." During the "Missouri War", the non-Mormons of Missouri even coined the phrase "Vipers on the Heath" to refer to the anti-American activities of the Missouri Mormons who were waging war against them. And, in the 1990's Mormon white supremacists and "Patriots" in Arizona even formed an all-Mormon "Viper Militia" to "protect" America from "its enemies".

9. In 1838, Joseph Smith was arrested for Treason against the United States (the first time), and was placed in jail in Liberty, Missouri where he managed to bribe his jailors and flee o Illinois where he met-up with all of the other Mormons who had been evicted by Boggs' executive order. By 1840, Smith and his Mormons had relocated to, and founded the city of Nauvoo, Illinois, which at the time was larger than the city of Chicago. Smith's arrival with 15,000 Mormon caused the Illinios State Legislators to bend over backwards to accomodate Smith and his Mormons, who they hoped would also provide them with their 15,000 votes. Consequently, vying for the Mormon block votes was the reason Illinois Congressman Ford and the Illinois legislature awarded Smith and his Mormons with special city charters, the likes of which have never been issued before nor since, and resulted in Ford being election Governor in the next election. And, still quite angry about what had happened in New York, Ohio and Missouri, a very angry Joseph Smith led a contingent of angry Mormons to Washington DC where they attempted to seek redress of grievances from the United States for all of the "atrocities", which Smith claimed had been committed against his Mormon people. However, Washington DC dismissed his ridiculous claims as baseless, and Smith became even more angry. In fact, his megalomania began clouding his judgment to such a degree that he went back to Nauvoo and began actively began espousing the complete overthrow of the Federal Government. And, between 1842 and 1844, he:

a.Proclaimed himself "King of Zion", which he claimed held dominion over the United States

b. Appointed Brigham Young as the new Mormon "President of the United States"

c. Appointed other church leaders in his secret "Council of Fifty" as Governors of the various states and territories

d. Began forming his "Nauvoo Legion", which he claimed would be a "100,000 man militia" to be used to overthrow the US Government with military force (this is where all of the resurgent Mormon militias of the 80's and 90's came from, like the Viper Militia and the Michigan Militia)

e. Inducted himself into the US military as "Lieutenant General" even though he had no prior military experience, and began wearing a fake military uniform

f. Began legitimizing polygamy by formally announcing his "doctrine of polygamy"

g. Formally announced his "Doctrine of the Constitution Versus the Law", which taught that Mormonism was the law of the land, which superseded America Law (same concept as "Sharia Law" of Islam, which is where he also borrowed his newly "legitimized" version of Polygamy from)

h. Formally created his new "Melchizedek Priesthood", which made all Mormons superior to "Christians" and made them "not-subject" to the man-made Judeo-Christian laws of America, or the Laws of Moses (10-commandements). Smith's new superior priesthood (superior to the older "Aaronic Priesthood"), made all Mormon males "man-Gods" in their own right who now "held the keys" to circumvent the Christian laws of Moses and the Judeo-Christian laws of America

i. Announced he would run for President of the United States as a means of gaining "legitimate" control of the Federal Government

Because of this, Smith was again ultimately arrested for Treason against the United States (2nd time) in 1844, and was placed in jail in Carthage, Illinois. However this time, Smith (along with his brother) was killed by an angry mob as they tried escaping from jail after firearms were smuggled to he and his brother by loyal followers. This second major conflagration with non-Mormons occurred between 1842 and 1844 and is today known as the "Illinois War". After Smith's death in 1844, Governor Ford issued an executive order for the the Mormons to leave Illinois by the end of 1845.

