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by Zan Overall

The answer to that questioncan be summed up in only three words:

Lucky Larry Silverstein.

Lucky Larry is a New York real estate tycoon, a Zionist Jew and an intimate of Bibi Netanyahu.

Two months before 9/11, Larry leased the World Trade Center, claiming some sort of compulsion made him do it. It did not make good business sense to lease the buildings. They were outdated, with a vacancy problem and a huge asbestos problem. It would cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos and New York City was demanding that theformer owner, the NY/NJ Port Authority, fix the asbestos problem or demolishthe buildings.

Lucky Larry bought an insurance policy which would pay off in case of a “terrorist attack.” And what do you know? 9/11 comes along and Lucky Larry has 5.6 billion dollars of insurance money, no asbestos problem and a level building lot. His pal Bibi Netanyahu has an enraged American public ready to go to war with Israel’s Muslim enemies.

Can you say “Jewish lightning?” (Insurance industry slang term for arson)

Do you smell a rat?

For the many other reasonspeople say:

“Israel Did It ,” go to www.Rediscover911.com.

Go to www.ae911truth.org to learn how architects have proved the buildings came down as controlled demolitions……....Muslims did not do 9/11.

With the help of rats like Lucky Larry, ISRAEL DID 9/11!!!


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Comment by sandy rose on June 4, 2010 at 4:57am
yeah, we smell something much worse than a rat with silverstench around.
hey, yeah, israel has proven over and over to be warpig twins with the
yoo ess, and no doubt they had their big noses stuck into the whole inside
job, but they couldna done it without the scum in yoo ess gummint, and we
know those folks is guilty as hell, too, so israel likely helped, but the yoo
ess gummint will never be off the hook for 9/11 in me book. it wasn't israel
that then attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and trampled our rights and
tried to silence protest. not to mention covering up 9/11 truth in usa and other.
that was our own sweet loving wonderful war criminals.
ha ha, i see israel has had a wee bit of pressure after they slaughtered
peaceful activists. way to go, people. pile on the pressure.
israeli actions were an absolute disgrace.
Comment by Dean on June 3, 2010 at 11:02pm
Silverstein is one of the most important players in the events of 9/11. The WTC part of the plot could not have been done without some kind of help from him.

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