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Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Resemblance, but eyes/eyebrows so different no surgeon could transform BO into LB. It's not in plastic surg. arsenal http://ning.it/AhPQdj"
Mar 12, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"John Lear submitted an affidavit in my law suit against NIST contractors, not in Dr. Wood's law suit. Please correct http://ning.it/zr6hFM"
Mar 8, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Cite the occasion where the energy and detonation velocity were right. Give link, book, something beyond pronouncements of the Great Chuck."
Feb 29, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"CB, please provide proof that cutter charges and kinetic energy devices turn steel and concrete to micron-sized dust rather than chunks."
Feb 29, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"A guy who pounds the table with, "How does 'evidence' become proof?" and "state your proofs, not evidence," needs no enemies."
Feb 29, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Better to be 'rightist' than 'brightest.'"
Feb 29, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"New post: Kevin Barrett vs. Morgan Reynolds on "Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers" http://ning.it/zRlqyv"
Feb 29, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"New 1,000-word article by Reynolds proves "Bombs Did Not Unravel the Towers" http://ning.it/z4nmK4"
Feb 27, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"On conventional explosives, Helene Liss, "Demolition," with the Loizeaux Family of Controlled Demolition Inc. http://ning.it/AzR6yC"
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Rumsfeld/Myers lying about DEW in 2003: http://ning.it/xkXQ3z"
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"For more on DEW technology: http://ning.it/z7qS35 It exists. Rumsfeld/Myers lie about it at the Pentagon here:…"
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Thank you. Evidence trumps all else. Conventional demolition looks and sounds like this http://ning.it/xqxXuD Didn't happen at WTC."
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Evidence rules out explosives, not Morgan. Thoth offers "a shred of evidence"? Where? Thoth loves speculation, evidence, not so much."
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Study and thinking = hard, talk = cheap, that's why you indulge the latter. For proof of concept and evidence of field effects, chs. 17-20."
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
"Last phone calls as each tower turns to dust do not record big, loud explosions, listen as Kevin dies on 105th flr http://ning.it/AF5Q0h"
Feb 26, 2012
Morgan Reynolds posted a status
""Could be" shaped, absorbed and dissipated however you say so? Super! Zero evidence offered for your extraordinary weapons = nullity."
Feb 26, 2012

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At 12:21am on January 15, 2012, Danny White said…

Dr Reynolds:  Welcome.  Thanks for joining the group.  The problem with Dr Wood's DEW / Hutchinson effect idea is lack of evidence and failure to communicate.  The big thing with the nuke vs DEW  question is the discovery of radionuclides around Ground

Zero by various researchers from UC  Davis and Columbia I think ... as well as William Tahil.  Please look at Dwain Deets' idea of how to get at the methods used at: ... http://vimeo/29575849  .  Mr Deets will be speaking with Chuck and Dr Fetzer at the

Montreal meeting in June. I'll be looking forward to hearing anything you have to add to

the mix.  ...  Danny

At 3:51pm on January 14, 2012, Jeannon Kralj said…

Welcome, Dr. Reynolds.  It is great of you to join.

You know I am a big fan of yours, and a fan of Rudy and Fannie too.


At 9:12am on January 14, 2012, Thoth II said…

morgan, I am glad you have joined here.

The bad news is, the extent to which Judy Wood says a DEW caused the destruction of towers, she is wrong.  The heavy explosives were nukes.  I wish she would come here to debate a few specific points about the details, in a friendly way.  I myself am not confrontational, I just like to debate a point or two .

At 3:01am on January 14, 2012, Chuck Boldwyn said…


if you listen to my interviews with Jim Fetzer you will see that I have promoted that Dr. Judy Wood has presented the best and most comprehensive evidence of any researcher, which covers about 80-90% of her book, but her interpretation of her evidence via DEWs and The Hutchison Field Effects is what I cannot agree with, when I have shown that nanoThermate & High Explosives with Shape Charges involved and possibly mini nukes can explain all of her 43 points that she points out that need to get an adequate explanation.  I will not go into detail here but you can see my explanations in the Power Point Pics/Posters on this site and can listen to my shows with Jim from the archives of the Real Deal to pick up on all of the details, although that will involve an investment of time to listen to them and to absorb the simple science & math involved.

You checked out Judy's work which involved a sizable investment of time. I hope you will, eventually, check out my work here on this site so that you might get some insights into where I am coming from, and possibly learn some imaginative and creative science along the way.

I look forward to presenting my research PP Posters in June in Montreal and believe that the attendees will receive my work quite well as most of them may not be familiar with my work as you may not be familiar with it yet.

Please check it out sometime which should be enjoyable for you and anyone interested in an alternate hard core scientific analytical view

At 6:17pm on January 13, 2012, Shallel Octavia said…

Welcome Morgan. Chuck Boldwyn does not speak for me.

Blessings, Shallel

At 4:31pm on January 13, 2012, Chuck Boldwyn said…

Welcome Morgan to our Group

We all look forward to your contributions, even if we may not agree with each on some issues, specifically the DEW theory of Dr. Judy Wood.


I hope you get a chance to review my most extensive research in terms of Power Point Posters & Photos and to the videos I have posted, mostly from YouTube.

Jim Fetzer has asked me to present my research on the Twin Towers Impossible Collapses  this June in Montreal, and I am now preparing for that presentation which will include many or some of the posters I have posted to this site in the photos section, especially the Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, & Math quantitative aspects associated with the impossible collapses, especially concerning the required Forces & Energies for bring down a Twin Tower.

I have enjoyed your interviews by Jim Fetzer on his Real Deal show and look forward to hearing more from you on Jim's shows in the future...


I have done about 15 or so hours of debunking Dr. Judy Wood's DEW Theory with the Hutchison Effects on Jim's show that you may wish to listen to sometime.

I consider my original research work to be most convincing as do many other people concerning nano Thermate/Thermite and Explosives, maybe even nuclear mini bombs.


Chuck Boldwyn

Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor


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