In fact, The Changing World of Mormonism by Jerald and Sandra Tanner (Chicago: Moody Press, 1981) documents a dark and disturbing portrait of the REAL history of Mormonism and provides shocking glimpse behind the veil of secrecy that covers the Mormon religion today and the secretive "Priesthood holders" who control its inner workings:

"…The fact that Joseph Smith would allow himself to be crowned king shows that he was driven by the idea of gaining power. It is very possible that Smith seriously believed that he would become president and that he would rule as king over the people of the United States. The attempt by Joseph Smith to become president seems to have been a treasonous plot to bring the United States Government under the rule of the priesthood. Klaus J. Hansen observed: "But what if, through a bold stroke, he could capture the United States for the Kingdom? The Council of Fifty thought there might be a chance and nominated the Mormon prophet for the Presidency of the United States." (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Autumn 1966, p.67)

"…Davidson states that Joseph Smith had himself anointed King and Priest ... in a revelation dated 1886 given to President John Taylor, mention is made of Joseph Smith being crowned a king in Nauvoo. Not only was he ordained a king, but the leading members of the Church were assigned governmental responsibilities. Brigham Young was to be president, John Taylor vice president, members of the Church were assigned to represent different states in the house and senate of the United States, and a full cabinet was appointed ("Causes of Mormon Non-Mormon Conflict in Hancock County, Illinois, 1839-1846," Ph.D. dissertation, BYU, 1967, pp.63-65)

"…Joseph Smith's military plans and maneuvers were very disturbing to the non-Mormons who lived around Nauvoo. On July 21, 1841, the anti-Mormon paper, Warsaw Signal reported: "How military these people are becoming! Everything they say or do seems to breathe the spirit of military tactics. Their prophet appears, on all occasions, in his sp[l]endid regimental dress signs his name Lieut. General, and more titles are to be found in the Nauvoo Legion, than any one book on military tactics can produce; ... Truly fighting must, be a part of the creed of these Saints!"

"…One of the most important factors leading to Joseph Smith's death was his interference in politics. On July 15, 1842, this statement appeared in the Sangamo Journal, published at Springfield, Illinois: "We received the Mormons into this state as we did every other sect. Disclosures have shown that the head of that church acts not under the influence of that pure religion which Jesus Christ established upon the earth; and that his vaulting ambition would secure to himself the control of our State elections" (Sangamo Journal, July 15, 1842)

Mormon writer Kenneth W. Godfrey in discussing factors that stirred the conflict in Illinois wrote:

“…Antagonism toward the Mormon Prophet was further incited when it was correctly rumored, that he had been ordained 'King over the Immediate House of Israel' by the Council of Fifty... newspapers and tracts repeatedly charged that the Prophet conducted himself like a dictator and that his actions were not only treasonable but a violation of the constitutional principle that church and state should be disassociated. Thus, his kingly ordination only incensed the populace, and his untimely death became even more inevitable

George Miller, who had been a member of the Council of Fifty, recorded in a letter dated June 28, 1855:

“…It was further determined in Council that all the elders should set out on missions to all the States to get up an electorial [sic] ticket, and do everything in our power to have Joseph elected president. If we succeeded in making a majority of the voters converts to our faith, and elected Joseph president, in such an event the dominion of the Kingdom would be forever established in the United States; and if not successful, we could fall back on Texas, and be a kingdom notwithstanding.” (Letter by George Miller, as quoted in Joseph Smith and World Government, by Hyrum Andrus, 1963, p.54).

10. After Smith's death, Brigham Young assumed leadership of the Mormon Church and Young decided that his Mormons latest, and 4th migtration would be outside of the United States altogether and into the Mexican Territories, where they would be free to form their own soverign theocratic Mormon nation (called "Deseret"). At the time, the United States' western borders ended at the Illinois border, where Nauvoo was located across from what is now Iowa.

11. However, before Brigham Young would allow his Mormons to leave Nauvoo, Illinois, he required every Mormon leaving the United States with him to pledge "The Mormon Oath of Vengeance against America".

12. By July of 1847, Brigham Young and his Mormons happened to come upon the Great Salt Lake. Young's original plan had been to travel all the way to the Pacific Ocean and settle in what is now California or Oregon. But, thinking the Great Salt Lake was the Pacific Ocean due because of the salinity content of the lake, Young declared, "This is the Place". At this time, Young also claimed almost 1/3 of the land area of the entire continental United States for his new soveriegn nation of Deseret. Young's new threocratic Mormon nation included all of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, the southern half of California, and parts of Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. Remember, all of these lands were Mexican lands at the time Young claimed them for Deseret in 1847. Oddly enough, the entire time the Mormons were traveling to Utah, America became embroiled in the "Mexican War" during exacly this same period of time. And, in another bit of irony, the Mexican war ended in February 1848 with the signing of, "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo", which ceded all of these same Mexican lands to the United States. So, much to the chagrine of Young and his Mormons, they once again found themselves wards of the United States, and Brigham Young was not very happy at all about this turn of events. Comically, in 1849, Brigham Young even led a contingent of Mormons to Washington, DC where they petitioned Congress for Deseret's (approximately 1/3 of the continental US) admission as the next state in the Union, with the same theocratic Mormon Government that was currently in place. Not suprisingly, Congress voted a resounding "No".

