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Why the Democrats lost this 2016 election & will continue to loose many,many more future elections, the Democrappers, Dem-Tards,, Demunists, Commucrats

Real Demunists, Real Commucrats, Real Marxists, Real Maoists, Real Leninist, Real Castroists, Real Communists is what you mean & what you are desperately fighting & revolting for with a sole purpose to rig the elections coming in 2016 & 2018 by supporting most stupendous immigrant, illegal & legal , non-European migration, strictly as Democrapunists voters to make up for all the many, many, many millions of Black & Hispanic aborted & unwanted family members babies. Dem-tards must import these, sure bet, Democratic Party voters to replace the Black & Hispanic voters who were executed in the wombs of these sadistic, murderous female rationalizers for killing their baby democrats, who would have been future Democrat voters. ~18,000,000 Black babies genocided and robbed of their constitutional "Right" to vote for Hillary or Burnie, to ensure a democratic voter landslide victory. The Dems have killed off millions of their voters, all now just pushing up daisies or pushing up garbage in a city trash mound.
You Democrats have, in fact, committed Political Suicide via Planned Parent Murder Inc. execution of their own voters who were not allowed to mature as human beings. The Democrats should be in control of every Political office in the land, including the USA Presidency, if not for their enthusiastic & heavy financial support for legally killing of, dieing-off, intentionally, their voter base.
I dare anyone to attempt to refute the above acclamations with logic.
The Democrats thought they could make-up for lost votes for these terminated Black & Hispanic voters
(Babies)by not enforcing the immigration & Border Laws, & allowing many, many, many millions of illegals to enter as, assumed, Democratic voters. The Democratic Leadership failed to distribute them strategically throughout the 50 states so they could win the Electoral College vote. That may be why they allegedly won the majority vote, but the illegal voters were too concentrated in the far western Leftist states, which the Dems won both Electoral-College wise and with millions of left-over Dem votes that were meaningless in an Electoral College System. The Dems failed to move these imported Democratic voters into critical swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio & other critical swing states, which Trump won. The Democrats, Commies that they are, could of & should have most easily won the Presidency, if not for their near-sightedness & unfuturistic demographic approach to their campaign. The Democrappers are the true "DEPLORABLES", Anti-Fair Players, Anti-Constitutionalists, Anti-Religionists, Pro-LBGTQueerers Party, , Anti-Democracy Results Voter System, Anti-Life, Pro-Death for their Black & Hispanic infants voter base......for sure, with certainty, with deplorable finality......

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