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I don't remember seeing this discussion on top down fusion-type mini nukes before.  The comments at the end are worth the

read.  It does seem as though the floors are turning to dust in groups of 8 or 10 at a time, and cascading down over the next

exploding group , etc,etc  ......   I stick with the mini nuke idea due to the enormous energy required to instantly pulverize

several acres of concrete with each explosion:  ....  http://911u.org/Physics/WTCenergySurplus.html

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Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 8, 2011 at 3:25pm

anyway, the charges began high in the building after the basement charges went off to do as Jim Fetzer says, to drain the sprinkler systems into the sub-basements to get the water mass out of the building, and second, to allow for zero fire protection, as well as prevent sprinklers from short circuiting the detonation triggering paths and control units.  Then, on each floor, the concentric rectagonal rings of charges blew from the center outwards, maximizing the 'Q' factor of the shockwaves, and pulverizing the 'special' concrete and ejecting it outwards, then the next floor, and the next floor, on down, being done in such a way as to do what I call 'come along now' collapse guiding of the core columns while pushing the concrete and steel outwards at the same time, and fully controlling the symmetrical collapse on a floor by floor basis.  That's how I think it was done to allow for the near free fall speeds of the completely severed by thermite core and exosckeletal structures.


believe it or not this was the first stuff I thought of as I got up today, having imagined how the charges had to have been sequenced.  No wonder Danny Jowenko was killed.  He would have probably at some point told this in precise detail, how the triggering or 'smart triggering' was done to maximize the 'Q' factor of the shockwavves in the concrete, and push the detritus out of the way to the sides to allow the material to not be a resistance factor because gravitational pull on it would have been a bit too slow to allow the entire building to move downwards at almost exactly free fall speed.  The absolute utter necessity to pulverize and push the pulverized dust from the slabs outwards to get that mass out of the way, was imperative that day.  And they did it.

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 8, 2011 at 3:10pm

Danny, I really do thiank you for replying to me today.  I went to bed thinking of how this was done, and the best I could come up with was that the concrete was nothing like the standard mix used for sea level construction, probably totally lacking aggregate as well as being of a composition that made it less durable to shock impulses because they needed the building to not have the rigidity for obvious reasons concerning high rise construction.   And, the charges would have been placed one each slab in concentric rectangular rings in a way that the detonation sequencing would initiate in the core area and work outwards to reinforce the shock impulse 'Q' and do the necessary forced ejections of 30 tousand cubic yards of concrete, approximately, from each of these towers, to get that mass out of the way to fully enable free fall to occur as it did.


Yes, the israeli's were in the buildings and camping in tents, and yes, they were demolitions experts, but I do not think Israeli's by themselves had the demolitions expertise without outside consultant help to guide them in the installation of the demolitions charge placement and triggering regimen.  Jim Fetzer's adding the information he had gotten from William Rodriguez regarding draining of the sprinklers into the lower levels before the upper demolitions charges, in fact is probably one of the most important points I had not known for some time as I had no idea that charges went off in the sub-basement area quite a long time before planes impacted, as exposed by Jim so very clearly time after time.  That piece of the puzzle I had surmised but had not known until recently.  But yes, mossad, former IDF demolitions people were in the buildings living in tents putting in the charges.


so you have now put one more piece of the puzzle into the picture as you mention the lightweight composition (most likely sans aggregate) of the concrete.  Aggregate serves a number of functions but it forms a stress barrier due to the irregular geometric shapes of gravel in the concrete, and helps stop radiating patterns of shock fracturing in concrete, and if not used in the WTC slabs, explains the complete pulverization of the concrete into it's constituent powder it was made out of.  Water would have indeed slowed this stuff down, as fully all of it had to be both pulverized and wave propagated outwards by the concentric ring detonation sequencing from the center outwards, that I proposed happened that day, using 'smart' triggering of the charges on each floor slab.  That would have pushed the pulverized concrete and a large portion of the steel violently and forcefully outwards as we saw happen that day.