13. Between 1849 and 1890, the trouble in the Utah Territory escalated exactly the same way it had escalated in New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. Now, Utah as well was embroiled in a full-fledged Mormon conflagration, just like every other location that the Mormons had ever migrated to. Today, this conflagration is known as the "Utah War" of 1857 and 1858. Things finally came to a head in September of 1857 after Brigham Young ordered the massacre of 120 innocent men, women and children who were traveling through southern Utah on their way to California. This first horrific act of domestic terrorism even occurred on September 11, 1857 in accordance with Smith's 1831 prophecy about 9/11, and is today known as the "Mountain Meadows massacre".

14. On September 15, 1857, Brigham Young formally declared Deseret's complete independence from the United States altogether, and officiall started the "Utah War".

15. In October of 1999, as former Mormon President Gordon Hinckley addressed his Mormon faithful in the Salt Lake Temple at the Church's semi-annual conference, Hinckly said prophetically, "...The almighty judge of the nations, the living God, determined that the times of which the prophets had spoken had arrived. Daniel had forseen a stone, which was cut out of the mountain without hands and which became a great mountain and filled the Earth." For those of you not well versed in secret Mormon theology, Hinckley was quoting the secret Mormon prophecy of, "Daniel's Prophecy of the Rise of the Kingdom of God in the Latter-Days", which teaches that the Mormon Church will conquer America and destroy Christianity.

16. In November of 2001, just weeks after 9/11. Mormon President Gordon Hinckley eerily stated, "...those who observe us say that we are moving into the mainstream of religion. We are not changing. The World's perception of us is changing. We teach the same doctrine." The reader should also be cognizant of the fact that a very angry Joseph Smith (in Kirtland) originally wrote his prophecy about "September 11th" in 1831 after Smith and his Mormons were kicked out of New York in 1830, that as the "Missouri War" escalated after Joseph Smith (in Kirtland) wrote a letter to his military commander in Missouri wherein he stated, "September 11 (1836) is the appointed time for the redemption of Zion" and that on September 11, 1857, Mormons massacred 120 innocent men, women and children traveling through southern Utah on their way to California in an incident that is today known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Mormon Involvement in Domestic Terrorism

1. Mark Felt (who was Mormon and "Deep throat" of Watergate fame) orchestrated the Watergate Scandal, because Nixon was not going to promote him (Felt) as the new head of the FBI. Felt has stated publically that his roots growing up as a Mormon lad in Idaho and the secret Mormon prophecy of "The Doctrine of the Constitution Hanging by a Thread" influenced him significantly.

2.Mormons in the CIA brought in super-spy Ali Mohamed into the US in 1987. It was arranged for Mohammed to meet and subsequently marry a Mormon woman by the name of Linda Lee Sanchez whom he "ramdomly" met on a commercial flight into the United States (Sanchez was allegedly retuning from a vacation in Greece). Within 3-months they were married at the Chapel of the Bells in Reno, Nevada and were living as man and wife in the Bay area. During this time, Ali Mohamed was already a member of Al-Qaida and had already masterminded the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sedat. Further, while stationed at Fort Bragg (same military installation as McVeigh), Ali Mohamed was acting as Osama Bin Ladin's Chief of Security and was routinely smuggling classified documents out of Bragg, photocopying them at a local Kinko's and providing them to Osama and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Mohamed also traveled to Africa during his days off to photograph the same US embassies that were eventually bombed by Al-Qaida in Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, the photographs he took were actually used to determine where to strategically place the bombs so they would do the most damage.

