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Temperatures of "Fission" & "Fusion" Nuclear Explosions and Their Effects on Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Furniture, People and Everything Else in their explosive vicinity.

This Graphic describes the temperatures that can be reached in nuclear explosions of both Fission & Fusion types of bombs. These temperatures may reach as high a 10,000,000+ degrees of Celsius and will vaporize, even atomize the steel of the columns and beams and trusses of a WTC Twin Tower.
The boiling point temperature of Steel or Iron=Fe is only about 2,750 degrees Celsius.
Therefore a lot of, a whole lot of steel can easily be vaporized and atomized, using mini-nukes, which are just smaller atomic bombs, which can be of grapefruit size or suitcase size, to conveniently plant them onto the colums, beams, and trusses or whatever desired.

A lot of pertinent and applicable information and data in this table. It should get you to thinking that mini nukes were a most genuine possiblility and likelyhood...

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Comment by Thoth II on April 7, 2011 at 4:11pm



I for one am very grateful someone with your background is on the scence to stop this "Judy Wood" bandwagon.  I do respect the fact that she has an excellent book about the data to be explained.  But people on her "bandwagon" then are just as eager to accept her DEW, Hutch, Hurricane hypotheses.  The data and H's are two distinct things that people tend to conflate together.  You are making good arguments for the mini nuke H .  For example, some people think that the high temps. above must be that high for mini nukes, but I don't think so, they can be engineered.  Plus, just like latent heat absorbs great deals of energy at constant temperature for phase transitions, mini nukes emplaced inside the towers would have their energy rapidly dissipated in the fracture energy for concrete and maybe melting of steel (although I think thermite probably ate some of the steel plus beams were ejected after being cut).  Thus, the temperatures wouldn't necessarily have to go up much.

Comment by Chuck Boldwyn on April 7, 2011 at 11:42am



I hope to be reviewing Judy Wood's book on the 14th of April, postponed for 2 weeks for me to generate some new PP Posters, both favorable and unfavorable to Judy's very controversial hypotheses, most of all of which can be explained by other means, which I will be presenting, if I can finish my upcoming presentation in time for the show. If you have listened to my past shows, you already know why I have rejected the DEWs hypotheses, which includes the Huchison Effects. My analysis may greatly effect how people in general and especially other scientists regard her theories, and I am sure there may be strong resistance to my interpretations of Judy's data.

Judy has been gettng extreme exposure on the internet talk shows that for the most part give support to her interpretations of directed free energy, with evidence that can be interpreted in better ways and that make more sense and are simply explained. I suspect my arguments against DEWs and Field Effects will be persuasive for a lot of skeptics and people on the borderline of giving Judy's ideas credibility.


I have started a new album on this site dedicated to reviewing Judy's work which will point out my interpretations of her evidence, photos, and data, not too hard to do, once you see and understand my much simpler and more logical analysis.

Judy's ideas are very, very controversial and even suspect of being intentionally misleading by a lot of people and especially scients already.

We will see if she can survive and flourish or if other interpretations will prevail.

see: http://911scholars.ning.com/photo/album/listForOwner?screenName=0j4...






Comment by Shallel Octavia on April 7, 2011 at 10:47am
Seems like this is proof that no nuclear explosions could have happened. These temperatures were most certainly not present at the site. Judy's book has proven again and again that high temperatures were part of the myth. I think thermite had it's photo op at the corner of the South Tower, and the eyewitness accounts of molten metal, as well as NASA's thermal satellite images were faked to distract from the real destructive mechanism. As always I am looking forward to more of your analysis, Chuck.
Comment by Shallel Octavia on May 14, 2010 at 1:14pm
Wouldn't there be a lot of blind people walking around lower Manhattan? These temperatures would produce so much light, that the Sun would appear dim in comparison. No?

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