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At 5:52am on July 16, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
thanks, thoth, but it wasn't nukes, either
nuclear bombs (or at least every nuclear bomb I've ever heard about)
generates a lot of heat

the dust cloud that rolled over the people didn't burn the people
therefore nuclear bombs did not cause the dust cloud
because it wasn't hot
At 1:25pm on July 15, 2009, Thoth II said…
WhathappenedTWC said: " thermite melts steel
thermite doesn't turn a building into dust
let's say somebody trucked in a whole bunch of
thermite (or sprayed it on) and then set it off
the result? molten steel would fall to the ground
fine powdered dust wouldn't shoot upwards into the air"

I agree with you here. I really don't get why Steve Jones fixated so doggedly on thermite from day one and still won't hear of any other possibilities. I do think thermite would more melt than turn WTC into dust. Also, the practical problem: it would take so very much thermite to demolish these towers in seconds. I just can't see how they would get it into every nook and cranny to do this.

But other things like nuclear devices wouldn't be limited like this. Those you could plant just maybe a dozen of near the core columns and it would produce effects like we see.
At 7:32pm on July 14, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
i don't want unity with the Stephen Jonesers
they are evil liars
At 7:13pm on July 13, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
of course i'm real

my views on 9/11:

no planes were hijacked
no planes crashed into buildings
videos of the day do not depict plane crashes
the planes in the video just melted into the buildings
they didn't bounce off the buildings
so something about the videos is obviously fake

Stephen E. Jones is the most feted of all 9/11 researchers,
but he is a damn smiling liar
i don't care if he has a friendly demeanor
his thermite theory is a fake trail

thermite doesn't explode, it burns
thermite isn't an explosive, it's an incendiary
don't tell me about nano-spray-on-thermite unless
you've got a youtube video showing that it turns
a building into dust

thermite melts steel
thermite doesn't turn a building into dust
let's say somebody trucked in a whole bunch of
thermite (or sprayed it on) and then set it off
the result? molten steel would fall to the ground
fine powdered dust wouldn't shoot upwards into the air

the WTC buildings exploded
they exploded into very fine dust,
much of which shot directly up into the sky

that idiot Jones is talking about how he scraped
the Hudson River and found thermitic material
HEY JONES ---> were you able to sample the
stuff that went directly up into the air and never
came to the ground?

what happened to the wtc was an unusual process
we don't have the words in our common vocabulary
yet to express what this process was

before Hiroshima, very few people knew about atomic
bombs or would have had the proper vocabulary to
describe one should they have witnessed one going off

Judy Wood was right about his and a multitude of other things
what happened at the wtc was the new hiroshima
a new weapon using a new technology

the most hopeful thing i can take out of the many years of
sadness and destruction that has come because of 9/11
is that after we uncover the criminals
we can use their technology

it's big

the real weapon is the real search
At 6:46pm on July 13, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
did you read the thread? for jim to tell me i could stay anonymous if i were judy wood is a contradiction

if i'm ever rude to someone or post lies, that's a reason not to like me

otherwise say hi to Killtown and others
At 4:53am on July 8, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
thoth: right on
julie: you're mostly talking about who did it, the "who" and the "why"

On a certain level, i don't really care who did it. When we find out what really happened, we will know who did it.
At 4:50pm on July 6, 2009, Thoth II said…
What did not happen at WTC: 1. no Boeing passenger jets flew into either tower because no parts were found 2. gravity did not "collapse" the towers.
3. the videos cannot be showing real planes hitting the south tower because they violate Newton's laws. The possibility of fake videos , compositing, or something technical like that; or maybe a hologram, exists.

What did happen at WTC: 1. the towers were turned to fine dust in a matter of seconds

So the researchers are trying to explain above with the exact techniques that were used.
At 4:00pm on July 6, 2009, Whathappened Tothewtc said…
ok, but i'm not judy wood
i used the icon because too many people get into WHO did it when we don't know WHAT happened
At 3:40pm on July 6, 2009, James H. Fetzer said…
OK. You are welcome. Make some posts. Glad to have you here. Jim
At 5:46pm on July 5, 2009, James H. Fetzer said…
Yes, I agree across the board. If Whathappened is Judy or someone else with a good reason, I will not insist that she further identify herself. But I personally need to know who is here. If you want to suggest some possibilities or extend them an invitation yourself, please do that, Jack. I am very glad you are here.
At 4:31pm on July 5, 2009, Jack D. White said…
Jim...there are several others also. I believe Killtown has a reason to be excused from posting photos, but you should ask the same question of some others.

After some experimentation, I am finding that I lke the format and it is not as hard to navigate as I thought. I did find that to post links that work, one must enter the full HTTP address.

I have started a thread on BUILDING SIX, which I think deserves a lot of discussion.

Thank for providing this site. It needs a few more of the better researchers. I would like to see Judy Wood, as well as reps from Pilots, Architects and Engineers, and other leading sites.

At 11:07am on July 5, 2009, James H. Fetzer said…
Whathappened, Would it be possible to post a photo of you and give us just a bit more information about you? This forum has one basic rule, which is mutual respect. I am asking for photos but being liberal about it. Would it be too much to have an actual name to go with them? Email me at jfetzer@d.umn.edu if you like. If there is something special about your situation, I would like to know.

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