3. Ali Mohammed was the "handler" for Sheik Khalid Mohammed who was the real mastermind behind 9/11 (it was initially called operation bojinka and was originally going to take place in 1995), and the 1993 WTC bombing. And, it was Sheik Khalid Mohammed's nephew, Ramzi Yousef, who actually executed the 1993 WTC bombing. Ali Mohammed also helped to procure the ANFO that Yousef used in the construction of his ANFO bomb, which was purchased from Salt Lake City based Dyno-Nobel.

4. Ramzi Yousef, who executed the 1993 WTC bombing, used a Ryder Truck. And, the President of Ryder at the time was a Mormon stake President by the name of Anthony Burns who lived in Florida. And again, the ANFO Yousef used in his truck bomg was purchased from Salt Lake City based explosives manufacturer Dyno-Nobel. Coincidentally, Bo Gritz (Mormon) also happened to work at Dyno-Nobel, and he also played a large role in negotiating for Randy Weaver during the "Ruby Ridge" incident. And, just so you know, Weaver and his family were Mormons who lived adjacent to the polygamous Mormon communities in Idaho and Bountiful, British Columbia, and the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing is said to be "payback" to the US Government for what happened at Ruby Ridge.

5. In the 1995 OKC bombing terrorist event, white supremacists and Mormon terrorists executed the truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Once again (like the 1993 WTC bombing), a Ryder truck rental was used by Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Murrah building, however it is said that the REAL bomb that caused most of the explosive destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995 was a much more powerful bomb developed at Dyno-Nobel (same company that sold the ANFO to Ramzi Yousef for the 1993 WTC bombing). This bomb is referred to as an "electro-static bomb" that had massive explosive power. Ironically, during Congressional hearings that were held to determine whether or not it was really McVeigh's ANFO truck bomb that actually destroyed the Murrah Building, the Government called one expert witness and one expert witness only to testify on this behalf. And, it also turns out that this expert witness was none other than a man named Robert Hopler who had just recently retired from none other than Dyno-Nobel. During these hearings Hopler assured the investigative committee that it was indeed McVeigh's ANFO bomb that had caused the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Building. But, it's commonly believed by "those in the know" that McVeigh's bomb was actually used to cover-up the signature of the much more powerful electrostatic bomb, which came from Salt Lake City based Dyno-Nobel that was already implicated in the 1993 WTC bombing.

6. Strangely enough, Terry Nichols, who is Mormon and who was McVeigh's OKC bombing partner, traveled to Cebu City, Philippines in November 1994 (6-months before the OKC bombing) to met with Ramzi Yousef (who executed the 1993 WTC bombing). And, the signature of McVeigh's ANFO bomb was the same as the ANFO bomb Yousef used to execute the 1993 WTC bombing. Nichols was also a member of the Michigan militia, which was headed by Mark Keornke, another Mormon. And, Keornke sent a mysterious fax to a Texas congressman 1-hour before the detonation of the Murrah building, which made to look like a press release" and discussed the damage caused by the bomb, before the bomb actually explodedl.

7. Interestingly enough, The 1995 OKC bombing was actually planned in Elohim City, Oklahoma. And, Elohim also happens to be the name of the Mormon's real God, Elohim, who Mormons believe lives on a planet that revolves around the great governing star of Kolob. Elohim City is a polygamous Mormon town, populated by religious extremists, white supremacists and Mormon terrorists and whose church-going population (as documented by the New York Times) routinely sang religious hymns about the Mormon "Parable of the Wheat and the Tares", which teaches that the Mormons would be "hidden for a time" and then would arise to fulfill the "political destiny of the Mormon religion". McVeigh (who was Catholic) was surrounded predominantly by Mormons in Elohim City and Kingman, AZ. And, the ANFO McVeigh used in his 1995 OKC bombing was shipped from the Mormon town of Henderson, NV, which is only 60 miles away from Kingman, Arizona. Others key players involved in the planning and execution of the OKC bombing were Chevie Kehoe (Mormon bank robber), Andreas Strassmaier (German national whose father was a NAZI), Dennis Mahan (Founder of WAR& who moved his entire WAR operation to Kingman from Tulsa, OK after 9/11 so he could better recuit white supremacist Mormons from Kingman, Henderson, Mesa and Colorado City). McVeigh was actually made the "fall-guy" along with Al-Qaida by all of the Mormons who surrounded him, because the Mormon religion's disdain for Catholisim and Christianity, which the Mormon religion referres to as 'an abomination" and "the great whore".

