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OKC Murrah Building Bombing, It Looks Eactly Like WTC-6 From the Inside of It's Hole,From Ground Floor Photos - Used mini-neutron nukes, again Directed Straight Upwards - Same Modus Operandi-Destruct

This show the link between the demolitions of OKC Murrah and WTC-6 directed upwards mini nukes bombings. It is the exact same mode of mini nukes bombings, from every angle...
This is a brief video we put together to show on the Sunday before the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building that was bombed in 1995....

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Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on May 1, 2011 at 5:19pm
A collection of live news broadcasts documenting the Oklahoma City bombing.

2.6 MB wmv download

"...here's now what we are starting to learn about the succession, or what someone obviously hoped would be a succession of explosions. The first bomb that was in the federal building did go off ... the second explosive was found and defused. The third explosive that was found and they are working on it right now ... both the second and third explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first. ... It is just incredible to think that there was that much heavy artillery that was somehow moved into the downtown Oklahoma City federal building."

"...this is the work of a sophisticated group, this is a very sophisticated device, and it has to have been done by an explosives expert."

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