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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on June 6, 2018 at 11:17am

Billions of trees being genocided worldwide and being denied their right to eliminate excessive CO2

From the air and causing, intentionally, causing all the problems associated with “

”Fake Weather” “False Flag Weather”, & causing land, water & air Life Forms “die-offs”

Nano particles as very powerful hydrosoptics everywhere, invisibly coating, adhering

to everything, drying every plant to fire-ready tinder as incendiaries...

Comment by Shallel Octavia on June 4, 2018 at 7:24pm

Very good points, Chuck. These aerosol operations are also destroying the Ozone layers, already damaged by the atmospheric nuke tests and the leaking Uranium refinement sites and power plants. We are so close to extinction, that I don't believe we will see the implementation of carbon taxes. 

The elite MIC corps and our out of control government are hiding the full effects of what people see in the 1st World nations, using endothermic chemicals to cause severe winters. Their motto is "Don't spook the taxpayers!" 

It is a deadly game they are playing, and we could very well see the massive loss of food crops this summer. The UV, aluminum, cesium, strontium and barium are destroying the forests and making people sick. How sick are these psychopaths that they think the can ride it out in bunkers? When the crash happens and there is no food, no one will show up to tend the 400,000 tons in the nuclear stewpots known as "cooling pools" will boil dry. This amount of ionizing radiation will literally blow the atmosphere off the planet leaving it resembling Mars.

The grain belt will likely see frequent temps in the 120's (F) this summer, as we could lose the arctic sea ice this year or maybe next year. The stores will be empty. Civilization will halt and all those sweet SO2 and soot particles will fall out and we will get 3 or 4 degrees C more warming in days, just as the loss of aerosols when just US flights were grounded for five days after 9/11 caused a ∆T of 2º C globally. 

Dire doesn't begin to sum up our predicament. We are done. Tell people you love them!

I am not giving up spreading the truth or working toward solutions. Anything you can contribute is appreciated.

I think the idea of developing and using a space elevator to get the 1000+ deadly radioisotopes in that 'spent' fuel off the planet is where I want to focus. What do you think about that?

Best to you, Sir!

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on June 4, 2018 at 5:45pm

Chemtrails is the cause of Earth’s CO2 production. I believe 100s to 1000s of times more production of CO2 than man-Made and industrial produce CO2. Th Govern meant will not even admit the Chemtrail even exist when the evidence is is finalized that Chemtrail do exist and exist all over the world, in every country, most especially their large and small Forrest’s and even over all large bodies of water to include all oceans and lake and rivers and bodies of water... so Global Warming does appear to be going on. So we need to finalize the cause of increasing Global Warming. Chemtrail contribute directly to increased CO2 production by genociding all the world’s Forrest’s in efforts to killer this vegetation which normally eliminated CO2 from the air as their source of food, nutrition, growth and excretion of our life source as oxygen, O2. Millions of square miles of vegetative death will only contribute CO2 to our air and environment and no O2 for oxygen breathing life forms, including humans and animals. 

The final result is more CO2 production, which means CO2 will not be absorbed and utilized as food consumption for all the dead vegetation. This is the plot to increase, intentionally, the greenhouse gas of CO2. When enough CO2 is produced to convince the populations that the world will end, burn up soon,then they may be convinced to vote for wealth-inducing for the elite, carbon taxes in the trillions of dollars and highly restrictive living conditions.

All this Global warming can be, fairly easily, reversed by neutralizing the oceans, precipitating our Calcium Carbonate, and causing the CO2 in the air to dissolve into the oceans in an equilibrium chemistry manner so more CO2 can be eliminated and precipitated as Calcium Carbonate. Reducing the CO2 concentration in the air continuously via batch reaction chemistry to which ever concentration desired. All as simple high school, Junior High chemistry.

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on June 4, 2018 at 3:24pm

All this discussion by Berkeley, supposedly, “Climate Control” experts is simply meaningless until Chemtrail massively massive world-wide toxics sprayings data are part of the Scientific Method Of Collecting Data That Effects the Earth’s life forms and environmental, and thermodynamic and ecological systems. Berkeley is blaming Carbon Dioxide for their future predictions, when the deadly and deleterious effects of the many forms and super-massive amounts of toxic Chemtrails world-wide sprayings are the direct causes and culprits of their catostrophic predictions. Missing data, massive decades-long, long-term Chemtrails toxic sprayings data make their CO2 causal predictions pure hard-core scientific folly and Fake Scientific News, or Non-Scientific News that ignores the actual causal, reality-based data and easily observable effects.

The  elementary, rudimentary, prime principles of the Scientific Method must be applied fairly, justly and above all, truthfully. Their whole spiel  in this video must therefore be invalid, because they ignored the causal data from the decades-long world-wide toxic Chemtrails spraying. Even Berkeley and Harvard scientists are not allowed to exclude the most relevant dara from their allegedly-expert analysis and dreadful conclusions. 

The chemtrails operation is a ‘False Flag operation claiming to ‘Cool’ the Earth, but In reality, affect, intentionally , gradually ‘Heating’ the Earth, then blaming ‘Global Warming-on man-made CO2. And they may be getting away with it in many people’s, less than scientifically research-oeientated minds.

just like The Government’s 911 Official Report left out, discarded and igored the nuclear and other bombs and explosives and incendiaries with their bombastic effects to the WTC Buildings and the resulting free-fall recordings and obversations and collected nuclear particles evidence and ongoing disease-related effects.

Again, the Scientific Method of Analysis was not followed by only considering ‘fire-damage’ as the only possible Scuentific Basis for their Government paid Scientists and Engineers analysis and ignored, denied and defied the “in your face’ explosive data and material evidence (Thermite, hundreds of explosion-experiencing witnesses, like police men, firemen,, and citizens, melted steel). The Government’s Official 911 Report is a Scientific-sham and Hoax.

Both 911 and Global Warming which. Long-ongoingly ignores Chemtrails decades-long toxics chemicals sprayings data as if it did not exist. 

Both are Govennment orchestrated Concpiracies. Many believe Zionists is behind both of these False Flags and other, many other False Flags ongoing currently all over the world. 

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