8. Two of the four terrorist pilots who flew commercial jets into the WTC on the morning of 9/11 (Mohammed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi) were trained at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida. And the secret owner of Huffman at the time was a Mormon bishop by the name of Wallace Hilliard. Further, just months after Hilliard allowed Atta and Al-Shehhi to enroll at Huffman, DEA agents seized one of Hilliard's lear-jets, because it was found to be full of heroin, which is Osama Bin Ladin's main export out of the Golden triangle area of Afghanistan.

Ultimate Irony

The Republican Party was orginally formed in Wisonsin, in 1854, for the sole purpose of eradicating the twin evils of slavery and polygamy within the United States of America (both of which were integral parts of Mormon culture). And, the creation of The Patriot Act was allegedly necessitated and justified by the events of 9/11. However, what few people realize is that the initial 1993 WTC bombing, the 1995 OKC bombing and 9/11 are actually all related events, which were aided and abetted by members of the Mormon religion who have always been at war with the United States, who have a secret 1831 religious prophecy about 9/11 and whose members had already perpetrated a similar terrorist act against the United States on September 11, 1857 (Mountain Meadows Massacre). Beginning in 1987, Mormons in the CIA began secretly bringing members of Al-Qaida into the United States, and Mormon militias began secretly coordinating with them under the guise of their so-called "Patriot Milita Movement" in order to plan and execute all three of the most recent terrorist events committed against the United States. In the Mountain Meadows Masacreof September 11, 1857, Mormons dressed up as Indians and blamed them for this horrific atrocity and act of domestic terrorism, but in today's world, it was Al-Qaida who got blamed.

By the 1990's, "mainstream" Mormons had also made significant political in-roads into the Federal Government via the Republic Party and the Bush Administration (because of "being hidden" in accordance with the Mormon parable of the "Wheat and the Tares"). The impetus for this phenomenon was J. Rueben Clark's April 6, 1957 call-to-arms in the Salt Lake Mormon temple wherein he called upon Mormons with the "Priesthood" to awaken and stated, "...now is the time to awaken and begin fulfilling the political destiny of the Church". It was these same fine "mainstream" Mormons within the Federal Government who used the terrorist environment as an excuse to begin drafting all of the "special" new executive legislation that was needed to "protect America" (CO-OP, Patriot Act, "Bush Torture Policy, etc)after 9/11. But, remember that the Mormons in the Bush administration were also the brethren of the very Mormon terrorists who helped create terrorist environment in the first place and became the catalyst for all of this new legislation. In actuality, this new legislation was designed to weaken the Constitution of the United States and the Federal Government, and allow for a Mormon President or their proxie (Cheney or Romney) to invoke CO-OP and seize control of the United States, in accordance with secret Mormon prophecy, which teaches that the Mormons will conquer America and convert her into their Mormon Kingdom of Zion. In fact, Dick Cheney actually did practice hiding in an underground bunker and becoming the Supreme Military Commander of the United States in accordance with CO-OP (what did he think would happen to Bush), and Mitt Romney was extremely close to buying the Republican nomination in 2008.

But, don't take my word for all of this, listen to former Mormon President Ezra Taft Benson talk about Mormon conspiracy in the Salt Lake Temple:

YouTube: "None Dare Call it Conspiracy"

And, take heed of other Mormon prophecies about the destruction of the United States:

1. Joseph Smith prophesied how his "Saints" would go to the "Rocky Mountains" and become "a great and wealthy people". But, in the "Latter-days", his prophecy states:

"There will be two great political parties in this Country. One will be called the Republican, and the other the Democratic Party. These two parties will go to war and out of these two parties will spring another party, which will be the Independent American Party. The United States will spend her strength and means warring in foreign lands until other nations will say, "Let's divide up the lands of the United States". Then the people of the United States will unite and swear by the blood of their forefathers that the land shall not be divided. Then, the Country will go to war and they will fight until one-half of the United States Army will give up, and the rest will continue to struggle. They will keep on until they are very ragged and discouraged, and almost ready to give up. That's when the boys from the mountains will rush forth in time to save the American Army from defeat and ruin. And, they will say, "brethren, we are glad you have come; give us men, henceforth, who can talk to God". Then, you will have friends, but you will save the Country when it's liberty hangs by a hair, as it were."

