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Comment by jane doe on August 4, 2011 at 4:41am

Bin Laden had nothing to do with 911, he was dying of Marfan's Syndrome and died in 12/01. If anyone paid attention, he or she would have looked into announcements of his death in 12/01.

11 master occultists, satanists, kabbalists, masons and witches were each in his/her assigned spot by Strategic Communication Laboratories, London for the 911 mega ritual: Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Bush's witch aunt Ann Cappelletti, Bill Gates, Giuliani, Condi Rice, Schwarzenegger, Silverstein, Soros and Saddam Hussein, not dead, 33 degr mason needed to pull of the 911 mega ritual.


Who doesn't know that Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley, who got together in 1970s to get the witch Bushes into the WH and set about ushering in the ANTICHRIST to form a NEW WORLD ORDER. Don't pretend you know anything if you don't know that the Bushes are descendants of Nazis and Aleister Crowley occultists. Pauline Pierce was a 6th degree OTO who sought sex magick w Crowley to conceive the antichrist. Had you learned about the witch/magic craze in the 1920s, you would have known that it when there was a revitalization of WICCA and WITCHCRAFT that grow bigger every day.

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