Comment by Danny White on October 8, 2011 at 1:24pm

Dennis, thanks for your well thought out explanation  .....  It makes good sense to me  ....  I only want to remind you the

concrete was some kind of special lightweight design and the other big player in the demolition game  .....  the Israeli

Mossad had their own demolition experts  .... and there just happened to be a bunch of Israeli  "art"  students

camped out up in one of the towers the year before  .....  seems rather odd  .....  Your idea explains the thousands

of  small bright flashes as the buildings came down.  I also think maybe Dr Fetzer's idea of draining the water

sprinklers might have been to keep the dust dry to allow it to blow away, and to keep sprinkler water from interfering with the explosive wiring 

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 8, 2011 at 5:06am

in any case, based on my SRS experience in other materials, and shock response research I had done on metal structures and polymeric ones of various thicknesses and configurations, I have to state for the record here that it only probably required 'smart' sensor triggering of many charges per floor to get this accomplished...not necessary to use nukes.  yes, nukes exert a great deal of force, and yes, certain types have different radiological signatures, but then the question comes to mind, or least in my mind, is 'when' exactly did anyone get to do the actual testing of 'micro nukes' in concrete structures, or in convoluted concrete and rebar matrix slabs, without anyone knowing the where or when of these tests? 


seems Occams Razor comes to mind here.  or KISS.  adding complexity to the matter by virtue of the list of unknowns with regard to an apparent lack of hard evidence to support such testing of small scale nuclear weapons on concrete with rebar.


interestingly, while I was at WSMR, I got to see a block house that live ordnance had 'blown' to smithereens one day, and the rebar was there, but the concrete was literally pulverized, least at one part of the building, meaning that high explosives can pulverize concrete to fine dust with rebar embedded in it, albeit fairly locally

due to only one blast with only one device.  but it was in fact, reduced to very small dust particles where the thing went off.  So I can attest to the fact that HE can do that.  very much so.  even with rebar in it.

Comment by Dennis Cimino on October 8, 2011 at 4:52am

you wouldn't need mini nukes to pulverize concrete into fine dust.  you just need shock wave confluence in the slabs in a way that stess fractures the concrete.  this requires very good timing and 'intelligent' and not static triggering of the explosives, by virtue of shock sensors on the floors themselves.  this technology has been out there for a long time, and CDI, the main company involved, in my opinion, was probably the sole possessor of the knowledge and the technology to do this by using acoustic shock sensor 'smart' timing for each floor slab.


if you want to pulverize a given material, you need to multiply the force within the material with pulse phase confuence or force combination by precisely triggering the charges by sensors on these slabs...to get the effect of much higher force than simple cascaded and or sequentially triggered charges.  To some extent this can be achieve in concrete by precisely setting off all of the single floor charges more or less at exactly the same time so that shock wave combining or addition takes place within the concrete itself.  as we know what the approximate velocities of shock waves in various sizes and thicknesses of concrete with rebar are, not necessary to use mini nukes.  just requires very precise, acoustically triggered timing per floor to do that.


now, Ibrahim Soudy, you're more into structural engineering, you see where I am going with this, do you not?  To pulverize concrete into dust and expel it outwards in huge clouds of dust in a lateral fashion, probably could not be done with nuclear weapons, because at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where significantly large numbers of

concrete with rebar structures existed immediately below the detonations, the concrete below was not pulverized and converted into dust clouds at all, it was in large constituent chunks mostly, more or less not reduced to fine particulate matter.


when a very high 'Q' resonance is achieved in a material in a matrix that is not laminar fiberglass or other similar material, the hardness of the material is almost inconsequential to it's ability to withstand shock resonance forces due to phase and amplitude combination of shockwaves in the concrete.


yes the rebar would most likely separate from the concrete if such high 'Q' shock pulse resonances could be exploited in these slabs.  the only people who had extensive knowledge in these techniques are:


a.) the U.S. military, or more to the point, Naval Research Labs and U.S. Dept. of Energy personnel perhaps.


b.) people from C.D.I., incorporated, who are the 'premier' house for demolitions, world wide.



so I cannot support that only mini or micro nukes could pulverize the concrete slabs.  high explosives easily

can do it with precise placement using smart acoustic sensors and computer controlled triggering by virtue of that.  in 2001, the technology existed to do this...and it would not require nuclear weapons to get the work done.


lastly, because of the convoluted nature of the shock propagation per slab, only smart, acoustically triggered charges could have caused the high 'Q' needed to pulverize the slabs, as mere placement of the charges and static timing sequences could have once again inadvertently led to the possible asymmetrical collapse of the

building due to any number of factors that could not have been taken into account without making the charges capable of stratification of the shock pulses by phase and amplitude combining you can only get by taking the time to properly instrument each floor with the requisite sensors to sense the shock wave propagation in a fashion that detonates the adjacent charges at precisely the exact moment to achieve the phase and amplitude match of very high 'Q' fracture velocity resonance peaks.


Ibrahim, please weigh in on this, but after my extensive

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