(Note by Administrator - the so-called "prophecy" above is not an actual prophecy made by Joseph Smith. It's actually a combination of two or more prophesies Smith made just prior to his death in Illinois in 1844, which were later combined and re-worked after the Mormons migrated to the Utah Territory and colonized their soveriegn Mormon nation of Deseret. This prophesy was most likely made just after the end of the "Utah War" and combines elements of Smith's "White Horse", "Doctrine of the Constitution Hanging by a Thread" and "Daniel's Prophecy of the Rise of the Kingdom of God in the Latter Days" prophesies as well as new material being passed off as "prophecy". It was most likely issued between the end of the "Utah War" and the "1890 Maniresto" as an inspirational message to members of the Mormon religion after the United States absorbed their fledgling nation of Deseret. However, its real signficance is its relevance to today's world, where Mormons have essentially "hijacked" the Republican Party, routinely denigrate Obama and the Democratic Party, direct hateful propaganda against anyone who doesn't agree with their facist ideology (utilizing their vast media resources) and actively work to disseminate misinformation and create dissention between loyal American citizens and the Federal Government (again in accordance with Mormon prohecy). Ironically, the Republican Party was created in 1854 in Wisconsin specifically to stamp-out the "twin evils" of polygamy and slavery within the United States (both of which were key tenets of the Mormon religion in 1854). Ironically, today the Republican Party finds itself largely under the control of this very same Mormon religion.

2. In 1878 (3-years after the official end of the "Utah War", Orson Pratt, one of Smith's original 12-apostles, prophesied that New York would be destroyed:

"A time is coming when the great and populous city of New York, the greatest city of the American Republic, will be left without inhabitants. The houses will stand, some of them, not at all. They will stand there, but unoccupied, no people to inherit them. It will be the same in regard to numerous other cities, or in the words of the Lord, "I will throw down all their strongholds, and I will execute vengeance and fury upon them, even as upon the heathen, such as they have not heard", It will all be fullfilled, but there will be a remnant who will be spared. It will be those who repent of their sins; it will be those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are willing to obey his commandments, willing to hearken to his voice, willing to be baptized for the remission of their sins, willing to be born of the spirit, or receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, willing to walk uprightly and honestly with all men, and justly with one another" - Orson Pratt (1878)

(Note by Administrator - Again, notice the timing of this prophecy. Pratt issued this prophecy in 1878, just after the end of the "Utah War", which ended in the Spring of 1857. It was also made prior to the issuance of the Mormon religion's "1890 Manifesto", which was essentially coerced out of the Mormons by the Federal Government. Both of the above "prophesies" are indicative of a severe and repressed anger directed at the United States Government. And, when both of these prophesies are placed in context with all of the other Mormon prophesies about the coming destruction of the United States, especially Joseph Smith's 1831 prophecy about 9/11, they are especially disturbing.)

In order to understand just exactly how the Mormon religon modified their tactics against the United States after the Utah War from one of open confrontation and warfare between 1830 and 1858 to one of hidden passive/agressive and "underground" actitvies fueled by secret Mormon prophecy, read The Elohim War. To fully understand why the Mormon Church offered me $100,000, offered me a contract to become a paid member of their religion (Young Adult Leader) and manipulated my grades at a major University (by a Mormon bishop who was a full-tenured Professor of Economics at the University I attended) as a means of trying to keep me in the cult where they could better control me and keep me quiet, and why they've violated my Constitutional and Civil Rights ever since I left anyway in their insane attempt to destroy and discredit me because of what I learned about them, read Why I Left. And, to fully understand how the Mormons attemped to load "spyware" on my home computer in their further effort to intimidate and silence me in 2006, read 2006 Computer Hack.

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