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(Part 1) Scientific Method Based Expose of the Connections between OKC and NYC WTC 6 destructions and other r

My 2 922 video interviews with Jim Fetzer were saved on a usb stick and given to a friend who I forgot I had given to him. I have reuploded them under a different title that empathises the mini nukes connection. Between th Oklahoma City Bombings and the WTC bombings, especially WTC-6 and its very large holes with a number of upwardly directed mini nuke cutter bombs that can vaporize a complete column, that is all the missing columns in WTC-6 and all the missing columns of the Murrah Building. The large hole behind column B3 took out column B3 and the the child care center and the ATF office. It man have been 2 mini nukes, one for B3 column and one for the the ATF office. My ANALYSIS coincides with that of Explosived Expert General Ben Partin and Tim Gunderson, to a great extent. General Partin’s OKC presentations are hard to follow his details as his slides are very poor quality. I hope my 911 videos can stay active without being deleted by Youtube SJWs, all 10,000 new hires. Maybe they are all based in Israel.

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