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"As Real as His Brother's Video": Gedeon Naudet's footage of Flight 175 hitting the South Tower



Gedeon Naudet Video - "As Real As His Brothers Video"

Just like the aircraft seen in the Evan Fairbanks video, the Pavel Hlava video and the William Nunez photograph, the aircraft seen in the Gedeon Naudet video taken from the DVD '9/11' bears a striking resemblance to a Boeing 767-200.

It also has many of the qualities of the other 3 sources, namely:

1 - Aircraft appearing to be in shadow when exposed to direct sunlight with many other lighting anomalies.

2 - Temporarily missing starboard aerofoils.

3 - Temporarily luminescent starboard aerofoils.

4 - Missing underside reflective strip.

Unlike the Pavel Hlava video the UA175 aircraft seen in the Gedeon Naudet video does not seem to have a 'pod', though it should be pointed out that the UA175 aircraft in the Pavel Hlava video didn't have a 'pod' either when it was as far out from the tower as seen here.

Both the attitude and trajectory of the UA175 aircraft seen in the Gedeon Naudet video are correct and in some ways the aircraft is vaguely believable as a real Boeing 767-200.

Gedeon Naudet is the brother of Jules Naudet (below) who allegedly recorded the 'Fireman's Video' that is supposed to show an American Airlines Boeing 767-200 colliding with WTC1 at 8:46am.

Given the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the Jules Naudet video and what it actually shows, the Gedeon Naudet video should not be taken at face value.

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