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911 "Nose Out" Plane Cameraman Suggests TV Fakery is Reality

Kai Simonsen was the cameraman in chopper 5 on 9/11 who took this infamous video of the alleged hit of UA175 into the south tower.

PumpItOut Jeff from Canada ...

For me, Chuck Boldwyn, the pilot's explanation of the plane's nose coming out of the other end of the Tower is absurdly comical.
Video had to be doctored as this is common sense, once you seriously consider the physics of it all: mass, weight, aluminum, fiberglass, hollow cone, steel columns, at least 6 acres of 4 to 8 inches thick concrete slabs, steel flooring, networked steel trussng, core columns.
The crash through is pure "brain-washing" fantasy.
Is there no limit to what TV & Hollywood will try to infulence the minds of Americans to want to kill all of the Arabs due to instilled belief of a constant threat of "Terror"
That word seems to be the most used in the English language these days in the main stream news and by USA Government, adopting all of Isreal's vocabulary use and policies for relations with the Middle East

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Comment by sandy rose on December 26, 2010 at 1:23pm

i gotta hand it to Jeff, he has a nifty persistance factor in him!

cracks me right up, but isn't it funny how the folks questioned

stick like icky glue to the fishal story.  what a bigggg surprise.

i guess they were all threatened within inches of their lives.  wussies.

if only all who knew would suddenly fess up, we'd be all done wid it.

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on December 25, 2010 at 9:50pm

The Cameraman is a total idiot, moron, imbicile, fool, brain-dead non thinker

He thinks that the cone frontal part of a jetliner can penetrate a wall of 60+% steel and 8 floor of 4 to 8 inches thick concrete which make up 8 acres of solid concrete plus steel supporting trusses and the core columns and still be intack.

this lunacy beyond one's wildest imagination. Evern Sheeple should be able to see through this B.S.

This is a comedy of incompetency on the pare of the most foolish USA Government, who are very riskily banking on the brain-washability of the average person in the public, which includes police, military, court officials, politicians, educators, everyone in general.

Howerer the USA government can not fool me, a real thinking and very knowledgeable scientist in the area of Physics, Engineering, Chemisty, and mathematics.


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