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More Evidence of Thermitic, incendiary-based WILDFIRES In Napa Santa Rosa California Sonoma Canyon Yuba Tubbs Atlas County -Fires Burn 10/9/2017!

RAW VIDEO -- Napa Fire Santa Rosa California WILDFIRE Sonoma Yuba city CA Tubbs Atlas County #CanyonFire2 Sears Point Calistoga Tomki & Canyon RD. At least 2...

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on December 21, 2017 at 11:56am

Years if soraying Thermitic, incendiary Dessicants have prepared California for these devastating WildFires that cannot be put out nor controlled nor even halter by water and Thermitic incendiaries are Immune to extinction by way of water. Remember the unextinguishable thermitic incendiary fires in the basements of the WTC buildings.

The Thermitic incendiaries promote the Wildfires, like a wick, spreading everywhere the incendiaries are and that is everywhere and everything is nano-coated with the Chemtrails pyro-chemicals: grass, trees, plants, buildings, everything. They can only let the fires burn out when there is no more materials coated with these pyro-Chemtrails incendiaries...

Wake up people of america. Get your heads out of the sand...

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