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How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created: Lasers targeted on pyro-chemical prepared Forrest’s farms and homes coated in thermitic, incendiary chemicals of Al, Ba, and Sr and others.

Further evidence highly suggests the surprise record firestorm was created to re-purpose zoning developments towards AGenda 21 mandates. Please share

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on December 21, 2017 at 5:24pm

Lasers can generate a lot of energy to initiate a fire and achieve a high initial temperature for a Forrest fire, high enough to start a pyro-chemical coated landscape, but the high temperature depends on the fires continuously feeding on the pyro-chemical coated materials. The coatings are of nano-particulate size continuously being sprayed onto areas for many years accumulating and covering everything, waiting for a spark of high enough temperature to get it going. Firefighters admit upon being interviewed that water has no effect on the fires and they just keep on burning. We find that situation in the basements of the WTC towers, burning thermate continuously for months.

Items were melted with a melting point of between 1600 to 3000 degrees fairenhit that could never melt in a normal fire, steel, glass etc....

A little Science, Physics and Chemistry to go around for all on incendiaries as coatings, lasers as possible fire initiators to start many fires at one occurrence, temperatures hot enough to melt cars, glass. And the constant winds may have been generated by HAARP

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